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Fillable Form CBP 6059B

This form can be now be filled out prior to or during your travel and be filled out by typing (instead of hand written) and then printed and taken with you as your official Customs Declaration.

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What is Form CBP 6059B?

Form CBP 6059B is a form issued by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency in order to inform travelers arriving in the United States that importation of merchandise into the United States that infringes intellectual property rights may subject travelers to civil or criminal penalties and may pose serious risks to safety or health.

Whenever a person travels to or arrives at the airport of any given country, they must go through the immigration process, after which they must proceed through customs. Customs is the authority in the country that is responsible for controlling the flow of goods, including animals, transports, foods, personal effects, and hazardous items, into and out of a country.

When a person goes through customs, they must provide a form (in this case Form CBP 6059B) that declares the items they are bringing into the country. Depending on the items or goods being brought into the country, the intended purpose of the items or goods carried, and the amount of each that a person brings with them, fees called customs fees or customs duty may need to be paid. Prohibited items, goods, substances, and the like will generally be confiscated, and, depending on the case, legal action may be pursued.

The 6059B Form CBP serves both as a reminder of what items and merchandise are prohibited to bring into the United States and as a way for travelers to declare the items or articles they are bringing with them into the country.

Generally speaking, customs will require that the following items be declared upon entry into the country:

  • Anything bought while traveling (including things from duty-free shops), whether for personal use or as a gift
  • Any gifts received while traveling
  • Anything inherited during the person’s stay
  • Alterations or repairs of anything brought to or from abroad

The CBP 6059B form contains a general overview of what things need to be declared and what items are prohibited from entering the country. Make sure to read the form carefully to avoid any issues.

Who needs to use Form CBP 6059B?

CBP Form 6059B will generally be given out to passengers prior to or even during the flight. The form may also is available to download in PDF format to be filled out, printed, and submitted at customs upon arrival. Passengers must fill out the form and present it to customs to declare any items they are bringing with them into the country.

How to fill out Form CBP 6059B?

Get a copy of CBP 6059B template in PDF format.

The 6059B CBP Form is a very short and simple form to fill out. Make sure that, if the form was downloaded in PDF format, the contents and format of the form remain intact even after being printed. This is important as the form will need to be turned over to customs upon arrival at the airport, so it is highly important that the form remains in its proper formatting.

If at all possible, make sure to keep a record of the items that you are bringing with you to make filing the form easier. For more information on the items allowed and not allowed by customs, and more details on particular items on the form, you may consult the instructions on the second column or back of the form.

Line 1 - Name

Family Name

Enter your family name.

First (Given) Name

Enter your first name.

Middle Name

Enter your middle name.

Line 2 - Birth Date

Enter your birthdate.

Line 3 - Number of Family Members Traveling with You

Enter the number of family members that are traveling with you.

Line 4a - US Street Address

Enter the name and street address of your hotel or destination.

Line 4b - City

Enter the city where your destination is located in.

Line 4c - State

Enter the state where your destination is located in.

Line 5 - Passport Issued By

Enter the country that issued your passport.

Line 6 - Passport Number

Enter your passport number.

Line 7 - Country of Residence

Enter your country of residence.

Line 8 - Countries Visited on this Trip prior to US Arrival

Enter the countries that you visited before arriving in the US.

Line 9 - Airplane Number/Flight Number or Vessel Name

Enter the number of the airplane you boarded, your flight number, or the name of the vessel you arrived in.

Line 10 - Primary Purpose of Trip is Business

If the primary purpose of this trip is for business, check “Yes”. Otherwise, check “No”.

I Am (We Are) Bringing

This section declares the nature of the item(s) you are bringing with you.

Line 11a - Fruits, Vegetables, Plants, Seeds, Food, Insects

If any of the items you are bringing are fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds, food, or insects, check “Yes”. Otherwise, check “No”.

Line 11b - Meat, Animals, Animal or Wildlife Products

If any of the items you are bringing are meats, animals, or animal or wildlife products, check “Yes”. Otherwise, check “No”.

Line 11c - Disease Agents, Cell Cultures, Snails

If any of the items you are bringing are disease agents, cell cultures, or snails, check “Yes”. Otherwise, check “No”.

In the case of these particular kinds of items, make sure that they are stored in secure and safe containers, and that you have the necessary documentation proving that you are allowed to transport such items and for what reason.

Line 11d - Soil or have been on a Farm/Ranch/Pasture

If any of the items you are bringing include soil, or if you were on a farm, ranch, or pasture at any point during your trip, check “Yes”. Otherwise, check “No”.

Line 12 - Proximity with Livestock

If you or any of your companions have been or were in close proximity to livestock during your trip (such as touching or handling them directly), check “Yes”. Otherwise, check “No”.

Line 13 - Monetary Instruments

If you are carrying any monetary instruments that have a value of over $10,000 USD or equivalent in foreign currency, check “Yes”. Otherwise, check “No”.

Line 14 - Commercial Merchandise

If you are carrying any commercial merchandise (such as articles for sale, samples used for soliciting orders, or other goods that are not considered personal effects), check “Yes”. Otherwise, check “No”.

Line 15 - Residents

If you are a resident of the US, enter the total value of all goods, including commercial merchandise, that you purchased or acquired abroad and are bringing into the US. Include in the total the value of gifts for someone else, but do not include the value of items mailed to the US.

Line 15 - Visitors

Enter the total value of all articles that will remain in the US, including commercial merchandise.

Description of Articles

For each article you are bringing in or out of the US, enter the following information in columns of the table provided:

  • Description of Articles
  • Value

You may use another CBP Form 6059B as needed if you need to declare more articles.

Enter the total value of all the articles being declared in the space provided.


Sign the form in the space provided.

Start filling out a CBP 6059B sample and export in PDF.

Tips when filling out Form CBP 6059B

Form CBP 3078 is a very simple form to fill out. However, as it is a customs form, it is important to double-check the information entered in the form to avoid any legal issues surrounding improperly declared articles.

Keep the form in a secure location. Make sure to keep the form in a safe and secure area, so as to ensure that it is available to turn in to customs. This will help to avoid possible tampering with the form or other issues such as identity theft or being accused of fraud.

Practice good contract management. Create a copy of the accomplished form and store it in a safe and secure location. This will be useful as a backup in the event that something happens to the original form, or for possible future legal purposes.

Create a CBP 6059B document, e-sign, and download as PDF.


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