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Fillable Form Employee Vacation Request Form

An Employee Vacation Request Form is a form used by employees to request vacation or time off from work. It also serves as documentation of employees' vacation requests.

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What is an Employee Vacation Request Form?

An Employee Vacation Request Form varies from company to company; however, the content remains similar. It is a document that employees use when they need to ask for time off from work to take a vacation. Employers can use the Employee Vacation Request Form to approve and monitor vacation requests from employees. Once an employee submits the form, it is subject to approval by his or her supervisor.

What is the purpose of an Employee Vacation Request Form?

The primary purpose of the Employee Vacation Request Form is to request time off from work to take a vacation. It is a written request where an employee provides important information about their vacation to his or her employer.

Companies use the Employee Vacation Request Form to formally record an employee’s request to take a vacation. It will confirm to the employees the response of their supervisor, whether approved or denied.

How to fill out an Employee Vacation Request Form?

For your convenience, you can fill out the Employee Vacation Request Form electronically through PDFRun.


Enter the date you are submitting the filled out Employee Vacation Request Form.


Enter your first name, middle name, last name, and suffix.

ID #

Enter your employee number or ID number.


Enter the department where you belong.

Vacation Dates Requested

Enter the dates of your vacation.

Returning Date

Enter the date you will return from your vacation.

Total Number of Hours Requested

Enter the total number of vacation hours you are requesting.

Employee Name & Signature

Enter your first name, middle name, and last name, and affix your signature.

Supervisor Name and Signature

Enter the full name of your supervisor and let him or her sign. Your supervisor’s signature is necessary, as it confirms approval.

When should you file an Employee Vacation Request Form?

It depends on the rules your company has set but usually, employers require employees to file an Employee Vacation Request Form at least two weeks before the start date of the vacation.

What is the difference between an Employee Vacation Request and a Time Off Request?

While employees use vacation requests when they want to take a vacation, employees use time off requests to take some time off work due to personal circumstances.

Additionally, employees use vacation requests to attend important events such as a friend’s wedding or birthday or to rest.

Another type of employee leave is sick leave. Employees use sick leave when they need to take time off from work due to health reasons. They may also use sick leave to take care of a family member.

Tips when requesting a vacation leave

  • File it ahead of time
    Filing a vacation leave allows the department you are in to prepare and make the necessary adjustments while you are away from work.
  • Ensure that you have no pending projects

Completing your projects before your vacation leave prevents inconveniences to your colleagues, as they may become responsible for the unfinished tasks you will leave.

  • Be informed about your company’s vacation policies

When you know your company’s vacation application procedures and their terms & conditions and follow them, your supervisor will most likely approve your vacation request.

  • Let your colleagues know you are taking a vacation

Inform your colleagues about your request to take a vacation to give them time to prepare if ever they need to handle your responsibilities.

  • Explain the reason for your vacation beforehand

Provide your supervisor the context of your vacation request, especially during a busy season in your company, as a sign of courtesy.

  • Avoid making plans before your employer approves your request

Vacation requests should be a request and not merely a notice. Inform your employer about your vacation plans and get approval.

Tips when filling out an Employee Vacation Request Form

  • Make sure to enter the correct date of your desired vacation day.
  • Do not forget to enter the date of your return.
  • Ensure that you enter the correct department so your supervisor can coordinate with other employees in your department while you are away or before you take your vacation.

Can I use my vacation days whenever I want?

While employees may file vacation leave requests whenever they please, employers decide whether to approve the request or not. Employers may not allow their employees to go on vacation during their busy seasons.

In addition, employers are the ones to decide how many vacation days an employee may take at once. Some employers set a waiting period for new employees to use their vacation days.

Can my employer revoke my approved vacation request?

Employers may revoke your approved vacation request. There is no law that prohibits employers from denying your approved vacation request. However, an employer should only revoke the vacation request if reasonable.

Can my employer require me to use my vacation time?

When an employer requires an employee to go use their vacation time, it is known as forced vacation. As much as your employer can deny or approve your vacation request, it is also possible for employers to require employees to use their vacation time whenever they think it is necessary

Can my employer ask where I am going for my vacation?

Your employer can require you to inform them about your travel plans; however, the information should only be necessary to know if you are traveling out-of-state or internationally and the duration of your vacation.

What are the possible reasons for the denial of my vacation request?

  • Your request goes against your employer’s policies
    You must observe your employer’s policies on vacation requests. If your request does not abide by the policies, your employer has every right to decline your request.

  • Your absence may cause a problem
    If your vacation leave would have a huge impact on company operations, it is reasonable for your employer to decline your request, as it may affect the business significantly.

  • You did not notify properly
    Vacation requests have limits and restrictions. Thus, not properly providing notice may lead to the denial of your vacation request.

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