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Fillable Form Fit to Work

A Fit to Work form is the form issued by doctors to report if an employee is fit or unfit to work or fit to work but subject to work modifications.


What is a Fit to Work Certificate?

A Fit to Work Certificate is a formal document issued by a physician or a medical professional that reports if an employee is fit or unfit to work or fit to work but subject to work modifications. The decision is based on the consideration of the physical and psychological fitness of an employee after tests were conducted by a medical practitioner.

Aside from the decision of a medical professional to allow an employee to work, a fit to work certificate also testifies that an employee has been treated for the illness or injury that caused him or her to be unable to report to work. Another common purpose of the certificate is to inform a company during an applicant’s pre-employment that the applicant is fit and capable of handling the responsibilities assigned to the position that he or she is applying for — proven after undergoing a series of physical and medical examinations.

Primarily, a fit to work certificate is used to determine an employee’s capability to perform tasks under certain working conditions. An employer is allowed to require an employee to provide a fit to work certificate issued by a medical professional to ensure that an employee is able to work safely under certain conditions. When requested, it may be due to company policy or government regulations that make the examination mandatory. It could also help identify if an employee’s medical condition poses a threat to others’ health or not. In any case, an employer cannot ask for specific medical findings and diagnoses from a health professional; he or she can only request a fit to work assessment for appropriate reasons that do not violate health privacy laws. In addition, it is the duty of an employer to accommodate its employees, ensuring that all attempts have been executed to modify the job, the job requirements, or the working conditions to allow an employee to continue working safely and does put the health of other employees at risk.

In general, an employer will inform an employee during the interview or in writing to request the latter to undergo a medical assessment. If an employer does not have an in-house medical professional, it must provide specific details about the job that an employee has, including the job requirements and the working conditions so that a fit to work evaluation can be done accurately.

How to Fill Out a Fit to Work Certificate?

A fit to work certificate contains the information of an employee and his or her medical certification. It is completed by a physician or medical professional to attest that an employee is fit or unfit to work or fit to work but subject to work conditions.

Using PDFRun’s Fit to Work Certificate, you can write a medial certificate in minutes. Follow the guide below to fill out the form accurately.

Employee Information
Provide the following information for the proper identification of an employee:

  • Employee Name
  • ID No.
  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Home Address
  • Date of Leave of Absence Began
  • Date Employee Will or Did Return to Work

Medical Certificate
Provide the information of a physician or medical professional who conducted the medical assessment and the certification whether an employee is allowed to return to work or not.

For the fit to work certificate to be valid, it must be signed and dated by a physician or medical professional.

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