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Fillable Form Notice To Vacate Letter

Notice to Vacate Letter - The notice to vacate letter is a document that a tenant gives to a landlord to notify the latter of the former's decision to vacate the property.


What is a Notice to Vacate Letter?

A Notice to Vacate Letter is a statement that a tenant writes and gives to a landlord, owner, or property manager. This legal document notifies the person in charge of a property that its current tenant no longer has the intention of renewing the lease, helping the former to understand fully the plan of the lessee to vacate the property in the near future, be it 30, 60, or 90 days in advance.

Often referred to as Notice of Intent to Vacate, Move Out Notice, and Intent to Vacate Letter, this notice serves as advance notification that a tenant writes before vacating the house, apartment, condominium unit he or she is leasing.

In general, a tenant should send a Notice to Vacate Letter when the lease is up for renewal since many contracts automatically renew or when he or she is moving out earlier than the end date of the leasing contract. Not only does it give a lessor time to look for a replacement tenant but also avoids a lessee additional rent payments. In any case, if you are a tenant who wants to move before the end of your current lease, you should review the lease agreement to check if there are early termination fees. Often, if a tenant is breaking the terms of the lease by vacating the property prior to the end date of the lease period, there are appropriate penalties. Moreover, verbal notice to a landlord by phone or in-person is insufficient since if nobody witnesses your verbal move out notice, proving it is unlikely. A Notice to Vacate Letter acts as proof that you have notified your landlord and both you and him or her have an agreement.

While providing a Notice to Vacate Letter is advantageous as it serves as a formal statement of your intent to end and not renew the lease contract, not all landlords and property managers require a formal letter. Thus, you should review your lease contract to see if you need to send one.

How to Write a Notice to Vacate Letter?

The sole purpose of a Notice to Vacate Letter is to terminate your lease by notifying your landlord or property manager that you have decided to vacate the property. Therefore, it should be simple and straightforward. Typically, it includes key details such as your personal information, property address, important dates, reasons for moving, and applicable fees if there are any.

For your convenience and to help you start if you do not know how to begin creating a Notice to Vacate Letter, we have a template that you can use. Use the guide below to fill out the template accurately.

Date asks for the date you wrote the letter.

Tenant’s Name asks for your full legal name as it appears on the lease contract.

Tenant Number asks for your unique tenant number if the landlord provided you with one.

Property Address asks for the full address of the property you are leasing.

Agreed Lease Period asks for the lease period that you and the landlord agreed on.

Stay Duration asks how long you have been staying in the property.

Date moved into the property asks for the exact date you started living in the property.

Date of vacate in the property asks for the intended date to leave the property.

Days notice asks for the number of days the notice was sent before you leave the property.

Reasons for moving asks for the reasons why you are terminating your lease. You may simply write “end of contract” if you are not planning to renew the lease after the lease end date. If you are vacating the property prior to the end date of your lease, you may indicate the reasons.

Additional Fees asks for payments that need to be met upon the termination of the lease.

The last part of the letter shows a condition that if the tenant fails to surrender the keys on the day of the move-out, an additional daily rental fee would apply. Provide the date of move-out and the appropriate rental rate fee as agreed upon with the landlord.

Both the tenant and landlord should sign the document to validate it.

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