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Fillable Form 2 Week Notice Resignation

Is a common courtesy that notifies your employer of you leaving your job (2) two weeks prior.

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What is a 2-Week Resignation Letter?

A 2-Week Resignation Letter declares your intention to resign from the company and indicates that before leaving, you will stay in the department for another two weeks. The normal period of time from the day you decided to resign from the company until your last day at work is two weeks.

Why do you need to submit it 2 weeks before you resign?

If you have decided to resign from your job, it is customary to submit a 2-week notice to your employer. Regardless of your situation, two weeks is an ideal timeframe for your employer to find a suitable replacement or to hire someone to take over your duties and responsibilities, or reassign your tasks to other employees in your department. Your employer always has the decision to waive this notice and let you leave the company immediately.

Most companies will appreciate you staying for a couple more weeks to help with the adjustments. This is beneficial to you and the company. During this time, you may train or guide your replacement so that it would be easier for them to adjust once you leave the company. This is also a chance for you to demonstrate your professionalism and that will result in you leaving the company on a positive note.

What to consider before submitting a 2-Week Resignation Letter?

Before deciding to resign from the company and submit a 2-week resignation letter you must consider these situations:

Employment Issues

  • Is there another company ready to hire you?
  • Do you intend to start your own business?

Financial Issues

  • Can you still pay your primary expenses after quitting your job?
  • How will quitting your job affect your bank account?
  • Will you go on unemployment?

Workplace Issues

  • Are you leaving behind a huge assignment that would fall into an unwarned coworker's lap?

HR Issues

  • How are you going to treat your remaining paid time off: are you going to take all of it before you put in your two-week notice, cash it out, or forgo it?
  • How are you going to handle the property, accounts, and files that you have that are owned by the company?

Resigning from a job requires a lot of questions to be answered, even if you have considered all these problems and answered all of these questions, you still have to handle the needs of the HR department and your manager.

  • You may be asked by the HR department to review your position.
  • Your manager may ask you to train your replacement and take over your responsibilities

Regardless of what your situation is, always write a two-week letter of warning. Your boss, colleagues, and HR department would appreciate your professionalism in presenting an exact departure date.

How to fill out a 2-Week Resignation Letter?

Recipient of the letter

Enter the name of the person you are sending this letter to.


This part of the document contains information and conditions about your resignation.


Enter your name.

Company ID Number

Enter your company ID number.

Date when you are submitting this letter

Enter the date when you are to submit this letter, informing your employer that you are giving them two (2) weeks’ notice.

Date of your last day of work

Enter the date 2 weeks after the day you are submitting this letter. That date will be your last day of work.

Date of your first day of work

Enter the date of your first day of work.

Employer’s Company Name

Enter your employer’s company name.

Employer’s Contact No.

Enter your employer’s contact number.

The next part of the letter contains specific conditions that you are required to understand if you decide to end your employment.

  1. Your company requires you to submit this 2-Week Notice Form.
  2. Your company requires you to work for 2 weeks after giving your 2-week notice unless your company releases you immediately or if your company decides that there are reasons to excuse you from this requirement.
  3. You must discuss your situation with your manager before handing out your 2-week notice.
  4. You are to agree in calling your boss during business hours on your last day of work in the company. Enter the name of your boss and his or her contact number.

This section will be filled out by your employer.

Mark the first box if you are waiving this employee’s 2-week notice and you understand that if you agree to doing so, you are also waiving it for all the other staff of the department that this employee is assigned to. If you are not waiving this employee’s 2-week notice, mark the second box.

Employer’s name

Enter the name of your employer.

Employer’s signature

Enter the employer’s signature.

Employee’s name

Enter your name.

Employee’s signature

Enter your signature.

What to expect after submitting your 2-Week Resignation Letter?

There are a lot of things to expect after deciding to resign from the company. Whether you are leaving on a positive note or on a negative note, try to handle your departure in a professional way. You must be ready for your exit interview and be prepared to answer whatever questions your manager asks you.

Remember that you have 2-weeks to help the company adjust to the changes that are going to be made once you leave. If you are asked to perform certain duties during the timeframe, whether to finish your tasks or train your replacement, perform them to the best of your abilities.

Displaying your professionalism is always a great way to leave a company on a positive note. Consider every possibility or inconveniences that may come your way once you resign from the company. Make sure that you have everything under control once your resignation is accepted. Also, make sure that your replacement understands every detail about your duties and responsibilities as they are about to become theirs.

If the company decides to waive your 2-week notice and allow you to leave early, make sure that you are ready to leave and your properties such as your accounts, files, and other documents are arranged so that no further complications will happen.

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