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Fillable Form 4506-T (2023)

Form 4506-T is a new format used to request tax return information made by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America. Taxpayers using a tax year beginning in one calendar year and ending in the following year (fiscal tax year) must file Form 4506-T to request a return transcript.

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What is Form 4506-T?

Request for Transcript of Tax Return (Form 4506-T)

Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return, is an official document issued by the IRS, utilized by taxpayers to solicit a copy or transcript of their previously submitted tax return information, from a previous tax period. It is crucial to complete this form to guarantee that the IRS will provide the requested information.

The primary purpose of Form 4506-T is to enable taxpayers to obtain a duplicate or transcript of their past tax return details from the IRS. Such information might be necessary for diverse purposes, including mortgage or student loan applications, verification of income for employment, addressing tax-related issues with the IRS, or even just confirming particular information about one's own tax account and/or filing status.

How do I fill out Form 4506-T?

Get a copy of 4506-T (2023) template in PDF format.

Documents for Form 4506-T

You may find a fillable copy of Form 4506-T here.

Line 1a

Enter the name of the primary taxpayer as shown on the tax transcript you are requesting.

Line 1b

Enter the first Social Security Number (SSN), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), or Employer Identification Number (EIN) on the requested tax transcript.

Line 2a

If the requested tax transcript is a joint return, enter your spouse’s name as shown on the return.

Line 2b

Enter the second SSN or TIN on the requested tax transcript if it was a joint return.

Line 3

Enter your full legal name and your address information (apt./room/suite number, street address, city, state, and ZIP code).

Line 4

If a different address was written for the requested form, enter that address.

Line 5a

If the transcript will be mailed to a third party, enter that third party’s name, address, and telephone number.

Line 5b

Enter your customer file number, if applicable.

Line 6

Enter the number of the tax form that you are requesting a transcript for. Then check any of the following boxes that apply to the transcript you are requesting. You may choose one of the following:

  • Return Transcript
  • Account Transcript
  • Record of Account

If you are requesting more than one transcript, you must use another request form to enter the tax form number for each transcript you are requesting.

Line 7

Check this box to verify that you did not file a return for the year.

Line 8

Check the box provided to indicate if you are requesting a transcript for Form W-2, or a form from the Form 1099 series, Form 1098 series, or Form 5498 series.

Line 9

Enter the ending date of the year or period of the tax transcript you are requesting. If you are requesting more than four ending dates, you must attach another copy of Form 4506-T.


Check the box to indicate that you have the authority to sign Form 4506-T, then sign the form in the space provided and enter the date that the form was signed.

Phone Number of Taxpayer on Line 1a or 2a

Enter the primary phone number of either taxpayer on Line 1a or 2a.


If Line 1a above is a corporation, partnership, estate, or trust, enter the title of the person signing this form within said organization.

Spouse’s Signature

If the requested transcript is for a joint return, have your spouse sign the form in the space provided, then enter the date that they signed the form.

Start filling out a 4506-T (2023) sample and export in PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sets apart a tax return from a tax transcript?

A tax return represents the original submission to the IRS, detailing a taxpayer's income, deductions, credits, and tax obligations for a specific year. Conversely, a tax transcript provides a summarized record of the taxpayer's tax return information, and other details relevant to tax preparation, maintained by the IRS. The former is also signed and submitted by taxpayers themselves, while the latter exists solely within the IRS's system.

Are there any limitations on who can request a tax transcript and when?

A valid reason must accompany a taxpayer's request, such as applying for a mortgage or student loan, verifying income for employment purposes, or addressing tax matters with the IRS. Furthermore, if the request is made on behalf of someone else, proof of authorization is necessary.

Can Form 4506-T be completed online?

Yes, Form 4506-T can be electronically submitted via the IRS's online tool and site.

Is there a fee associated with filing Form 4506-T?

Typically, there is no charge for submitting Form 4506-T. Taxpayers can utilize this form to obtain transcripts of tax returns, wage and income statements, and other tax-related documents from the IRS at no cost. Nevertheless, fees may apply to other IRS services, such as acquiring a certified copy of a tax return or requesting expedited processing of a transcript request.

How far back can one request tax transcripts using Form 4506-T?

Taxpayers can request transcripts for the current year and the three previous tax years using Form 4506-T. For transcripts from older tax years, taxpayers may submit a request for a tax return transcript online via mail using Form 4506 or by contacting the IRS, whether through an online request or otherwise.

Can Form 4506-T be used to request other documents?

No, Form 4506-T specifically serves to request transcripts of tax return information from the IRS. It cannot be employed to request other types of documents.

What is the processing time for Form 4506-T?

Processing times vary based on submission method and IRS workload. Mailed forms may take up to 30 days for processing and delivery of transcripts, while online submissions typically provide immediate or a few business days' access to transcripts.

Is expedited processing available for Form 4506-T?

Yes, taxpayers can expedite processing by marking "EXPEDITE" on the form and faxing it to the specified number. Additional fees apply, and transcripts are usually received within 24 hours after the IRS receives the request.

Can Form 4506-T be used to request tax transcripts for others?

No, Form 4506-T is strictly for individual taxpayers to request their own tax transcripts. However, taxpayers can request transcripts for deceased spouses or deceased taxpayers if they are authorized representatives of the estate.

Is it possible for nonresident aliens to request tax transcripts?

Yes, nonresident aliens can request tax transcripts using Form 4506-T. If lacking a Social Security Number or ITIN, they can still make a request by indicating "NRA" (nonresident alien) on the form and providing a copy of government-issued identification.

Can taxpayers request tax return transcripts online?

Yes, taxpayers can use the Get Transcript service on the IRS website to request tax return transcripts online, bypassing the need for Form 4506-T. Availability of this service should be confirmed before use.

How can errors on Form 4506-T be corrected?

Minor errors may be rectified by contacting the IRS via phone or mail and providing corrected information along with the original form and proof of identity. Major errors may necessitate filing an amended tax return or submitting a new Form 4506-T with corrected information.

How long should copies of tax transcripts obtained using Form 4506-T be retained?

The IRS recommends retaining copies of tax returns, tax transcripts, and supporting documents for at least three years from the filing date or due date of the tax return or transcript (whichever is later).

Can taxpayers request tax transcripts if they have relocated to another state?

Yes, taxpayers can request tax transcripts using Form 4506-T regardless of their current state of residence.

Is it possible to request tax transcripts if residing outside the United States?

Yes, this can be done via mail or online services. However, expect longer processing times due to international processing concerns and procedures.

Can I enlist someone's help in filing Form 4506-T?

Yes, you may hire a tax professional in order to manage filing documents such as this on your behalf. Make sure that they have access to all of the tax information necessary for them to properly file forms such as the IRS Form 4506-T or otherwise.

Create a 4506-T (2023) document, e-sign, and download as PDF.


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