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Fillable Form 4506T-EZ (2021)

Form 4506T-EZ is used to request a tax return transcript for the current and the prior three years that includes most lines of the original tax return.

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What is Form 4506T-EZ?

Form 4506T-EZ, officially named Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return, is a tax form submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This form is a more concise version of Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return, that was created for the convenience of taxpayers. But the purpose remains the same: to request your Tax Return Transcripts.

However, this shortening of the form comes with drawbacks, as the transcript that is requested from Form 4506T-EZ will be missing a few details compared to the original. These details are:

  • Payments
  • Penalty Assessments
  • Adjustments

That is why this form is only advised to be used in requesting Form 1040 transcripts. When you want to request other tax transcripts, The IRS has advised that you use Form 4506-T instead of Form 4506T-EZ. These tax transcripts are as follows:

  • Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement
  • Form 1098, Mortgage Interest Statement
  • Form 1099, Nonemployee Compensation
  • Form 5498, IRA Contribution Information
  • Verification of Filing, and;
  • Record of Account

If you are filing Form 1040 in accordance with the beginning of one calendar year and the end of the following fiscal tax year, you are not eligible to use Form 4506T-EZ.

Updates on the Process
This updated version of Form 4506T-EZ also includes some of the intentions of the IRS to assure you that they are making efforts to ensure that your files and transcripts are safe from the unwanted leaks of information by stopping third-party mailings by July of 2019. The IRS also assures that from then on that all transcripts requested through Form 4506T-EZ will only be mailed to the taxpayer’s recorded address.

Submission of Form 4506T-EZ

To submit Form 4506T-EZ, there is a helpful chart provided for you on page 2 of the form, under the Where to File section. The chart has a list of states and the corresponding address wherein the form must be mailed or faxed.

Keep in mind that the address is based off of the address wherein the return was filed. If you are requesting more than one form, then the address must align with the most recent form you are requesting.

How to fill out Form 4506T-EZ?

In filling out Form 4506T-EZ, make sure that there are no typographical errors and it is complete, otherwise, the form might not be processed properly. Furthermore, while the Form includes specific instructions, the instructions below are a simpler version of the process for filling it out.

Section 1a

Enter your name as it is written in the original tax form you are requesting, if this form is for a joint return, make sure that the name you enter is the first name that appears in the requested form.

Section 1b

Indicate the individual taxpayer identification or social security number as it appears in the original form. If for a joint return, enter the first social security number that appears in the original form.

Section 2a

If this form is for a joint return, indicate here the spouse’s name (or the second name) as it appears on the requested form. If the form is for an individual return, you may leave this section blank.

Section 2b

If for a joint return, enter the second social security number or individual taxpayer identification number. Otherwise, you may leave this section blank.

Section 3

Provide your current legal name, your complete current address (this includes apartment, room, or suite number), city, state, and ZIP code. In addition, if you use a P.O. box, indicate it in this section as well.

Section 4

If your current address is different from the address indicated in the requested form, indicate the previous address here. Otherwise, you may leave it blank.

This section is especially important if you have not yet filed Form 8822, Change of Address, to the IRS. This will ensure that the address you give both in Section 3 and Section 4 are legitimate, ensuring that the requested return will be delivered properly.

Section 5

This line is not required. Provide up to 10 numeric characters to generate a unique pattern that will be labeled as your customer file number. If you decide to fill in this section, do not include a Social Security Number (SSN) within the characters.

This Section was designed to ensure data privacy as the IRS has now updated their system so that transcripts will only display partial personal information such as the only showing the last four digits of the taxpayer’s SSN or taxpayer identification number.

Financial information, however, will be shown completely.

If you enter your name or if the 10-digit code includes an SSN, or if it is a combination of both, the IRS will not input the given code and will instead display a generic “999999999” as your Customer File Number.

Section 6

Indicate the years of the transcripts you are requesting. (e.g. 2008, 2009, 2010).

Keep in mind that Form 4506T-EZ is only for the previous year and the three years prior to that.


This section is to confirm that the person filling out the form has authority over the forms they are requesting. Indicate this by reading the attestation clause and then checking the box beside the clause.

Once you’ve reviewed your information, place your signature on the line provided and it must be dated as the form must be received by the IRS within 120 days from the date of signing.


Enter the date of signing at the line beside the signature.

Phone Number of Taxpayer on line 1a or 2a

Indicate your phone number on the space beside the date. The phone number can from either from the person listed on Section 1a or Section 2a.

If the request is for a joint return,

Either of the names that were written in Section 1a and Section 2a must place their signature on their form and enter the dates of their signing, as well as indicate their phone numbers. Only one signature is needed to validate the form.


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