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Fillable Form Actor Employment Agreement

This Actor Employment Agreement is between a producer and an actor who will appear in a motion picture. This agreement sets forth the names of the parties, the effective date of the agreement, title of the motion picture and the actor's role.

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What is an Actor Employment Agreement?

An Actor Employment Agreement or an Actor Employment Contract is a document that formalizes an agreement between a producer and an actor for the latter to appear in a motion picture.

An Actor Employment Agreement Template is similar to an Employment Agreement. However, it is modified to detail the unique details that exist in the acting industry such as the actor’s role, the title of the motion picture, the actor’s wardrobe, and the consent to use the actor’s likeness in promoting the motion picture.

Much like any employment agreement, an Actor Employment Agreement is essential in hiring the services of an employee (the actor). It will lay out the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of both the producer and the actor for the length of the production of the motion picture. In addition, it will also provide clarity in the event of a misunderstanding between both parties.

If you are pursuing an acting career or are interested in hiring an actor for a motion picture project, then you must understand this agreement.

How to fill out an Actor Employment Agreement?

If you are interested in filling out this kind of agreement, you can find an Actor Employment Agreement PDF copy on any online document database that offers legal templates. You may download and print out a copy of the agreement template that you can fill out manually. Alternatively, you can also fill out the form electronically on PDFRun.

The first section of the agreement includes all the important details that will be referenced in the rest of the agreement. The first lines of the agreement require you to input the date that the agreement was made, the name of the Producer, and the Actor. In addition, the addresses of both parties are also required in this part.

After this section, the items below detail a few more important details that must be stated before both parties can explore the terms of the agreement. These are the following:

  • The title of the motion picture that is in production. (called the “Picture” for the rest of the agreement)
  • The title of the screenplay that the Picture is based on (called the “Screenplay” for the rest of the agreement).
  • The fact that the Producer desires the services of the Actor within the Picture.

After this opening section, the terms of the agreement will now be laid out for the review of both the actor and the producer.


This clause details the actor’s role in the production of the Picture. The Producer must input a concise description of the role that they want the Actor to play. This can be the name of the role itself. This clause also provides that, upon signing, the actor accepts this role.


This clause details what is required of the actor’s services during the period of production. These services include, but are not limited to, the production of:

  • Retakes
  • Added Scenes
  • Transparencies
  • Close-ups
  • Dubbing
  • Looping
  • Process shots
  • Trick shots
  • Trailers


This clause details the salary that the Actor will receive. The Producer must input the amount that they will pay the Actor per day for their services in the production of the Picture. This payment is only for the Actor’s services in the production of the Picture and nothing more. Any other services provided by the Actor that is not related to the production of the Picture will not be payable under this agreement.


This clause highlights the duration of the services of the Actor. The Actor will be in service from the date this agreement comes to full effect until the completion of the actor’s role in the Picture. In addition, this clause also requires the Producer to input a minimum amount of employment days that they will accommodate the Actor.

Furnishing of Wardrobe

This clause details that the Actor agrees to provide the clothing and accessories that are necessary and relevant for the role. The Producer, on the other hand, agrees to pay a reasonable allowance if these clothes are soiled or damaged. In addition, the Producer must also provide any “period” or “character” specific costumes required for the production.

Non-Union Picture

This clause represents that both parties are not signatories or members of any guild or union that will prevent them from entering the production of the Picture.

Promotional Film

This clause details the Producer’s right to utilize the Actor’s services in making promotional material for the Picture (advertisements and trailers). The Producer must input the number of minutes that the promotional material will run for. In addition, if the promotional material will be televised or broadcasted, the Producer should input the amount of compensation they will pay the Actor.


This clause details the following rights of the Producer:

  • The producer can include the results of the Actor’s work in the Picture and promotional materials
  • The producer can reproduce these results for any present or future means
  • The producer can combine these results with the results of other Actors to use in the completion of the Picture.
  • The producer can exhibit the by-product of these results in theaters, the radio, the television, and other mediums for non-commercial or commercial purposes.
  • The producer can also license and assign these results and their by-product to any other person or producer as they please.

In essence, the Actor will waive the copyright of the result of his work to the Producer.

Name and Likeness

This clause details that the Producer shall have exclusive rights over the name and likeness of the Actor. The Producer can use the name and likeness of the Actor in whatever way they wish concerning the advertising and publicity of the Picture. Additionally, if the Name and Likeness of the actor are related to any merchandise or publishing undertaking, the Producer must input how many shares (in percentage) the Actor will have from the gross monies that will come out of it.


This clause details that the actor has the right to reimbursement for expenses in transportation. Provided that the Producer requires the Actor to transport themselves at least 75 miles away from their principal area of residence.

Force Majeure

This clause details what are valid interruptions to the production of the film. These being:

  • Epidemic
  • An act of God
  • Strikes
  • Lockouts
  • Labor Conditions
  • Unavailability of Materials
  • Transportation
  • Power or other commodities
  • Delay of a common carrier
  • Civil Disturbance
  • Riots
  • War or Armed Conflicts
  • The enactment of any law
  • The Issuance of any executive or judicial decree
  • Breach of contract
  • Disability
  • Similar occurrences that are outside the control of the Producer


This clause details that any controversy or claim that arises from this agreement will be handled and settled by the Rules of the American Arbitration Association; and the judgment of these arbitrators can be submitted to any competent court of law that has jurisdiction over this agreement. The prevailing party will reimburse for costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.


This clause details that the Producer will have the right to assign this agreement and all the rights within it to any person or entity. The Actor, however, will not be entitled to assign their Actor’s rights to another person.


To finalize this agreement and to confirm that both the Producer and the Actor have read and understood the terms of this agreement, both parties must sign this agreement.

Actor Name and Signature

Input the Actor’s complete name and affix their signature here.


Input the date of signing.

Producer Name and Signature

Input the Producer’s complete name and affix their signature here.


Input the date of signing.


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