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Fillable Form Apartment Lease Agreement

Apartment Lease Agreement outlines the obligations of both a lessor and a lessee for a residential property. It contains the terms for the lease, including the period of the lease, security deposits, and monthly payments.

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What is an Apartment Lease Agreement?

An Apartment Lease, or also referred to as an Apartment Lease Agreement or a Rental Lease Agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the obligations of both a landlord and a tenant regarding a residential property.

How to fill out an Apartment Lease Agreement?

To fill out an Apartment Lease Agreement, one must provide the following information:


Enter the details of the apartment premises.


Enter the details about the unit.


Have the Landlord enter his or her full legal name.


Have the Tenant enter his or her full legal name.

Date of Lease

Enter the date of the lease.

Lease Term

Enter the lease term.

Commencement Date

Enter the date when the lease term will start.

Termination Date

Enter the date when the lease will end.

Annual Rent

Enter the amount of annual rent in U.S. dollars.

Monthly Rent

Enter the amount of monthly rent in U.S. dollars.

Security Deposit

Enter the amount of the security deposit in U.S. dollars.

Item 1. Use and Occupancy

The Unit stated in this Apartment Lease Agreement must only be used for residential purposes and must only be occupied by the Tenant and his or her spouse and children.

Item 2. Inability to Give Possession

If the Landlord fails to give the Tenant possession of the Unit on the Commencement Date, it will not create liability for the Landlord. In case the possession of the Unit will not be given on the Commencement Date, the Monthly Rent will then begin on the date that the possession of the Unit is delivered to the Tenant. Furthermore, this will be prorated for that portion of the month when the possession will be delivered.

Item 3. Rent

The Tenant must pay the Monthly Rent in full on the first day of each month. The Monthly Rent must be paid by the Tenant in advance without a notice being required from the Landlord. The Tenant is not allowed to deduct any sums from the Monthly unless there is a written consent from the Landlord.

Once this Apartment Lease Agreement has been signed, the Tenant must pay the Landlord the first Monthly Rent due as well as the Security Deposit. The entire amount of rent for the Lease Term is due upon signing this Apartment Lease Agreement but the Landlord may give consent to the Tenant paying the same amount in monthly installments as long as there are no defaults made by the Tenant under the terms in the Lease.

Additional Rent may be included but will not be limited to any additional insurance premiums or expenses paid by the Landlord which can be charged to the Tenant. The Additional Rent will be due and payable along with the Monthly Rent for the next month after the Tenant receives a notice from the Landlord.

Item 4. Condition of Unit

The Tenant acknowledges that he or she has accepted the Unit in its “as is” condition. The Tenant also acknowledges that he or she has properly inspected the Unit and its appliances are in good condition. Furthermore, the Tenant states that he or she knows how to operate said appliances.

Item 5. Security

The Security Deposit will be due once the Tenant has signed this Apartment Lease Agreement. Unless both parties have agreed, the Security Deposit should not be used for the payment of Monthly Rent.

Item 6. Services and Utilities

The Tenant must be responsible for paying the utility bills allocated to the unit such as electric, gas, water, and telephone bills. The Tenant is not allowed to use a dishwasher, clothes washer, dryer machines, air purifier, portable heater, air conditioner, or other similar appliances unless the Landlord has given his or her consent.

The Landlord will be responsible for supplying heat, hot and cold water, air conditioning, garbage removal, a refrigerator, stove or oven, dishwasher, window air conditioning unit, clothes washer, and clothes dryer. Any damages to the listed appliances that have been caused by the Tenant’s willful and negligent acts will be repaired by the Landlord and will be under the cost of Additional Rent.

Item 7. Furnishings

The Landlord must give the Tenant an inventory of the furnishings available in the Unit. The Tenant must then acknowledge that the furnishings are in good condition.

Item 8. Repairs and Alterations

The appliances, equipment, furniture, furnishings, and other property included under this Apartment Lease Agreement must be returned in the same condition as when it was received by the Tenant; reasonable wear and tear will be given exceptions. The Tenant must be the one who repairs any damaged equipment that was due to his or her negligence. In case the Tenant does not make the repairs, the Landlord may do so and place the cost under Additional Rent.

The Tenant is not allowed to make any modifications to the Unit during this term.

Item 9. Maintenance of Unit

The Tenant must keep the Unit neat, clean, and presentable.

Item 10. Pets

Any kind of pets are not allowed in the Unit.

Item 11. Damage, Fire, or Other Catastrophe

The Tenant must give the Landlord an immediate notice of any damage caused by fire or other similar reasons. After receiving the Tenant’s notice, the Landlord can either repair the unit or terminate this Apartment Lease Agreement. If the Landlord decides to make repairs to the Unit, he or she must have a reasonable time to do so.

In the case wherein the Landlord decides to terminate the Lease, the Tenant must be given a three-day notice regarding the lease termination.

Item 12. Liability

The Landlord will not be liable for any loss, damage, or expense to any individual or property unless the loss is caused by his or her own acts. On the other hand, the Tenant will be liable for the act of his or her family, guests, and invitees.

Item 13. Landlord’s Entry

The Landlord may enter the Unit as long as there is a reasonable notice for purposes of repair, inspection, extermination, and other work he or she deemed necessary. During the last three months of the Apartment Lease Agreement, the Landlord may show the Unit to prospective tenants.

Item 14. Assigning or Subletting

The Tenant cannot assign this Lease not sublet the Unit.

Item 15. Subordination

This Apartment Lease Agreement and the rights of the Tenant are subject and subordinate to all existing and future leases, mortgages, modifications, and extensions.

Item 16. Landlord’s Consent

The Landlord must not unreasonably withhold his or her consent if needed.

Item 17. Keys, Locks

The tenant is required to give the Landlord keys to all of the locks used for the Unit. Furthermore, the Tenant is not allowed to add any locks without the consent of the Landlord.

Item 18. Signs

The Tenant is not allowed to place any signs within the Premises.

Item 19. Compliance with Authorities

The Tenant must comply with all of the laws, rules, ordinances, and directions of the governmental authorities, insurance carriers, and homeowners’ associations.

Item 20. Tenant’s Defaults, Landlord’s Remedies

The Landlord must give the Tenant a notice of default. When the Tenant receives the notice, he or she must cure the default within the time that was agreed upon.

Item 21. Landlord’s Rules

The Tenant must comply with the reasonable rules of the Landlord at all times.

Item 22. Warranty of Habitability

The Landlord must warrant that his or her Unit is suitable for living and that it is not dangerous to a person’s health and safety.

Item 23. Limitation of Recovery

The Tenant is limited to the Landlord’s interest in the Premises for the collection of payment in case he or she has obtained a judgment from a court of jurisdiction.

Item 24. Construction and Demolition

The Tenant’s obligations under this Lease will not be affected even if there is construction or demolition work going on in or near the Premises.

Item 25. Demolition of Premises

The Landlord may terminate the Lease and give the Tenant a notice 6 months prior if he or she wishes to demolish the Premises.

Item 26. Terraces and Balconies

The terrace or balcony must be kept clean, clear of any garbage, and must be in good condition. The Tenant is not allowed to cook on the terrace or balcony nor can he or she store any equipment there.

Item 27. Common Recreational Areas

The Landlord may give the Tenant permission to use any playground, pool, parking, and other areas. This permission may be revoked by the Landlord at any time.

Item 28. Landlord’s Employees

The Landlord’s employees must not perform any sort of work for the Tenant at his or her request.

Item 29. Condemnation

The Landlord may cancel this Lease if any part of the Premises is taken by any government authority and give the Tenant a notice.

Item 30. Bankruptcy

The Landlord can cancel this Lease within 30 days of sending a written notice to the Tenant if ever he or she filed a voluntary petition in bankruptcy.

Item 31. Notices

All notices given under this Apartment Lease Agreement must be done in writing through certified mail or an overnight courier service.

Item 32. Waiver or Jury Trial, Set-Off or Counterclaim

The parties involved in this agreement waive trial by jury in all matters excluding personal injury or property damage claims. Furthermore, the Tenant waives his or her right to any set-off or counterclaim in a summary proceeding for eviction.

Item 33. Broker

Enter the full legal name of the sole Broker who showed the Unit to the Tenant.

Item 34. Inability of Landlord to Perform

This Lease will be terminated if the Landlord cannot perform his or her duties because of governmental orders, labor strife, or the inability to secure goods or materials.

Item 35. Illegality

Any illegal parts of this Lease will not affect the remaining portions and will still remain in full force and effect.

Item 36. Non-Disturbance

The Tenant is allowed to live peacefully in the Unit as long as he or she pays the Monthly Rent, Additional Rent, and if there are no defaults under any of the terms in this Lease.

Item 37. Non-Waiver

In cases wherein the Landlord fails to insist upon the Tenant’s full compliance with the terms of this Lease, it will not be deemed to be a waiver of the Landlord’s rights to enforce the said terms of this Lease on a future date.

Item 38. Parties Bound

This Apartment Lease Agreement is binding upon the parties involved and their respective assignees or successors in interest.

Item 39. Paragraph Headings

The paragraph headings in the Lease are for reference only.

Item 40. Effectiveness

This Lease will take effect when the Landlord has delivered a complete copy to the Tenant or his or her attorney.

Item 41. Entire Agreement

The tenant must state that he or she has read and fully understood this Lease.

Item 42. Amendments

As long as there is a written agreement between the two parties involved, this Lease may be changed or amended.

Item 43. Riders

Enter the full legal name of the designated Rider.

Item 44. Surrenders of Premises

The Unit being delivered by the Tenant must be vacant, clean, and in good condition on the Termination Date. Before the said date, the Tenant must have already vacated the unit, removed all of his or her property, and repaired any damages.

Item 45. Sprinkler System Disclosure

Enter the date when the sprinkler system was last maintained and when it was last inspected.

Landlord Signature

Have the Landlord affix his or her signature.


Have the Tenant affix his or her signature.


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