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Fillable Form Contractor Proposal Agreement

A Contractor Proposal Agreement is a business proposal to a client. It sets forth the name of the contractor, the project, and the estimated time and cost. It also contains the list of other projects which the contractor has completed successfully.

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What is the Contractor Proposal form?

The Contractor Proposal form is a one-page form issued by a contractor under design and build procurement. After an employer has provided a description of requirements, contractors prepare this form to establish their terms and conditions.

Can I fill out the Contractor Proposal form?

If you are a contractor and who has been hired by an employer or firm for a construction task and would like to show how you propose to meet their requirements, then you are eligible to fill out this form.

What do I need to fill out the Contractor Proposal form?

To fill out the Contractor Proposal form, you will be asked to input information regarding yourself, as the contractor, and other details.

Specifically, you will be needing your full legal name, date of signature, date of plan/page numbers, phone number, fax number, address, as well as the corresponding city, state, and ZIP code, job name, and job location.

Next, you will be needing the list of materials and their corresponding prices for the completion of the project.

Finally, you will also be needing the total cost of labor and materials, and payment details. This is non-inclusive of certain logistical costs such as payment for meals, transportation, parking, and other similar fees and expenses.

To finalize everything placed in this form, you will need your signature and the date of signature. In addition to these, you will also need the signature of your employer, as well as the number of days.

How do I fill out the Contractor Proposal form?

We will be guiding you through the process of filling out the Contractor Proposal form by giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly fill out the form.

Before attempting to fill out this form, read through each and every section carefully to identify what kind of information you would need to provide to fill out the Contractor Proposal form. For your convenience, we have placed all the information that you are required to write down in the previous section entitled “What do I need to fill out the Contractor Proposal form?”

Ensure that all information that you are about to provide in this form is completely truthful and accurate. This is a legally binding document, thus it should be treated with the utmost level of care and attention.

Contractor’s Details
In this section of the Contractor Proposal form, you will be asked to write down information regarding yourself, as the contractor.

In the first box at the top left, labeled “Proposal submitted to”, write down your full legal name in no particular format. This is composed of your family name (otherwise known as your last name), your given name (also known as your first name), middle name, and your suffix if you have one.

Next, in the box next to where you wrote down your full legal name, indicate the date of signature in no particular format. Following this, write down the date of plan or page numbers.

Following this, write down your phone number. This can be your daytime phone number, which is the number through which you can be reached between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, or your mobile phone number. Then, write down your fax number.

Then, write down your address details for your job. This includes its street name, street number, city or town, state, as well as the corresponding ZIP code.

Following this, write down the job name and job location of the job being contracted by the employer.

Material and Labor Details
In this section of the Contractor Proposal form, you must write down details regarding the materials and labor necessary for the completion of the job.

Begin by writing down the list of materials that you would need to procure in order to continue with the job. Include as well the individual cost of each of these materials. Ensure that the cost of these materials, as well as the labor cost, is accurate. This does not include logistical expenses such as meals, gasoline, transportation, parking, or any other fees not directly related to the job.

Following this, write down the sum of all costs necessary to complete the job. Affix as well the numerical amount in dollars. Afterward, place any payment details regarding the contract.

In this section of the Contractor Proposal form, all parties involved, namely you and your employer, will have to certify all information previously provided.

First, read through the accomplished doc to check if all boxes have been filled out and all required information has been provided. If you are lacking in any information, be sure to add it in the appropriate space or box.

After you’ve verified all information, certify that all the information placed within the form is truthful and accurate by affixing your signature. Remember that you may not edit the form after you have placed this, so ensure that all information provided beforehand is correct.

Note that you may choose to withdraw the proposal in the event that your employer does not accept within a certain number of days. You will have to write down the number of days before this proposal expires and may be withdrawn by you.

Afterward, after your employer has read through the proposal and finds its terms and conditions satisfactory and acceptable, authorizing you to begin as specified, he or she may write down their signature in the appropriate space. Your employer will also have to write down the corresponding date of acceptance.

After everything has been completed, then congratulations, you have successfully completed the Contractor Proposal form. You and your team may now formally begin the job.

What is a Contractor?

A contractor is a person or business entity that does business by obtaining contracts and then accomplishing them. A contractor, however, is different from a regular worker. While the latter simply works to accomplish tasks, the former has the added responsibility of seeking out these tasks.

Contractors are mostly hired by businesses or individuals looking to construct buildings. However, there are contractors who are not involved in construction and work in different industries and areas.


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