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Fillable Form DA 1594

DA Form 1594 is a form used in the U.S. Army to record the daily activities of military members.

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What is DA Form 1594?

DA Form 1594 or the Daily Staff Journal or Duty Officer’s Log is an official document provided by the United States Department of Defense. It is used for monitoring and documenting the activities done daily by Active Duty members of the United States Army.

The United States Army makes use of DA Form 1594 for documentation and recording purposes; aside from cataloging the daily activities done by military personnel like operational reviews, daily training, or counseling, DA Form 1594 can also serve the purpose of monitoring information about routine training programs, operational appraisal, and sequential research.

Like other Defense forms, the DA Form 1594 provides boxes to be filled out for the information they require details and information to. DA Form 1594 has to be filled out accurately and efficiently, with accurate details and information about one’s activity, duration, and location in order to evade any problems or complications in the future.

Who should be requesting and filling out DA Form 1594?

Active Duty members of the United States Army should fill out DA Form 1594.

A person who is ‘Active Duty’ is in the military full time. They work for the military full time, may live on a military base, and can be deployed at any time. It should be noted that persons in the Reserve or National Guard are not full-time Active Duty military personnel, although they can be deployed at any time should the need arise.

Why should Active Duty members fill out DA Form 1594?

Active Duty members of the United States Army should fill out DA Form 1594 because it is used to record the activities done by them daily. These activities include daily training, operational reviews, and historical research.

When was DA Form 1594 released?

DA Form 1594 was re-released by the Department of the Army (DA) on November 1, 1962, and can now be obtained and filled out digitally.

Agency of DA Form 1594

The proponent agency of DA Form 1594 is the Office of The Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations & Plans.

The Deputy Chief of Staff serves as an advisor to the President and Vice President and assists the Chief of Staff with operations for the Office of the President. The Deputy Chief of Staff also leads the organization's data & policy analysis efforts and serves as the social chair for the organization.

How to fill out DA Form 1594?

It should be noted that the instructions on how to fill out DA Form are not attached and/or distributed together with DA Form 1594 itself.

To learn more about how to accomplish DA Form 1695, please refer to Army Regulation 220-15 (Journal and Journal Files) released back In December 1983 for more information and details regarding the guidelines. The manual includes all policies, responsibilities, and procedures needed for preparing and maintaining journals and journal files.

To run through DA Form 1594 briefly, the content of the form will be listed:

  1. Page No.
  2. No. of Pages
  3. Organization or Installation
  4. Location
  5. Period Covered
    • From (Hour and Date)
    • To (Hour and Date)
  6. Item No.
  7. Time (In and Out)
  8. Incidents, Messages, Orders, Etc.
  9. Action Taken
  10. INL

Instructions on filling out DA Form 1594 are as follows:

1. The initial boxes are the ones on the upper right corner, representing the number of pages and page number. Fill in the top lines of the form, indicating the corresponding number of pages and page number.

  • The first sheet should be marked as page number 1, leave ‘No. of pages’ blank until you complete the journal entries.

2. The next step is to provide the organization or installation and its location. It should be noted that the journal entry has to be made for this step. Then, mention the time frame for which the journal entry is covering on the right side boxes.

  • Enter the name and location of the organization the journal is made for. State the period covered. The logs usually cover a 24-hour period, but that specific time period is not mandatory since once can opt for a longer or shorter time duration.

Once you are over with the furnishing of the basic information on the top portion, you can move on to the grid, recording the particulars for your journal entry.

3. Each entry should have a number, the time of the event, and its specific details. Specify the actions taken in response to each and every event. All journal entries should be brief, clear, and informative.

  • Endow with a numerical value each one of the entries on the left side and also point out the time frame for each precise entry.
  • The following box is for the indication of the event of the defined entry.
  • Specific events can include an array of subjects, messages, incidents, orders, and a horde of some other events which may have happened during the day.
  • The entries should be curt enough so that it can be accommodated in the proper boxes. If the entries require more space though, you have the liberty to use additional boxes, which can be affixed to the sheet.

4. Enter the final number of pages in the completed journal on the very top of the form.
5. The complete log must be certified by the officer or official on duty.

  • The appropriate boxes are at the bottom of the page. Additional copies of the form can be used as continuation sheets if a page lacks the needed space for the information.

Again, The DA Form 1594 has to be certified after completion which requires the name and rank of the Officer and also his signature.
The DA Form 1594 has to be kept in a secure place for recording and reference. All logs should be safely stored for future reference.


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