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Fillable Form DA 31 - Request and Authority For Leave

The DA Form 31 is to be used for requesting Travel, Vacation or Emergency leave.


What is DA 31 Form?

DA 31 Form, or Request and Authority for Leave, is a form by the Department of the Army that military service members use if they need to request for temporary leave — personal, emergency, or travel.

Soldiers are entitled to leave for 30 days per year. If you want to take a leave, complete DA 31 Form and submit it to your commander at least 29 days before your vacation. It is ideal to talk to your commander first, informing him or her of your intent to file a leave, before completing the form.

During the entirety of their leave, soldiers should keep the form with them.

How to Fill Out DA 31 Form?

In completing DA 31 Form, you will need to provide your personal and leave-related information. Fill out all the applicable boxes as accurately as possible and do not provide any false information, as neglecting to answer necessary information may lead to your commander rejecting your leave request.

Only you can complete and submit the form to your commander.

Box 1 asks the control number. You may leave this blank, as

Part I requires your personal and leave information.
Box 2 asks for your full legal name. Follow the format: last name. First name, middle initial.
Box 3 asks for your Social Security Number.
Box 4 asks for your rank.
Box 5 asks for the date of application.
Box 6 asks for the address where you will stay during your trip.
Box 7 asks for the type of leave you will have.
Box 8 asks for your origin station and phone number.
Box 9 asks for the number of days of your leave.
Box 10 asks for the dates of your leave.
Box 11 asks for your signature.
Box 12 asks for your supervisor’s recommendation, whether approved or disapproved.
Box 13 asks for the approving authority’s signature and title.
Box 14 asks for the date and time of your departure, as well as the name, title, and signature of the departure authority.
Box 15 is used to request a leave extension, if applicable. This section asks for the number of additional days, date approved, and the name, title, and signature of the approval authority.
Box 16 asks for the date and time of your return, as well as the name, title, and signature of the return authority.
Box 17 asks for remarks, including chargeable leave dates, if applicable.

Part II is only used if you are requesting an emergency leave.
Box 18 contains leave-related information.
Box 19 contains instructions for scheduling return transportation.
Box 20 asks for the departed unit.
Box 21 asks for arrived APOD.
Box 22 asks for arrived APOE (return only).
Box 23 asks for arrived home unit.

Part III is only used if you are traveling with dependents.
Box 25 asks whether you require a one-way or round trip. This section also asks for the names of dependents, your relationship with them, dates of birth (for children), and their passport number.

Part IV is to be used by the person who authorizes your travel. You do not need to answer this part.

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