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Fillable Form Daily Sales Log

A Daily Sales Log is used for recording the daily sales of a business.

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What is a Daily Sales Log?

A Daily Sales Log is a financial tool used by businesses to record their daily sales and returns. It is beneficial in limiting or managing a business' daily expenses.

A Daily Sales Log, also known as Daily Sales Report, contains a business’s current sales, including the sales generated from selling core products and miscellaneous assets. It also contains the daily returns, such as the tax derived from the merchandise.

How to fill out a Daily Sales Log?

Make sure to enter the correct values to get accurate results.


Enter the date of the Daily Sales Log.


Enter the sales generated from commodities or goods.


Enter the amount of tax for commodities or goods.

Gift certificates

Enter the sales generated from gift certificates.


Enter the sales generated from miscellaneous assets.

[Coupons and discounts]

Enter the value of coupons or discounts for the sale of miscellaneous assets.

[Gift certificates]

Enter the sales generated from the gift certificates received from the sale of miscellaneous assets.


Subtract the amount of tax to the sum of the sales generated from the sold merchandise and gift certificates.

Subtract the value of coupons and discounts to the sum of the sales generated from sold miscellaneous assets and gift certificates.

Then, add their values to get the subtotal.

Enter the subtotal.

Grand Total

Add all the subtotal. Then, enter the grand total.

What is the purpose of a Daily Sales Log?

The primary purpose of a Daily Sales Log is to determine the business sales made in a day. With this financial tool, measuring sales growth and managing expenses become easier.

If daily sales are determined, a business can identify which products are highly in demand. They could produce products that generate more income or examine the less-selling ones for further improvements.

Transparency in Daily Sales Log is essential for businesses to refine their strategies. Once expenses are determined, it is easier to determine and analyze the products or services that incur expenses rather than generate income. Moreover, a business can identify the products or services to offer more and better based on the market demand.

What are the benefits of a Daily Sales Log?

Using a Daily Sales Log comes with a lot of benefits:

  1. Recording sales daily helps a business predict the efficiency of a product or service.
  2. A Daily Sales Log contains critical information used to forecast procedures or strategies to keep up with trends.
  3. A Daily Sales Log serves as long-term documentation of a company's sales, which is essential in the long run, as it represents how the company has been progressing over the years.
  4. A Daily Sales Log is a solid foundation of competent decision-making involving its products or services, location of sale, and employee performance.
  5. A Daily Sales Log enables a company to detect errors in sales immediately. Thus, enabling it to resolve issues, such as theft or any anomalies, promptly.
  6. A Daily Sales Log helps a company identify products that generate sales. This way, a company can restock inventories beforehand for its continuous production.

What is a sales log?

A sales log is a document used to record a business's daily, weekly, monthly, or annual sales. It gives companies insights into their finances and sales, which is essential in making business strategies.

What are the types of sales logs?

Aside from the Daily Sales Log, there are other types of sales log.

  1. Restaurant Period Sales and Labor Log. A Restaurant Period Sales and Labor Log is a document used to track the revenue and measure the performance of employees working in a restaurant, including labor hours and costs. It is also used to record the number of guests per day and the daily sales of a restaurant.

  1. Sales Call Log. A Sales Call Log is used to track sales-related phone calls with customers or clients, which helps companies track or reach prospective customers efficiently and determine the appropriate course of action to achieve their sales goals. Several types of Sales Call Log are Simple Call Log, Daily Call Log, Business Call Log, Patient Call Log, Customer Service Call Log, Outside Sales Call Log, and Client Call Log.

  1. Outside Sales Call Log. An Outside Sales Call Log is a type of Sales Call Log intended to record the incoming sales inquiries with the date, purpose, and notes of a particular sales call.

  1. Farmer Market Sales Log. A Farmer Market Sales Log is used to track the quantity of each crop delivered and donated by a business. It also includes the actual sales generated from each product and where it came from. It is often used by farm stores that sell products from various farms.

  1. Monthly Sales Log. A Monthly Sales Log is used to track a business's monthly sales, including the sold items, total sales, and the collected payment. Compared to the Daily Sales Log, it is more detailed since it covers the day-to-day business sales in a month. Essentially, a Monthly Sales Log is essential for the end-month evaluation of goods or services to determine their performance in the market.

  1. Inventory Sales Log. An Inventory Sales Log is used to record the current inventory or stock of a business. Inventory refers to the goods and materials that a business currently holds that are meant to be sold or used for producing another product. Inventory On Hand, Low Stock, and Product Performance Report are types of Inventory Sales Log.

  1. Outside Sales Log. An Outside Sales Log is used to record the names and contact numbers of relevant companies.

  1. Refusal Sale Log. A Refusal Sale Log is used to record the refusal of sales in certain events, such as selling commodities to minors and other sales practices prohibited by the law. It includes the time and the reason for the sale refusal.

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