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Fillable Form Employee Information

Employee information forms provide key data on employees that can be used to keep track of who worked for the company, when, and in what positions. It can also be used as an emergency contact information form in the event of any serious workplace injury.


What is an Employee Information form?

An employee information form is a document that contains key information about employees who are or have worked in the company. It is also used as a record of their duration of employment and their position. It can also be used as emergency contact information in case of any serious workplace injuries.

How to fill out an Employee Information form?

Personal Information

Full name

Enter your full name using the following format: Last, First, Middle initial.


Enter your address using the following format: Street address, city, state, Zip.

Contact number

Provide your home and cell phone number.


Provide your email address if it is available.

SSN or Gov’t ID

Provide your social security number or any government-issued ID.

Birth Date

Enter your birth date.

Marital Status

Provide your marital status.

Spouse’s name

If you are married, enter the name of your spouse using the following format: Last, First, Middle initial.

Spouse’s Employer

Enter the name of your spouse’s employer. Ignore this line if you are not married.

Spouse’s contact number

Provide your spouse’s contact number.

Job information


Enter your position in the company.

Employee ID

Provide your employee identification number.

Work Location

Provide your work location.

Start Date

Provide the date when you first started working for the company.


Enter the name of your supervisor.


Provide your assigned department.

Work phone

Provide your work phone number.


Enter your salary.

Emergency Contact Information

Full name

Enter the full name of your contact in case of emergency using the following format: Last, First, Middle initial.


Enter the address of your emergency contact using the following format, Street address, city, state, Zip.

Contact number

Provide the primary and secondary contact numbers of your emergency contact.


Identify your relationship with the emergency contact.

Professional References


Provide the name of your professional references. You may identify up to three references.

Contact number

Provide the contact numbers of your professional references.

What are the benefits of having employee information?

Providing an employee information form is very important for you and the company. Here are some of the benefits of having employee information.


  • If the employer has information regarding his or her employees, it will be easier for the company to identify their status and contact information.

  • The employer can easily communicate with emergency contacts in case of unfortunate situations.

  • The employer can identify how long an employee has been working in the company.

  • The employer can refer to an employee’s personal or professional reference if he or she wants additional information about an employee.

  • An employee information form provides a brief description of an employee’s work location, position, and department, which gives the employer an easier way to track an employee’s performance.

  • The employer can use an employee information form as proof that he or she is currently employing a certain individual in case of legal actions.


  • As an employee, it will be beneficial for you to complete an information form for your employer. This allows them to contact you when you are out of town for work purposes or when certain announcements will be made.

  • Just like the employer, it will also be beneficial for you if you provide an emergency contact. The company can easily contact your emergency person in case of emergencies or tragedies in the workplace.

  • You can also use this information form as proof that you are working in the company if legal problems arise.

What is the importance of having accurate employee data?

The company should have all the information they can gather regarding their employees. This includes tax information, contact details, emergency contacts, work history, personal references, and the likes.

Easier administrative duties

Your managers or supervisors can benefit from accurate data because it offers them a detailed view of your work history. When your time in the company is continuously evaluated, and your information and records get updated regularly, it helps your managers or supervisors do their administrative duties more efficiently.

It also benefits new managers because it allows them to learn about their employees quickly. Accurate employee data can save time for both you and your managers so that you can both fulfill your duties and responsibilities efficiently.

Engaged Employees

It is important for a business to have employees who are dedicated to their jobs, but for many companies, that is not always the case. One way of improving engagement is by communicating with employees on a regular basis.

Having accurate data is required to do so. If your employer delivers essential documents on time, it will be vital for the company. This allows the employees of the company to be engaged and happy with their jobs because they know that they are needed by the company in order to succeed. It can also prevent miscommunication and prevents the company from suffering the negative effects of inaccurate employee records.

Fulfillment of legal obligations

One of the negative effects of the company having incorrect or inaccurate employee data is violating Federal and State regulations. Your employer should also deliver end-of-year benefit statements and health insurance documents to your address.

If your employer is covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), they have to keep accurate and current employee records for at least three years. This information includes work schedules, demographics, wages, etc. If these documents are not correct and accurate, the company you are working in is not complying with Federal and State regulations and this may lead to unnecessary fines and legal repercussions.

Correct information after employment

When you stop working for a company, it does not necessarily mean that you will stop working in the industry itself anymore. The company you formerly worked for may encounter you again as an industry professional or as a customer in the future. If you provide them with your information, and if you have a good record, it will be beneficial for both of you.

You may also use your former employer as a reference for future job applications, and they may also use that information to let your new employer know more about your attitude, work ethic, and other information about you.

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