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Fillable Form Employment Contract Sample

The Employment Contract is a form where all the agreement between two parties, the employee and the employer. By signing the form the employee agrees to all the terms and conditions written in the document.

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What is an Employment Contract?

two users of the employment contract

An Employment Contract is a legally binding agreement between an employer and an employee that outlines the terms and conditions of their working relationship. It serves as a crucial document that helps define the rights and responsibilities of both parties, ensuring clarity and protection for each side.

Employment Contracts can vary in complexity and content, but they typically cover essential elements such as job duties, compensation, working hours, benefits, termination procedures, and any other relevant terms. They are given to incoming employees to sign in order to ensure that all parties understand their obligations in relation to their work.

How do I fill out an Employment Contract?

Get a copy of Employment Contract Sample template in PDF format.

a user filling up his printed employment contract for his employer

You can find a fillable copy of an Employment Contract here. It is absolutely critical that all details included in an Employment Contract are correct and updated, in order to avoid legal issues with the hiring process or misunderstandings about the terms outlined in the document.

To that end, it may be beneficial to have a legal professional look over the terms of the agreement, or to make absolutely sure that all negotiations have been properly handled and ironed out in the previous stages of the hiring process.

Date of Agreement

Enter the date that this contract will become effective.

Name of Company

Enter the name of the company.

State and Location of Business

Enter the state that the company primarily operates from, and the city or town that it primarily conducts business from.

Name of Employee

Enter the name of the employee signing this form.

Type of Business

Enter what kind of business the company engages in.

Purposes and Sales

Enter the purpose(s) for which the employee is being hired, and the service or product that they will be selling on behalf of the company.

Then, enter the product or service that the employee is selling or performing for the company. During their term as an employee, the employee agrees to not sell or provide the same service or any type of service that would interfere with their sale or service of the above product or service.

Finally, enter the product or services offered by the company that the employee will offer to customers.


Enter the duration that the employee will be employed for in years, and the number of days’ notice in advance the employer or employee must give the other party if they wish to terminate their employment.


This section discusses the details about the compensation that will be provided to the employee for their work with the company.

Other Benefits and Expenses

This section discusses all other benefits and expenses that will be afforded to the employee once they meet certain conditions.

Enter the amount that the employee may draw for expenses per month.

Prices and Service

Enter the price at which the company’s offered product will be sold by the employee.


In the event of the employee’s disability that prevents them from performing their role in the company, enter the number of days that the company will wait before their employment is terminated. The rest of this section discusses situations under which the employee’s employment will be terminated.

Confidential Information

This section discusses how the employee will be expected to handle sensitive and confidential information given to them by the company, whether directly or indirectly.

Noncompetition Provision

Enter the number of years and the mile radius within the company’s place of operation and the employee’s home address that the employee agrees to not engage in any business that is similar to or in competition with the company’s or their affiliated businesses. Other noncompetition agreement-related information is discussed in this section.


Enter the mailing address of the company and the employee, then enter the state whose laws this agreement will follow.


Have the company president enter their name and sign the form in the space provided. Then have the employee enter their name and sign the form in the space provided.

Start filling out a Employment Contract Sample sample and export in PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can an Employment Contract be ignored in favor of a verbal agreement between company and employee?

Yes, but it is generally recommended to use a written Employment Contract for clarity and documentation purposes.

How long is an Employment Contract considered valid?

Employment Contracts will generally be valid for the duration of the employee and company’s agreement, or in other words for as long as the employee is employed, unless otherwise stated within the agreement itself.

Can I consult a legal professional during the hiring process?

Yes, especially in order to make sure that all parties find all terms offered agreeable.

Can I have a legal professional review the Employment Contract?

Yes. This is advised in order to ensure that all terms are as agreed upon and are suitable for you.

Can I negotiate the terms of the Employment Contract?

It depends on the company. Some will allow further negotiation, while others will not allow it once the hiring process reaches the employment contract stage.

What happens if I breach the terms of the contract?

The simplest consequence is your employment being terminated. Legal action may also be taken depending on the severity of the breach.

Can an employer have multiple Employment Contracts with the same person?

Yes, for different roles and responsibilities that may be expected of them.

Do interns also receive Employment Contracts?

They may, depending on the company’s initiative.

Can I refuse to sign an Employment Contract?

Yes, but this of course will mean forfeiting the employment opportunity.

Is an Employment Contract required for a part-time or temporary position?

It is highly recommended for a contract to be drafted even in the case of temporary or part-time work, in order to properly set expectations and terms.

What if I lose my copy of the contract?

It’s unlikely that there will be direct problems due to losing your copy of the contract, whether or not it has been signed, as generally these contracts are specific to the parties involved. Still, for records purposes if nothing else, it is best to avoid losing your copy of the contract.

Can the terms on an Employment Contract be changed after it has been signed?

Yes, but only if all parties involved are informed and consent to the change.

Create a Employment Contract Sample document, e-sign, and download as PDF.


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