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Fillable Form Girlfriend Application

The Official Girlfriend Application form must be filled out in its entirety in order to be considered for the position that you are applying to.

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What is The Official Girlfriend Application Form?

The Official Girlfriend Application Form is a document that you have to complete if you want to apply as someone’s girlfriend. In general, the form is provided by a person to a girl if he or she considers the girl as a potential partner. It should be filled out in its entirety, as leaving questions unanswered could disqualify you.

To increase your chances of winning the position, you may attach photographs of yourself and relevant documents.

How to Fill Out The Official Girlfriend Application Form?

You must honestly answer all the sections of the Official Girlfriend Application form to be considered for the position. The form has eight sections, requiring your personal information. Based on all the information you will provide, the evaluator would decide if you are fit for the position.

Section 1: The Basics
This section requires basic information about you. It asks for the following information:

  • Full legal name
  • Current residence
  • Nickname
  • Age
  • Eye color
  • Natural hair color
  • Current hair color
  • Height
  • Weight

Section 2: Contact Information
Provide the required contact information:

  • Home phone
  • Cell phone
  • IM Name, specify the service
  • Email

Section 3: The Deal Breakers
Answer yes-or-no questions as truthful and accurate as possible.

Section 4: Getting to Know You
Answer personal questions about you, including your beliefs and interests.

Section 5: Short Answer
Answer open-ended questions that would help the reviewer gauge if you are fit for the position.

Section 6: Relationship Background
Provide the details of your past three relationships, stating with the most recent one. This section asks for the name of your ex-boyfriend, the start and end date of your relationship, your role in the breakup, and the reason for the breakup.

Section 7: References
Provide three character references. Provide their names and contact information.

Section 8: Certification
Date and sign the document to validate all the information you have provided.


After completing the Official Girlfriend Application Form, you may submit it to the person who asked you to fill it out. Submission of the form has no headline, you may return it to the provider at your convenience.


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