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Fillable Form Letter of Retirement

Retirement Letter is used to inform your Employer of your upcoming retirement.

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What is a Letter of Retirement?

A Letter of Retirement is an official notice used by a professional to state his or her resignation from his or her current job position and to apply for or request retirement benefits. As a formal letter of notification, the letter must state important details including the intended final date of work and any provisions for the transition, if applicable.

Retirement requires a well-thought-out process and a systematic transition, as an individual who is seeking to do so is perhaps a highly skilled professional and valued person within an organization. Finding a replacement may be a difficult undertaking for the employer. While a typical resignation often requires a minimum of two weeks’ notice, it is recommended to give a letter of retirement to the employer six months or more before the final date of employment. This would give the employer sufficient time to prepare applicable retirement benefits if there are any, allowing the company to make the necessary adjustments before the departure. If you can help during the transition that will follow your resignation, including it in the letter may be necessary.

Before writing a letter of retirement, it is important for a professional to familiarize himself or herself with the retirement policies of his or her employer. Doing so would enable him or her to undergo a smooth resignation process. Moreover, looking for retirement benefits that a professional can apply for is beneficial.

A letter of retirement is a great way for a professional to show gratitude to the company, to recall wonderful experiences that taught him or her invaluable lessons, and to discuss future plans, which may include consulting work. Though not strictly crucial, he or she may include in the letter suggestions regarding modifications to work duties that could make the transition period convenient.

How to Write a Letter of Retirement?

If you are a professional who has been with a company for a long time, being straightforward in your letter of retirement should be necessary. While it should have the most basic yet most important detail — the final date of work, you may be as expressive as you please when writing the document. As a tip, depending on your position and the culture of the company you are part of, the tone of your letter matters. Your tone can be casual or formal. In addition, your letter should uphold the positive perspective the company has of you.

Your letter of resignation should have the following components:

The heading of a letter of retirement follows the standard format of business letters. Write the name of the recipient, his position in the company, the name of the company, and the company’s business address. Also, write the date you finished the document.

Include a brief greeting that addresses the recipient.

Depending on how expressive you aim to be when writing your letter of resignation, the ultimate goal of this section is to determine your final date in the company. Following the end date, the rest of the body can be used to express gratitude, to share personal and memorable experiences that you have as an employee in the company, and to talk about your future plans. If you want to continue working with the company in some limited ways after your retirement, you may offer your services.

End your letter with a closing remark followed by your signature and full name.

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