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Fillable Form ED-109W - Michigan Change of Address

Form ED- 109W is a form used to register to vote in Michigan AND/OR change your address with the SOS when you move, in order to keep your license accurate and your records up-to-date.

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What is Form ED-109W?

If you are going to move places, remember to always check on your things so that you don’t miss and leave out anything important. That includes filing your change of address in the Secretary of State. If you are moving to a new address within Michigan, you are required by Michigan law to update your address in your records.

In order to do this, you have to fill out and submit Form ED-109W or the Michigan Change of Address/ Voter Registration Form.

Why do I need to submit Form ED-109W?

You have to submit Form ED-109W so that you could update your address in your county or township’s records.

As per Michigan law, the address on your driver’s license or identification card records should also match the address on your voter registration records. Therefore, when you submit your accomplished Form ED-109W, the address on your DL or ID card will be updated, as well as your address on your voter registration record.

If you have not been previously registered as a voter in Michigan, Form ED-109W can also count as a voter registration form. Filling out this form is convenient, as you can choose to have yourself registered and file for your change of address at the same time.

How to fill out Form ED-109W?

The form is only a page long, and it only requires a few of your personal information.
Before filling out the form, make sure to read through the form first so that you avoid making mistakes while writing.

Personal Information
On the first two sections, you will be asked about the following:

  • You Michigan driver’s license number or state ID number
  • License or ID expiration date
  • Daytime telephone number
  • Full legal name
  • Are you a citizen of the United States of America?
  • Will you be 18 years of age on or before election day?
  • Male/Female
  • Birth date

The third section will ask you about your residence and mailing address.

  • For your residence address: Write your complete address (street and number or R. R. and box number, city, zip code, and county).

You will see a box on top of the space provided for your residence address. Check the box if your residence address is new.
Note: the residence address is important and must be included.

  • For your mailing address: if your mailing address is different from your resident address, write your mailing address in the space provided (street and number or R. R. and box number, city, zip code, and county).

You will see one box above and one box below the mailing address section. Check the one on top if your mailing address is new. Check the one on the bottom if you want to remove your mailing address that is currently on file.

Voter Registration
As stated above, you can register as a voter in Michigan using this form.

The qualifications for being a voter is as follows:

  • A Michigan resident (at the time you register) and a resident of your city or township for at least 30 days (when you vote)
  • A United States citizen
  • At least 18 years of age (when you vote)
  • Not currently serving a sentence in jail or prison

You can choose to not register as a voter using this form. Simply check the box next to “Dont use my information for voter registration”.

If you are already a registered voter, submitting your accomplished Form ED-109W will also update your address on your voter registration records. The Secretary of State will have your address changed to the one you have written in the form.

Sign the form on the space provided to finalize your application. Write the date you signed the form on the right side of your signature.
This is important. Forms without a signature will not be processed.

How do I submit Form ED-109W?

You can submit your accomplished Form ED-109W in person at the Secretary of State office. You can also choose to submit this form to the Michigan Department of State:
P.O. BOX 30764
LANSING, MI 48909-8264

I have already submitted Form ED-109W. What’s next?

If you sent your accomplished ED-109W through mail, a letter verifying your new address will be sent to your old address. If you do not want residents in your old address to know about your new address, then you should file a change of address in person at the Secretary of State office.

If you are changing your driver’s license or ID card address, you will be issued an address label containing your current address within 14 days. You must stick this label on your card so that your card now reflects your current address.

If you are registering to vote, your application will not be valid until a local clerk processes your application. Expect your voter identification card to arrive within 3 weeks. If you have not received your VI card in 3 weeks, contact your city or township clerk.

Some questions you may ask:

Do I have to submit other documents with the Form ED-109W?
You do not have to submit additional documents other than the Form ED-109W. You only need your driver’s license or ID card to copy your card number.

When should I file for a Michigan Change of Address Form?
There is no specific range of time the Michigan law has stated on when you should submit Form ED-109W. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not submit one. File a change of address as soon as you move to your new address.

What if I’m new to Michigan?
If you are new to Michigan, you don’t have to fill out Form ED-109W. You would have to apply for a new driver’s license and identification card. Visit the Michigan Department of State (address above) to apply.

What if I’m moving out of Michigan?
If you want to file for a change of address after moving out of Michigan, you do not have to notify the Michigan Department of State. When you apply for a new driver’s license in your new state, Michigan will automatically cancel your former driver’s license.

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