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Fillable Form Open House Sign-in Sheet

The Open House Sign-In Sheet allows the Real State Agent to get the basic contact information of those attending the open house.


What is an Open House Sign-In Sheet?

An Open House Sign-In Sheet is a real estate document that enables real estate professionals — particularly brokers and agents — to collect information from visitors to make them leads. All the contact information gathered from the sign-in sheet are transferred to a database to help real estate professionals track and convert leads to clients.

In the real estate sector, obtaining contact information is all-important; using an open house sign-in sheet proves to be an effective way to do collect names and contact details of potential clients. By providing the document, even customers who are not too comfortable or have a lack of enthusiasm to share their personal information during an open house can get in touch with a real estate professional.

An open house is a real estate jargon that means that a house is open to the public for viewing. People who go to open houses are searching the market to purchase a house. Open houses let them get a real sense of what it would feel or be like to live in a particular house.

As its name suggests, an open house sign-in sheet is used when an owner of a for-sale property, with the help of a real estate broker or agent, opens his or her house for viewing. While not everyone will leave their contact information in a visitor log, it is beneficial to have that option available. In addition, by providing the document, a real estate professional can already filter the interested and potential clients among the visitors.

While an open house sign-in sheet is advantageous, the process that leads potential clients to write their personal information requires preparation and courtesy. When they go to an open house, the first thing they would notice is the overall appearance of the property. An unkempt property would make potential clients assume that the property is in bad shape and may have hidden problems. Thus, every space in the house must be spotless. Aside from cleanliness, it pays to be warm and accommodating but still letting visitors check out the house freely, providing the necessary assistance only when needed.

How to Create an Open House Sign-In Sheet?

An open house sign-in sheet is a simple and straightforward document. Typically, it asks for a visitor’s name and contact information. For your convenience, we have an open house sign-in sheet that you can fill out and print to use during your open house. Follow the guide below to use the form correctly.

The first section of the document should have the complete address of the property for viewing.

For visitors to know who to contact for inquiries, provide the following information in the open house sign-in sheet:

  • Agent Name
  • Agent’s Phone Number
  • Agent’s Email
  • Company
  • Address of the Company

The most important part of an open house sign-in sheet is the client information section. This section should be straightforward and only asks for the most important information:

  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses

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