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Fillable Form Photo Release

A photo release form is a legal document in which one party consents to let the other party use his/her image in a publication.


What is a Photo Release Form?

A Photo Release Form is a legally binding document that grants an individual or photographer the right to use photographs for personal or commercial use. Also referred to as a photo copyright release form, it serves as proof that the authorization to use certain photographs has been given, securing the rights of an individual to publish and share photos taken and owned by a third-party, eliminating the fear of legal consequences and penalties.

Verbal permission to use copyrighted photographs is not enough. It is prudent and beneficial to have a photo release form that serves as a legal agreement between two parties. This secures the right of an individual to use law-protected works just in case the original owner changes his or her mind down the road and file for an infringement case. In any way, it is necessary and a smart move to prepare and complete a photo release form to avoid problems.

In general, a photo release form should be used when a recognizable image of a person will be used in an attempt to gain profit. When a person is hired as a model, a photo release form is needed to distribute and use the photos taken with that person for profit. Alternatively, a photo release form is not needed when taking photos in public. In any case, individuals have the exclusive right on the commercial use of their images under the right of publicity, anyone who uses their photographs requires permission before publishing and sharing their photographs.

As an agreement, a photo release form involves two parties. The first party is the photographer and the other party is the person being photographed. If the person being photographed is a child, the guardian of the child should provide consent. In case an object or a property is being photographed, the owner of the object or the property becomes the other party. Before signing the form, because it may be legally binding, both parties should review and understand it and ensure that every listed condition is agreeable to all people involved. Doing so saves both parties from possible legal consequences and penalties. Therefore, before snapping the picture of an individual, a photo release form should be completed.

How to Fill Out a Photo Release Form?

A photo release form provides legal rights to a photographer to publish or use images of another person. As an agreement between a photographer and a photographed individual, it must contain important information regarding payment, royalties, and revocation. Before filling it out, both parties should confer and ensure understanding of the intent of the photographer to use the images for different purposes including advertising and commercial business.

Using PDFRun’s Photo Release Form can help an individual create and fill out a legally binding document. Follow the guide below to fill out the form accurately.

The agreement statement should have the name and address of the Releasor and the name of the Releasee.

For proper identification of the photos that may be used under legal conditions, provide their descriptions.

Payment — Address any payment the person photographed receives for the release. No payment is also an option. Mark the appropriate checkbox to determine payment information.

Royalties — Mark the appropriate checkbox to determine if there will be royalties or compensation paid for a certain amount for continued use of a person’s photographs or none.

Revocation — Mark the appropriate checkbox to determine if the model has the ability to revoke his or her authorization by notifying the Releasee in writing or none.

Both the Releasor and the Releasee should provide their names, signatures, and dates when they signed.

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