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Fillable Form Privacy Policy Template

A Privacy Policy is a legal statement that specifies what the business owner does with the personal data collected from users, along with how the data is processed and for what purposes.


What is a Privacy Policy?

A Privacy Policy is a legal statement contained on a website or mobile application that discloses the ways an organization collects, stores, protects, uses personal data provided by users. Personal data include names, addresses, contact information, internet service-related information, and financial information. Aside from outlining the company’s methods of using all gathered information from its users, it lays out its policies relevant to meeting legal obligations and the recourse to take should they fail to fulfill legal responsibilities.

All websites and mobile applications that require and gather any form of data about its users are required by law to have a privacy policy. Even if a web-based company only tracks its users’ behavior through cookies and other applicable data tracking techniques is required to implement policies that protect the privacy of users. Having a privacy policy is a requirement in almost every country in the world. While the specific requirements may vary by country due to local laws, most have common regulations as to how data will be protected.

A few regulations that should govern a privacy policy includes, the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA), the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The particular content of a privacy policy depends on the data requirements of an organization to its users. In general, any privacy policy should include the actual information that a website or application will collect from its users, such as names, physical and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, financial information, and IP addresses; how users can opt-out of cookies and what effects opting out might have on their user-experience; the process of collecting, using, sharing, and protecting all gathered information; and how users can opt-out of sharing their data.

Having a privacy policy ensures users that even though their personal information will be collected when they enter a website and use its services, they are still in full control with regard to how their data will be handled. Moreover, a privacy policy helps create and establish an environment of transparency and responsibility between an organization and its users. Now that online data privacy has become a sensitive issue, a comprehensive policy can foster trust among users.

How to Write a Privacy Policy?

An effective privacy policy needs to be comprehensive, clear, and adherent to laws. While privacy policies of different organizations are almost identical, a company should create one that accurately captures its procedures when collecting, using, sharing, and protecting users’ data. A generic privacy policy may not cover everything a website does since every website, business, or service is different.

Nevertheless, for your convenience, PDFRun has a privacy policy template that you can use and modify to create a suitable privacy policy. Follow the guide below to complete the template correctly.

Provide the name of the company at the topmost part of the document. Write the date when the latest update became effective.

Introduction aks for a statement that would summarize what the privacy policy would be about. Provide the necessary information in the introduction, such as company name and website.

Collection of Information asks for personally identifiable information and derivative data that the website will collect from users. Information on data storage should also be provided.

Children’s Privacy asks for the policy regarding the protection of children’s information.

Contact Us asks for the company’s contact information.

Review additional terms on the privacy policy template before using it.

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