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Fillable Form CBP 7512

CBP 7512 is used by customs to determine the nature of the goods being brought into the United States via transport.

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What is Form CBP 7512?

Form CBP 7512, Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods Subject to CBP Inspection and Permit is a form issued by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) used by importers to declare merchandise or goods. It is a compilation of necessary information about the goods carried by the importer.

CBP Form 7512 must be filed by brokers, importers, and carriers who transport merchandise in bond - a shipment that has not yet been cleared by Customs - from one port of importation to another Customs port.

You may download a PDF copy of the 7512 CBP Form from the CBP website. But you may also electronically fill it out on PDFRun for your convenience.

How to fill out Form CBP 7512?

Get a copy of CBP 7512 template in PDF format.

Enter the necessary information in the required fields. Consult the CBP officer to determine the appropriate number of copies required for entry or manifest purposes. Make sure that all information you enter is true, accurate, and correct.

Entry No.

Enter your entry number.

Class of Entry

Enter your class of the entry.

Port Code No.

Enter the port code number.

First U.S. Port of Unlading

Enter the first U.S. port of unlading.

Port Of

Enter the port.


Enter the date.

Entered or imported by

Enter the name of the importer.

Importer/IRS #

Enter the Importer or IRS number.

C.H.L Number

Enter the CHL number.

Vessel or carrier

Enter the name of the vessel or carrier.

Car number and initial

Enter the car number and initial.

Pier or station

Enter the pier or station.

CBP Port Director

Enter the name of the CBP Port Director.

Final foreign destination

Enter the final foreign destination. Take note that you will only enter information if the goods are for exportation only.


Enter the consignee at the CBP port of exit or destination.

Foreign port of lading

Enter the foreign port of lading.

B/L No.

Enter the B/L number.

Date of sailing

Enter the date of sailing.

The foreign port of lading and B/L. No is to be furnished only when the merchandise is imported by the vessel.

Name of vessel or carrier and motive power

Enter the name of the vessel or carrier and motive power.


Enter the flag.

Date imported

Enter the date imported.

Last foreign port

Enter the last foreign port.


Enter the exporting country.


Enter the date it was exported.

Name of warehouse, station, pier, etc.

Enter the name of the warehouse, station, or pier where the goods are now located.

The table below has six columns, namely:

  • Marks and Numbers of Packages
  • Description and Quantity of Merchandise Number and Kind of Packages
  • Gross Weight in Pounds
  • Value
  • Rate
  • Duty

Enter the appropriate information in the following columns. For the “Description and Quantity of Merchandise Number and Kind of Packages” column, describe the goods fully as per shipping papers. Under the “Value” column, enter the amount in dollars only.

G.O. No.

Enter the General Order (G.O.) Number.

Check the box to determine if the goods are withdrawn for Vessel supplies. Otherwise, leave it blank.

Certificate of Lading for Transporation in Bond And/Or Lading for Exportation

This portion is a certification of lading for transporting the goods in bond or lading for exportation.


Enter the port.

Vessel, vehicle, or aircraft

Enter the vessel, vehicle, or aircraft the goods are laden.


Enter the reason the vessel, vehicle, or aircraft was cleared for.


Enter the date the vessel, vehicle, or aircraft was cleared.


Enter the name of the inspector.


Enter the date.


This section states that you truly declare that the statements contained in CBP Form 7512 are true and correct.

Entered or withdrawn by

Enter the name of who entered or withdrew the goods.

Record of Cartage or Lighterage

This section indicates that it is delivered to the Cartman or Lighterman in apparent condition except as noted on this form. You may be required to have extra copies bearing a stamp or notation as to their intended use for local administration.

There are six columns in this section, namely:

  • Conveyance
  • Quantity
  • Date
  • Delivered
  • Received (Cartman or Lighterman)
  • Received (Date and Inspector)

Enter the appropriate information in the following columns. On the “Total” portion below the “Quantity” column, enter the total amount of quantity by adding them together.

For the “Delivered” column, enter the name of the inspector. For the first “Received” column, enter the name of the cartman or lighterman, and the date and name of the inspector on the second “Received” column.

Warehouse proprietor

Enter the name of the warehouse proprietor.

Certificate of Transfer

Enter the appropriate information under this section only if it is required.


Enter the reason why the described goods were transferred.

Transferred to

Enter to whom the described goods were transferred.


Enter the date the described goods were transferred.


Enter the location the goods were transferred.


Enter if any goods are not in the same apparent condition as noted on the original lading.



Enter the location the goods were inspected.


Enter the date the goods were inspected.

Seals Found

Enter any information if there are seals found in the goods.


Enter the name of the inspector.

Start filling out a CBP 7512 sample and export in PDF.

How to file Form CBP 7512?

According to Section 122.92 Title 19 of the Code of Federal Relations, customs forms like 7512 Form CBP must be filed in three copies with the Customs at the port of origin for merchandise for immediate transportation without appraisement. However, four copies are required to be filed with Customs if the merchandise for transportation and exportation is entered. Each copy of CBP Form 7512 shall be signed by the carrier or its authorized agent.

Private parties can also print the 7512 Form CBP if the printed version conforms to the official version in terms of wording arrangement, color, size, and quality of the paper. All copies can be prepared simultaneously by carbon process except if more than one vehicle or vessel is used. Prepare separate manifests for each vehicle or vessel.

Create a CBP 7512 document, e-sign, and download as PDF.


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