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Fillable Form DA 2404

A DA Form 2404 is a United States Army form used to record the inspection and maintenance of equipment. The worksheet is used primarily along with a corresponding technical manual for the piece of equipment that is being worked on.

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What is Form DA-2404?

Form DA-2404 tracks maintenance worker actions on equipment

Form DA-2404, officially titled "Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet," is a document used by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) for the inspection and maintenance performed on military equipment. This form plays a crucial role in ensuring that military equipment remains operational, safe, and reliable for use in various missions and operations.

How do I fill out Form DA-2404?

Get a copy of DA 2404 template in PDF format.

Maintain meticulous equipment records with Form DA-2404

A fillable copy of DA Form 2404 can be found here. Make sure to have the corresponding technical, manual, or otherwise records for the use of the concerned equipment. This will aid in keeping things properly maintained and to ensure that equipment maintenance and maintenance records are properly executed and maintained whenever possible.


Enter the organization that is filing this form.

Nomenclature and Model

Enter the nomenclature and model of the equipment being inspected/maintained.


Enter the registration, serial, or NSN number of the equipment.


Enter the amount of miles that the equipment has traveled, if applicable.


Enter the number of hours that the equipment has been used, if applicable.

Rounds Fired

Enter the number of rounds that were fired using the equipment, if applicable.

Hot Starts

Enter the number of hot starts that the equipment went through, if applicable.


Enter the date that the inspection or maintenance was conducted.

Type Inspection

Enter the type of inspection that is being recorded here.

TM Number and Date

Enter the associated TM Number and Date for any applicable reference.


Have the person(s) performing inspection and the maintenance supervisor sign the form in the space provided, then enter the time that the form was signed.

Manhours Required

Enter the number of manhours required for the inspection.

Item Inspection Table

Enter the below information for each item inspected.

  • TM Item Number
  • Status
  • Deficiencies and Shortcomings
  • Corrective Actions

Initial the final column when all necessary actions to correct spotted deficiencies or shortcomings have been taken.

Start filling out a DA 2404 sample and export in PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should equipment inspections using Form DA-2404 be conducted?

The frequency of inspections varies depending on the type of equipment and operational requirements but is typically scheduled according to established maintenance guidelines.

Can Form DA-2404 be used for all types of military equipment?

Yes, Form DA-2404 can be used for a wide range of military equipment across different branches of the armed forces.

What actions are taken if deficiencies are found during an inspection recorded on Form DA-2404?

Corrective actions are taken to address deficiencies, and these actions are documented on the form along with any recommendations for further maintenance. All parties involved will be informed of the necessary actions, and military personnel will take action according to the recommendations of the personnel carrying out the inspection.

How long should Form DA-2404 be retained after completion?

Form DA-2404 should be retained according to the unit's records retention policy, typically for a specified period after the equipment's disposal.

Are there any specific procedures for documenting corrective actions on Form DA-2404?

Corrective actions should be clearly documented on the form, including the nature of the deficiency and the steps taken to rectify it.

Can Form DA-2404 be used for both routine inspections and special inspections?

Yes, Form DA-2404 can be used for both routine inspections as part of scheduled maintenance and special inspections conducted in response to specific concerns or events.

What documentation is required to accompany Form DA-2404 for certain types of maintenance actions?

Supporting documentation such as work orders, maintenance logs, and technical manuals may be required for certain maintenance actions recorded on Form DA-2404.

Who is responsible for reviewing and approving Form DA-2404?

Unit commanders or designated maintenance officers are typically responsible for reviewing and approving Form DA-2404.

Are there any specific safety precautions to be followed during equipment inspections?

Yes, personnel conducting equipment inspections should follow established safety protocols to prevent accidents or injuries.

How are equipment inspections scheduled and coordinated within a military unit?

Inspections are typically scheduled and coordinated by unit maintenance personnel in accordance with maintenance schedules and operational requirements.

Can Form DA-2404 be used to document equipment modifications or upgrades?

Yes, Form DA-2404 can be used to document equipment modifications or upgrades, along with any associated maintenance actions.

Are there any specific requirements for storing completed Form DA-2404?

Completed Form DA-2404 should be stored in a secure and organized manner according to the unit's records management procedures.

Can Form DA-2404 be used to document equipment inspections conducted during combat operations?

Yes, Form DA-2404 can be used to document army equipment inspections conducted during combat operations, with appropriate modifications to procedures and reporting requirements.

Create a DA 2404 document, e-sign, and download as PDF.


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