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Fillable Form DA 5513

DA Form 5513 is used within the United States Army. It serves the purpose of maintaining a record of all the keys issued and managed by a specific unit or organization.

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What is Form DA-5513?

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Form DA-5513, Key Control Register and Inventory, is a document used in the military, specifically in the United States Army. It is used to record the details of keys issued and maintained by a unit or organization. The form helps ensure accountability and security for keys used in various facilities or equipment within the Army.

In the context of Form DA 5513, a "key" refers to a physical device used to unlock or operate a lock, securing access to specific areas, equipment, or facilities within the United States Army. These keys can vary in shape, size, and function depending on their intended use. Keys may be assigned to secure anything from office doors and storage cabinets to vehicles and armaments.

Each key documented on Form DA 5513 is associated with a unique identifier, typically a serial number or alphanumeric code, which facilitates accurate tracking and accountability. Additionally, keys may be labeled or tagged to indicate their purpose or the area they provide access to, further aiding in their identification and management.

How do I fill out Form DA-5513?

Get a copy of DA 5513 template in PDF format.

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You can find a fillable copy of this form here. This form should contain all complete information about key releases, from emergency key release orders to simple access requests. Key information should also be included in each record of key use.


Enter the unit or activity that this form is relevant to.

Period Cover

Enter the start and end dates of the period that this form covers.

Key Control Numbers

For each key that will be registered in this form, enter the serial number or other identifying number as indicated on the key in the table provided.

Key Issue and Turn In

Enter the information below in the relevant columns for each key. If more space is required, attach an appropriately labeled piece of paper and continue entering all necessary information there.

Key Number

Enter the key number associated with the key.


Enter the date and time that the key was issued.

Issued By

Enter the printed name of the person who issued the key, and have them sign the form. Use that person's preferred form of address whenever possible.

Issued To

Enter the printed name of the person to whom the key was issued, and have them sign the form.

Turned In

Enter the date and time that the key was returned.

Received By

Enter the name of the person who received the key when it was returned, and have them sign the form.


For each time that inventory was taken (whether joint or semi-annual), enter the following information in their respective columns.


Enter the date that inventory was taken.

Printed Name/Signature

Enter the name of the person who took inventory on the indicated date. Then have them sign the form.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is responsible for filling out Form DA-5513?

Much like any company, the military has personnel designated with key control responsibilities. These people typically fill out Form DA-5513, meaning that if more data is needed, it is best to contact such personnel.

How often should Form DA-5513 be updated?

Form DA-5513 should be updated whenever there are changes in key status, such as requested issuances, program details, returns, or transfers.

Where is Form DA-5513 kept?

Form DA-5513 is usually kept in a secure location accessible only to authorized personnel responsible for key control.

Can Form DA-5513 be used electronically?

In some cases, electronic versions of Form DA-5513 may be used, provided they meet Army regulations for record-keeping.

What happens if a key recorded on Form DA-5513 is lost?

Lost keys should be reported immediately, and corrective actions, such as rekeying affected areas, may be necessary.

How are discrepancies in key inventory resolved?

Discrepancies in key inventory are investigated promptly, and corrective actions, such as audits or reassignments, may be taken to reconcile the records.

Can keys be transferred between units?

Key transfers between units may be permitted under certain circumstances, but proper documentation on Form DA-5513 is required.

Are there different versions of Form DA-5513 for specific units?

While the basic format of Form DA-5513 remains consistent, units may customize certain sections to meet their specific needs or requirements.

How are keys disposed of when no longer needed?

Keys are typically disposed of following established procedures, which may include destruction or secure storage.

Are there consequences for non-compliance with Form DA-5513 requirements?

Non-compliance with Form DA-5513 requirements may result in disciplinary action or, in the worst case scenario, breaches in security.

How long are Form DA-5513 records retained?

Form DA-5513 records are retained in accordance with Army regulations governing record-keeping and retention schedules.

Can keys be duplicated without authorization?

Unauthorized duplication of keys is strictly prohibited and constitutes a security violation, subject to disciplinary action.

What steps should be taken if a key holder's status changes?

If a key holder's status changes, such as transfer or separation from service, their keys must be promptly returned and documented on Form DA-5513.

How are master keys accounted for on Form DA-5513?

Master keys, which provide access to multiple locks, are subject to heightened security measures and must be carefully documented and controlled on Form DA-5513.

Are there any exceptions to key control procedures?

Exceptions to key control procedures may be granted under specific circumstances with proper authorization and documentation.

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