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Fillable Form Donation Receipt

A donation receipt is an important document that serves as a verification and proof of the donation.


What is a Donation Receipt?

A Donation Receipt serves as proof or evidence that a benefactor had made a contribution of any kind, whether monetary or in-kind, to an organization or association. It is a document given after the donation has been received. Providing it to acknowledge donations encourages benefactors to make contributions again in the future.

Donation receipts are beneficial to both benefactors and beneficiaries. For the beneficiaries, donation receipts serve as legal documents. In general, non-profit organizations use donation receipts as legal requirements. For instance, when the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the U.S. federal tax agency, asks for these documents and the organization is unable to present them, penalties may be given, depending on the cause of the donation. In addition, donation receipts enable beneficiaries to stay on top of all contributions and to track where the donations came from. On the other hand, for the benefactors, donation receipts serve as proof of their support to charitable causes — benefactors get deductions from their taxes linked to charitable donations. Aside from being able to track donations, contributions, and finances in terms of charitable giving by keeping all donation receipts, donation receipts also serve as verification that donations have been received.

Providing donation receipts to benefactors increases the chances of beneficiaries to receive more donations from the same benefactors. Some organizations send donation receipts within the year of donation or the beginning of the next year; however, such a strategy could lead to a decrease in donations. Therefore, it is recommended that donation receipts should be sent as soon as possible.

Donors get some tax deductions and advantages from the government. In fact, donations exceeding $250 allows a donor to claim tax deductions. Nevertheless, beneficiaries should always give a donation receipt whether a benefactor asks for it or not, no matter the amount given to the organization. If you are a beneficiary, you are not required to issue donation receipts for all charitable donations. Some organizations only provide receipts when a donation reaches a certain amount; some organizations only provide receipts for monetary donations and not for donations in kind. Regardless of an organization’s regulations on the issuance of donation receipts, when the donor asks for a receipt, a beneficiary is obligated to issue one.

How to Create a Donation Receipt Template?

An organization can create its own donation receipt template as there is no set specific format on how a donation receipt should look. Nevertheless, donation receipts should contain the information of both the benefactor and the beneficiary and the donations and their respective values.

Using PDFRun’s Donation Receipt Template can help you easily produce a donation receipt that you can provide to donors. Follow the guide below to fill out the template accurately.

To start, provide the date the donation receipt is issued and the receipt number.

For the donor and the recipient’s information, provide the following:

  • Donated By — Provide the name of the individual or the organization that made the donation.
  • Donor’s Adress — Provide the address of the individual or the organization that made the donation.
  • Donated To — Provide the name of the beneficiary or the organization that received the donation.

A donation receipt template contains a table that asks for the details of the donation. Provide the following for every donation:

  • Donations — Provide the name and description of the donation.
  • Value — Provide the value of the donation.

The form has two checkboxes where the donor can request that the donation should not be acknowledged publicly and the tax receipt should be mailed.

Lastly, the goodwill representative should sign the donation receipt and provide the date of signing.

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