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Fillable Form Donation Form Template

Donation Form is used to describe the details of a donation being made. It also serves as a proof for the person that donated that he has given something as a donation and not being paid, for tax and other purposes.

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What is a Donation Form?

A Donation Form is one of many ways to connect with charitable donors. It contains the donor’s profile and the details regarding the donations. It is also essential for tax purposes as donors may use it as evidence for charitable donations.

How to fill out a Donation Form?

Note: Research the organization, charity, or other fundraisers before you donate to ensure that your donations are in good hands.

Organization Name

Enter the name of the organization where you will be donating.

Optional Introductory

Enter optional introductory text for details about the organization and how donations can help.

Donor Information

Enter your information.


Enter your business name.


Enter your name.


Enter your email.


Enter your phone number.


Enter an alternative phone number.


Enter your street address.


Enter your city, state, and ZIP code.


Enter your or your company’s website.

Donor Description

Enter a description of your donation.


Mark CASH, if you are donating cash.

Mark PRODUCT/ITEM, if you are donating a product or an item.

Mark SERVICE, if you are extending service.

Mark OTHERS, if you are donating something that is not on the choices.


Enter the amount, if you are donating cash. Enter a description, if you are donating a product or an item, service, or others.


Enter the date.


Enter your notes.

Contact Information

Enter the contact information.

Organization Name

Enter the organization’s name.


Enter the address of the organization.

City, State, ZIP

Enter the city, state, and ZIP code of the organization.


Enter the organization’s website.

Contact Name

Enter the name of your contact person from the organization.

Position Title

Enter his or her position in the organization.


Enter the contact person’s phone number.


Enter the contact person’s cell number.


Enter the email of the contact person or the organization.

What is a charitable donation?

Donating is an ultimate sign of solidarity. It depicts how people empathize with one another through sharing and providing resources.

Most individuals develop an organization or group to raise funds that would help out people who are in need. A charitable donation is a gift made to these non-profit organizations to help them achieve their objectives.

A gift may either be cash, goods, stocks, bonds, or other forms.

How does charitable donation affect your tax?

While donating is a selfless act, you can also reduce your tax bill through a charitable donation. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gives a generous allowance for taxpayers who donate to qualified charities. However, it only applies to taxpayers who itemized their donations on their tax returns and donated to a charity that is eligible for tax deductions.

What charities are qualified for tax deductions?

If you wish to donate to a charity or an organization, make sure that it is eligible for tax-deductible donations. These charities or organizations are listed on the official website of the IRS. Donations made to political organizations or candidates are not subject to tax deductions.

How to file charitable deductions?

To itemize your tax donations, fill out Schedule A and attach it to Form 1040, U.S. Individual Tax Return. Form 1040 is a form used to report annual income tax returns. Itemizing means you have to list down all the required details about your charitable contributions.

If you have donated cash through check, credit card, or debit card, you have to keep the receipts or statements to supplement your Schedule A. They will also serve as legal documents to support your deduction in case of an audit.

If you have given noncash donations and your total deduction is more than $500, fill out Form 8283, Noncash Charitable Contributions. It is a form issued by the IRS to report noncash charitable contributions. Attach one or more Form 8283 to your tax return.

What are the limitations for deducting contributions?

There are rules or limitations you must consider when deducting contributions.

1. If a charity has given you a gift in exchange for your donation, you must deduct the total cost of the gift from the amount of your donation. For example, you donated $150 to a nonprofit organization, and they voluntarily paid $50 for your meal. Subtract the amount paid for your meal, and your tax deduction reduces to $100.

2. Only those donations made to IRS-qualified charities or organizations are eligible for tax deductions. If you donated to political organizations or candidates, you are not eligible for tax deductions.

3. Retain a record of your donation, whether it is a bank or charity statement, check, or receipt. If you donate $250 or more, you need a receipt from the organization. For smaller gifts, keep your canceled check or other documentation. Any donation forms may also be used as proof of contributions.

What are the other benefits of donating?

The benefit of donating goes far beyond reducing your tax burden. Sharing your blessings does not only benefit the organizations or charities. It can also unleash substantial benefits for you.

Here are some of the benefits of donating.

1. Donating improves life satisfaction. According to Meier and Stutzer (2008) in a German study, donating improves your life satisfaction. It shows that volunteers are more satisfied with their life than non-volunteers. Also, the individuals who voluntarily share are generous people who are content with what they have.

2. Donating causes happiness. The study of Boenigk and Mayr (2016) states that there is a relationship between happiness and charitable giving. It implies that charities or fundraisers must consider happiness as an affecting factor to boost their resources. Thus states that a happy individual is likely to be a contributor.

3. Donating causes sound mental and physical health. According to psychology research, giving or volunteering leads to positive mental and physical health outcomes. It shows that the value of charity is not limited to those who receive the service. It signifies that some of the substantial benefits of giving are the feeling of being rewarded, satisfied, and less stressed.


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