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Fillable Form Early Lease Termination Letter

An Early Lease Termination Letter indicates the intent of the tenant to vacate the premises earlier than planned on the contract.

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What is an Early Lease Termination Letter?

An Early Lease Termination Letter is a legal document issued by a tenant who wishes to terminate the lease before its end date. It might be for a variety of reasons, such as moving to another city, a new work location, financial difficulties, or other relevant causes that result in the request for an early termination of a lease agreement.

Any lease should include a clause allowing a tenant to depart his or her leased residential or business property. Check the documents you signed when you moved in for terms and conditions on early lease termination, as the landlord may use his or her right to keep advance payments if you fail to notify him or her thirty or sixty days before the date of the lease termination. However, submitting a letter does not ensure that the landlord will approve your request and you may be charged for the remaining months.

Submitting this letter serves as a notification and an act of kindness that your landlord might consider, especially if the circumstances that led to your request hinder you from making payments.

An Early Lease Termination Letter may include the following information:

  • Your name, as well as the name and address of the landlord
  • The date when you wrote the letter
  • Notification to the landlord that you intend to terminate your lease early
  • The address of the property you're leasing
  • The date when you intend to leave
  • Possible payment information for penalties
  • Inquiry when the unit will be inspected
  • Reminder to the landlord about your right to your security deposit
  • Pertinent details about activities to be done before you leave, such as cleaning and returning of keys
  • Your signature and name

Where to get an Early Lease Termination Form template?

You can create your own Early Lease Termination Form, providing all the information needed for the completion of the service.

Early Lease Termination Form templates are also available online. For your convenience, an Early Lease Termination Form that you can electronically fill out is available on PDFRun.

How to fill out an Early Lease Termination Form?

Here is a detailed guide on how to fill out an Early Lease Termination Form:


Enter the date the letter was written.


Enter your full name.


Enter your address, including the City, State and ZIP Code.


Enter to whom the letter was intended for.

Date of notice and request of termination

Enter the date of notice and request of termination of the lease agreement.

The lease

Enter the property on lease.

Date of vacating the property on lease

Enter the date of leaving the property on lease.

Reason of termination

Enter the reason for terminating the lease agreement.

Security Deposit

Mark the appropriate box to determine where the security deposit goes after the termination of agreement. You may select:

  • In addition, I/We will forfeit the security deposit
  • Please return the security deposit and send all notices required under the Lease and state and local law to a certain recipient. If marked, enter the name and the address of the recipient.
  • Other. If marked, indicate

Tenant’s Signature

Affix your signature.

Tenant’s Name

Enter your name.

When to Send an Early Lease Termination Letter

An Early Lease Termination Letter is typically delivered to a tenant at least 30 days before the end of the lease date specified in the letter. With month-to-month leases, a 30-day notice is common. However, you may be obliged to offer a 60-day or even a 90-day notice of termination, so make sure to properly study your lease agreement and verify your state laws before sending a lease termination letter to your landlord to verify that you have provided him or her with proper notice.

Why should you send an Early Lease Termination Letter?

When you submit to your landlord a clear, proper, and detailed Early Lease Termination Letter, you begin the lease termination process. The court may not side with you if you do not utilize an Early Lease Termination Letter. The law does not favor tenants who walk out without notice or landlords who evict their tenants without sufficient notice. Tenants are encouraged to talk with their landlords about why they need to leave rather than choosing to leave without notice. In some cases, tenants whose leasing contracts are on-going might offer to sublease the space to another individual.

Reminders in writing an Early Lease Termination Letter

  • Remember that you may customize the letter in any way you like, including mentioning the cause for termination, if appropriate, or particular move-out instructions.
  • Keep your written notice concise and courteous. Your message is not the place to address previous disagreements with your landlord. The main aim of this letter is to notify your landlord of your intent to terminate your lease earlier than the actual end date.
  • For your records, save a copy of the lease termination letter. It's a rental agreement that tenants should keep on hand just in case something goes wrong.
  • Remember to mention the date you intend to vacate the property in your letter.
  • Make sure to give your landlord your new address so you can receive the security deposit back. If you haven't heard from your landlord, send a pleasant reminder through phone or email.

Can an Early Lease Termination Letter be handwritten?

An Early Lease Termination Letter can be handwritten as long as it is signed and contains all the needed information in the termination agreement.


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