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Fillable Form FD-258

This is the standard FBI fingerprint card, Form No. FD-258 used by the FBI, Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and many police agencies for non-criminal fingerprinting such as for employment clearances or immigration purposes.

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What is the FD-258 Form?

This file card, also known as Applicant Fingerprint Form, is used for civil submissions to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) pertaining to individuals applying for criminal justice positions.

The current version of this form contains the full Privacy Act Statement, as required by the FBI. Older versions of the card, which may mention the Privacy Act of 1974 but do not contain the full section with the heading "Privacy Act Statement," are no longer acceptable.

How to Fill Out FD-258 Form?

Applicant Fingerprint Form FD-258 requires little to no instructions since it’s a simple form.

Last Name
Enter your last name on the space provided.

First Name
Enter your first name on the space provided.

Middle Name
Enter your middle name on the space provided. If initial only, list the initial and put “IO”; if no middle name put “NMN”.

Aliases AKA
Enter the aliases or aka. List any names used including signature name that is different than the name in the “NAM” block. Also list maiden name and all previous married names of females, if applicable.

Signature of Person Fingerprinted
Provide the signature of the person fingerprinted.

Residence of Person Fingerprinted
Provide the residence of a person fingerprinted.

Enter the date that you signed the form.

Signature of Official Taking Fingerprints
Enter the signature of the official taking fingerprints.

Employer and Address
Enter the employer and address.

Reason fingerprinted
Enter the reason fingerprinted.

Enter your citizenship on the space provided. Use the correct abbreviation for the foreign country or correctly spell the name of the country.

Your Number
Enter your number on the space provided.

Universal Control Number
Enter your universal control number.

Armed Forces Number
Enter your armed forces number on the space provided.

Social Security Number
Enter your SSN on the space provided.

Miscellaneous Number
Enter your miscellaneous number on the space provided.

Leave this field blank.

Date of Birth
Enter your date of birth on the space provided.

Enter your sex on the space provided. Choose from the following sex codes:
“F” - Female
“G”- Female Print, Male Reference
“M”- Male
“N”- Male Print, Female Reference
“Y”- Male, Unreported
“Z”- Female, Unreported
“X”- Unknown Sex

Enter your race on the space provided. Choose from the following race codes:
“A”- Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Polynesian, Indian, Indonesian, Asian Indian, Samoan, or other Pacific Islander
“B”- If you have origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa
“I”- American Indian or Alaskan Native American Indian, Eskimo, or Alaskan Native, or a person having origins in any of the 48 contiguous states of the United States or Alaska who maintains cultural identification through tribal affiliation or community recognition
“U”- Unknown of indeterminable race
“W”- White Caucasian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race

Enter your height on the space provided.

Enter your weight on the space provided.

Enter your eye color on the space provided. Choose from the following codes:
“BLK”- Black
“BLU”- Blue
“BRO”- Brown
“GRY”- Gray
“GRN”- Green
“HAZ”- Hazel
“MAR”- Maroon

Enter your hair color on the space provided.
“BLD”- Bald
“BLK”- Black
“BLN”- Blonde or Strawberry
“BLU”- Blue
“RED”-Red or auburn
“XXX”- Unknown

Place of Birth
Enter your place of birth.

Fingerprint Impression Blocks

  1. R Thumb
  2. R Index
  3. R Middle
  4. R Ring
  5. R Little
  6. L Thumb
  7. L Index
  8. L Middle
  9. L Ring
  10. L Little

Left four fingers taken simultaneously
L Thumb
R Thumb
Right four fingers taken simultaneously


You may submit digital fingerprints electronically. Fingerprints taken digitally and transmitted electronically are usually processed the same day, and the FBI Fingerprint Report is normally received within ten (10) calendar days.

For hard copy of the form, it shall be forwarded to the respective department. Hard copy fingerprints that are mailed will take at least one (1) to two (2) weeks longer than fingerprints transmitted electronically. This additional time should be taken into consideration when choosing to mail hard-copy fingerprints instead of prints being transmitted electronically.


  • If you will submit a hard copy of the form, do not bend or fold it.
  • Ensure that the data you entered is within the designated fields only.
  • Leave the fields with “Leave Blank” labels blank.
  • Ensure that the fingerprint impressions are on the correct field.
  • By signing the front of the fingerprint card, you are also acknowledging the Privacy Act Statement on the back. Make sure that you are not filling up the cards marked as "Equivalent to FD258" because it does not contain the full Privacy Act Statement on the back of the card. The FBI requires that the Privacy Act Statement be acknowledged at the time you are fingerprinted.
  • If you have your fingerprints taken at the Criminal Background Check Program (CBCP) office, you will not need to submit a fingerprint card.
  • If you have your fingerprints taken anywhere other than the CBCP office, you must submit them to the CBCP on an official FD-258 card containing the full Privacy Act Statement on the back.
  • If the FD-258 is not filled out correctly or if the fingerprints are “Unclassifiable” due to the quality of the fingerprints, etc., the processing center will reject the fingerprints and new Fingerprint Cards will have to be submitted.
  • On the fingerprint impression blocks, indicate amputated fingers, tip-amputated, transplanted toes/fingers, missing at birth, deformed, bandaged, scars, etc., in the appropriate finger block(s) if applicable.
  • For the submission of paper fingerprint, makes sure to meet the specific criteria to be converted into an electronic format and processed. The following may cause a delay in processing:
  • Poor penmanship
  • Use of highlighter in the entry block
  • Entry not within boundaries of the entry block
  • Labels or stray marks applied to “Leave Blank” areas
  • Use of an incorrect fingerprint card (other than FD-258)
  • Use of pencil or ink other than blue or black
  • For the paper or electronic fingerprints, submissions may also be rejected for the following reasons:
  • Missing or invalid required data
  • Incomplete descriptive data such as the name not shown at top of card
  • No attempt to print deformed or scarred fingers in both rolled and plain impression blocks
  • More than one fingerprint impression per block
  • Improperly rolled or poor quality fingerprints
  • Out of sequence fingerprints
  • Finger(s) missing due to amputation and not noted as “AMP” or “XX” in fingerprint block
  • Missing fingerprints with no reason given

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