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Fillable Form Obituary Template

Obituary Form is used to notice or report recent death of a person typically including a brief biography or an account of the persons life. It also contains the information about the upcoming funeral.


What is an Obituary?

An Obituary is a notice of death, commonly as a newspaper article, that contains a brief description of the biography of a deceased individual. It serves as notification that a person has passed away and has information on the wake and memorial services if they are scheduled to take place. It serves to communicate to the community the passing of a loved one.

Preparing an obituary is best approached with thought and great care, as it acknowledges the loss of a loved one. While it does not have to be emotional, recipients of this document often save it as a remembrance of the one they love. Thus, aside from information about the wake, funeral service, and burial or interment, it may also contain significant events and attributes of the deceased, highlighting his or her impact on the lives of the people he was surrounded with.

How to Fill Out an Obituary Template?

In general, the content of an obituary would depend on the preferences of the family. An obituary template enables you to create an obituary in minutes. This one-page template will help you write an informative obituary for your deceased loved one.

Announcement of death

The announcement of death should be brief and a single-sentence statement, if possible. The first part of the obituary template lets you the full name of the deceased, his age when he or she died, address, and details of death, such as the date, place, and cause of death.

Many people are concerned about whether to share the cause of death of a loved one in an obituary or not. While the cause of death is unquestionably and ultimately the business of the immediate family only and no one else, giving it out may keep them from having to explain repeatedly what happened.

Important schedules

For this section of the obituary, provide the location and dates of the visitation or wake, funeral service, and burial or interment. For the funeral service, provide the specific time and for the burial or interment, provide the name of the cemetery.

General biographical information

Provide some biographical information of the deceased such as his or her date of birth, place of birth, the name of his or parents, his educational background, and work history.

Survivors and predeceased information

It is conventional to list family members who have survived and predeceased the deceased. This section lets you write the names of the deceased’s significant relatives who passed away, as well as the list of significant relatives who survived him or her.


Provide the name and address of the organization to which any memorial contributions will be directed to in honor of the deceased.

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