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Fillable Form DA 160

DA Form 160 is used by US Army Reserve Component Officers to apply for active-duty programs.

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What is DA Form 160?

DA Form 160, Application for Active Duty, is a form distributed by the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) and US Department of the Army (DA) of the United States and used by US Army Reserve Component Officers to apply for active-duty programs.

Reserve Component Officers or Reserve Officers in the United States may refer to either retired officers that are still eligible for military duty should it become necessary, or officers that receive extra training to qualify for officer duty in the event of war, but in peacetime concentrate on their civilian career, only training for one or two weekends each month and for two weeks every year.

One can become a reserve officer so long as they fulfill the following requirements:

  • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident alien
  • 17-34 years old
  • Healthy and in good physical condition
  • In good moral standing

Other prerequisites may need to be fulfilled depending on what the DA has declared, or in the event that a new version of the form comes out.

There are many different ways through which a person can choose to become a reserve officer. These ways include the following:

  • Attend a senior military college or service academy
  • Enroll at a traditional college or university with a Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program
  • Attend Officer Candidate School (OCS) after graduating from college
  • Receive a direct commission after earning a professional degree
  • Advance through the enlisted ranks and then complete officer training

The form itself must be submitted to the appropriate people, depending on the person submitting it:

  • SOLDIERS OF THE ARMY NATIONAL GUARD OF THE UNITED STATES: To your unit commander. Applicants who are ARNG OCS candidates, BOLC students, or attending aviator courses will apply through proper school commandant.
  • SOLDIERS OF THE ARMY RESERVE: To your unit commander, if assigned to a unit. If not, send to U.S. Army Human Resources Command, Officer Accessions Branch (AHRC-ORD-A), 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Fort Knox, KY 40122-5204. Applicants who are USAR OCS candidates, BOLC students, or attending aviator courses will apply through proper school commandant.
  • OFFICERS OR ENLISTED PERSONNEL ON ACTIVE DUTY: To your present unit commander.
  • INDIVIDUALS APPLYING FOR APPOINTMENT WITH CONCURRENT ACTIVE DUTY: Submit together with your application for appointment according to regulations applicable to the type of appointment requested.

Make sure to keep these in mind and submit the accomplished form to the correct person.

Who needs to use DA Form 160?

DA Form 160 is used by reserve officers to apply for active duty, and is mainly used to determine the applicant’s qualifications and make a decision on whether or not they are fit for active duty. However, it can also be used to obtain the necessary information to schedule such things as medical examinations, security screenings, and to issue active duty orders from the DA.

How to fill out DA Form 160?

Form DA 160 is a very short and simple form to fill out. It will be beneficial to download the form in PDF format so as to preserve its format and any information you enter in it regardless of how it is opened or submitted. It may also be helpful to have any relevant documents with your personal information and the details of your status as a reserve officer so as to ensure that all information you enter is correct and updated. Finally, make sure to read the instructions on page 2 of the form for more details and for important information for the form or particular items on the form.

Item 1 - Date

Enter the date that this form is being accomplished, or was accomplished.

Item 2 - To: Commander

Enter the full name of the commanding officer that this form is being sent to. Do not abbreviate their name. If you are serving on active duty or are enlisted, enter the area command in which serving on active duty. Otherwise, enter the area command that has assignment jurisdiction over you.

Item 3 - From

Enter your full legal name in the order of Last name, First name, Middle Initial.

Item 4a - Present Reserve Grade

Enter your present reserve grade.

Item 4b - Reserve Component

Enter the reserve component that you currently belong in. Use the following abbreviations:

  • ARNGUS for members assigned to the Army National Guard of the United States
  • USAR for members assigned to the United States Army Reserve.

Item 5a - MOS/AOC

Enter your primary MOS or AOC.

Item 5b - Component

For individuals filing for an appointment as reserve officers of the army with concurrent active duty, enter the reserve component for which you are applying.

Item 6a - Permanent Home Address

Enter the following information on your permanent home address:

  • Number
  • Street
  • City or Town
  • State or County
  • ZIP Code

Item 6b - Phone Number

Enter your current phone number. Include the area code.

Item 7a - Temporary Address

If you expect to be at a different address when orders are issued, enter the following information on that address:

  • Number
  • Street
  • City or Town
  • State or County
  • ZIP Code

If this address is provided, keep in mind that this address will be included in your orders and that you will enter on active duty from this address.

Item 7b - Duration

Enter the maximum period that you will be staying at the temporary address (if applicable), such as “Until [Month and Year here]”.

Item 7c - Phone Number (Temporary Address)

Enter the phone number of the temporary address (if applicable). Include the area code.

Item 8a and 8b

These two items are only to be completed by personnel currently serving on active duty in a warrant officer or enlisted status. If neither applies, skip to Item 9.

Item 8a - Present Active Duty Grade

Enter your present active duty grade.

Item 8b - Organization and Station Assignment

Enter your organization and station to which you were assigned.

Item 9 - Active Duty Period and Branches

Check the appropriate box that indicates how long you wish to enter active duty. You may choose between:

  • Box (a) - For a period of ______ Years (enter the number of years in the space provided)
  • Box (b) - For an indefinite period

If you are accepted for active duty in another branch and wish to request transfer to that branch, check Box (c) and enter the other branches you would be willing to be transferred to in order of preference.

Item 10 - Assignment

Enter the three duty assignments and area assignments that you wish to be considered for in the table below.

Item 11 - Order of Assignment Preference

Enter the three periods (Month and Year) that you wish to enter active duty on in order of preference.

Item 12 - Time Required for Settling Affairs

Check the appropriate box that indicates how much time you will need to settle your affairs for entry on active duty. You may choose from:

  • 60 days
  • 30 days
  • 10 days
  • Available on date of receipt of orders

Item 13 - Remarks

Enter any possibly relevant information to your application here. You may use an extra sheet of paper if more space is needed.

Item 14 - Signature and Date Signed

Sign the form on the space provided, then enter the date that the form was signed.

Tips when filling out the DA 160

While Form DA 160 is simple to fill out, it is very important to make sure that all information entered is accurate and complete, so it may be beneficial to double-check the form after it has been accomplished.

Keep the form in a safe and secure place. As the form contains some sensitive information such as your address and phone number and is also important as a form used for the purposes of the military, it is important to make sure that this form is put in a safe and organized area and is submitted through safe and trustworthy means to avoid any possible issues.

Practice good contract management. Create a copy of the accomplished form and keep it in a safe and secure area for future backup or legal purposes.


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