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Fillable Form Employee Absence Report

This Employee Absence Report is a record of an employee's work absences. This report includes employee's name, department, ID number, dates and reason for absence and comments. This Employee Absence Report also includes an area for a supervisor's report.

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What is an Employee Absent Report?

An Employee Absent Report is a form used to monitor the attendance of employees. Having this kind of form helps employers manage their employees’ time and attendance more accurately.

Managing employee attendance is an important action in all companies. The information gathered through the attendance report can help businesses, particularly in staffing, scheduling, and training. In addition, an attendance report is beneficial to employers as it can help them track employees who consistently arrive early and those who have habitual tardiness. Furthermore, it keeps records of the absences of the employees, and the reasons behind them.

How to fill out an Employee Absent Report?


Enter the date you filled out the form.


Enter the department you are part of.


Enter your name.

Employee ID

Enter your employee ID.

Date(s) of Absence

Enter the date or dates of your absence.

Reason for Absence

Enter the reason for your absence.


Enter other remarks or comments that you have.

Employee Signature

Affix your signature.

Supervisor’s Report

This section is for your supervisor to answer, Your supervisor certifies that the report you have made is correct to the best of his or her knowledge.


This is where your supervisor will enter her comments.

Supervisor’s Signature

Your Supervisor will affix his or her signature.

How do employee absent reports look like?

Employee Absent Reports vary from one workplace to another. Some companies have elaborate employee absent reports, and some have simpler versions. Employee Absent Reports can be viewed and filed, physically or electronically. Generally, an Employee Attendance Report does not follow a certain format or style. This means that a company can follow any format or style it prefers, as long as it gathers all its needed information.

What information can you get in an employee absent report?

Employee Absent Reports differ. Thus, the information you can get will be based on how elaborate a report is. Here are some of the most useful data attendance reports have:

  • Total Working Hours
  • Absence and Tardiness
  • Overtimes
  • Frequency of Tardiness and Absence
  • Hours Worked per Day
  • Used and Remaining Leaves
  • Salary Rates and Adjustments

Why does attendance need to be monitored?

Monitoring is an important factor when you want to retain or improve certain policies and practices. No efficient changes took place without careful analysis of different processes. Monitoring attendance is one way to measure your employees’ work performance. It is also crucial in managing workload and staffing.

Why do you need an employee absence report?

There will always come a time when employees won’t be able to report to work. It can be a planned absence or not. Either way, it is the responsibility of the company to take note of every employee’s attendance, as well as other matters concerning their attendance. Having an Employee Absence Report makes it easier for a company to track and monitor the attendance of its employees. Especially because this can affect the salary and productive hours of an employee. The attendance report can also affect the scheduling of staff and the progress of projects.

How to make an absence report?

In every company, absent reports are needed. This ensures that the person assigned to manage the attendance will have accurate data on file. So, how can one create a good Absence Report?

Step 1: Designing the right form

In every analysis report, data should be gathered. Thus, the first step in making a good absence report is to design the right form that will fit the needs of your company. Having the right Employee Absence Form will make sure that all the necessary details you will be needing will be covered. Do you need the dates the employee has been absent? Do you need to know the reasons why? Do you want to indicate the deductions she might get from the absence? These are just some of the items you can include in your absent report forms.

Step 2: Choose the right software

Choosing the right software will be a big help as it lessens the things you will do by hand. Likewise, having the right software can automate processes within the company. This means that the information on the database will automatically be updated once you have input new data.

Step 3: Finding out the whys

In keeping track of an employee’s attendance, it would be best to keep track of the reason or reasons why they were absent. Knowing the reason or reasons why an employee was absent will help the company improve on the kind of employee management that they have. Moreover, it can also help in identifying absenteeism, or the act of being absent from work for an acceptable amount of time.

Step 4: Plotting the dates

Doing an Employee Absence Report will not be complete without plotting the date of absences of the employees. Aside from record-keeping purposes, it also helps in tracking employees with frequent absences and their absence trends.

Once you have compiled all information, data analysis would be easier. With an accurate, yet substantial Employee Absence Report, a company would be able to deal with different problems concerning workplace attendance. Likewise, a company could also devise and implement different strategies that would motivate its employees to perform better.

What are the benefits of absent reports?

Making an absent report is one way of avoiding absenteeism in the workplace. Controlling sickness absence has been one of the priorities on many management goals and agenda.

This is because attendance in a workplace affects the performance of the company. Having a clear absent report will allow companies to determine the trends and avoid situations from exacerbating. It can also allow companies to improve on the following:

  • high-level management commitment
  • clear responsibilities for both the employer and the employee
  • appropriate information on absence
  • attention to staff welfare.

How to manage absences in the workplace?

Having motivated employees increases workforce productivity. It also reduces absenteeism. But, how do you keep employees motivated? And as a company, how do you manage employees with frequent absences? Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Create a clear absence policy

Creating a clear absence policy will lay down all of what is expected from the employer and the employee. This includes the repercussions of an absence and the steps an absent employee should undergo when filing for leave or an absent report. A good absence policy should include:

  • How and when to file an absence notice, including the contact personal
  • How to keep in touch during the absence
  • How the employer will keep track of the absence
  • How much will the employee be deducted from the absences
  • Information on Statutory Sick Pay, sick notes, absence notice, and other benefits

  • Benchmarking

With a variety of different absence levels and measures, a company should benchmark different ways to deal with an employee’s absenteeism. It is best to find out and learn from different companies regarding their attendance management programs and protocols. This is to ensure that the policies set forth by the company are fair for both parties.


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