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Fillable Form Employment Verification Letter

Employment verification letters are often required if a person is applying for a loan, mortgage, rental property, or another job opportunity

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What is an Employment Verification Letter?

An Employment Verification Letter is a document to verify that an employee works or worked at a company and to show his or her income. In other cases, the letter is used to verify employment history. The document may also be referred to as Proof of Employment Letter, Income Verification Letter, Employment Confirmation Letter, Salary Verification Letter, and Work Verification Letter.

When an employee is applying for a loan, the lender may require him or her to provide an employment verification letter. The letter will serve as proof that he or she can honor his or her obligation, has a steady job, and is able to make timely payments. In addition, when applying for a new job, a professional may be required to submit the letter to confirm his or her employment history. Other parties that may require the document include financial institutions, government agencies, insurance companies, and landlords.

To request for an employment verification letter, you may approach the Human Resource (HR) Department of your company. There are companies that have strict restrictions on releasing personal employee information. Request for the letter in a professional manner and give consent for your information to be released to a third-party. In general, HR Departments will prepare the document for their employees. Some will provide a template that employees can give to their managers. For companies that do not enforce strict policies on the release of the said document, they allow their employees to create it and the department or manager will only verify and sign.

As the purpose of an employment verification letter is to verify employment and income information, it should be clear and contain all essential information. If you are an HR staff or manager, when writing it, awareness of its impact on the well-being of a professional should be taken into account. A formal business tone should be used regardless of the recipient. Ask the professional the information that should be included in the letter to ensure that you do not miss crucial details. As an HR professional or manager, you may irregularly receive requests from employees to provide their proof of employment to a third-party; thus, it is ideal to keep a template on file for convenience and promptness.

How to Write an Employment Verification Letter?

The information that you should include in an employment verification letter would depend on the request of a third-party. Make sure that it is clear and provides accurate information. As a general rule, it should follow a business letter format — writing the recipient’s contact information and date at the top followed by a salutation and the body, and ending with a handwritten signature and your contact information.

For your convenience, PDFRun has an employment verification letter that you can use. Follow the guide below to complete the template correctly.

First, provide the company name of the recipient of the letter and its address. Write the date when the letter was completed.

After the salutation, the body of the letter would require the full legal name of the employee, the name of the company he or she works at, the start date of employment, employment type and job title, number of work hours per week, and salary.

The contact information of the company where the employee works should be at the end of the body if in case the recipient has questions.

Lastly, the person who prepared the document should sign it and provide his or her name, position in the company, contact information, and the name of the company.

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