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Fillable Form Letter of Recommendation for Work

A letter written by previous Employer or by someone else who can recommend and individual's work performance.


What is a Letter of Recommendation?

A Letter of Recommendation is a document providing feedback on the professional performance of an individual. It details the capabilities and character traits of a person and vouches for his or her competence, elaborating how he or he is a good fit for the position that he or she is applying for in an organization.

Also called a reference letter or recommendation letter, the document is commonly used in the hiring process as part of the employment verification process. As straightforward as it is, it helps employers better understand the work style and ethics, leadership skills, and expertise of a professional, based on the perspective of the applicant’s previous colleague.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation?

As a general rule when writing a professional letter, start by creating a heading. Write your name, your current job title or position, the organization you are affiliated with, and its address. Include the date the letter was written. After the date, write the name of the recipient, his or her job title or position, the organization he or she is affiliated with, and the address.

The introduction paragraph should establish your professional relationship with the person you are recommending. Introduce yourself and the candidate and the length of your professional relationship, Briefly talk about the job position that the candidate is applying for and the purpose of your letter. This part should be concise yet able to capture the attention of the receiver; therefore, keep it engaging and free from unnecessary information.

The body of your recommendation letter should discuss in detail all the relevant skills, qualifications, and accomplishments of the person you are vouching for. Do not merely enumerate points, but provide sufficient instances and successful projects that support your claims. Doing so would assure the reader that you are a credible source who can testify for the applicant’s eligibility.

Cite achievements and skills that you witnessed firsthand when you were working with the applicant. If you worked closely with him or her for a long time and completed several projects successfully, highlight the positive aspects of his or her personality that make him or her a desirable person to work with. Emphasize the value of the applicant as an asset to the company.

All throughout the body, avoid sounding excessively enthusiastic. Keep it positive and warm. Also, the length of this part will vary, but avoid it becoming too long. Once you think you have convinced the reader of the candidate’s qualifications, you may proceed to the last part of the letter.

Wrap up your finals thoughts by reiterating your support for the applicant. Thank the reader for his time reading your letter and invite him or her to contact you if he or she needs to learn more about the applicant.

Some employers may require your contact information. If applicable, provide the best communication method where you can be reached easily.

Lastly, write a closing remark, sign the letter, and write your full name.

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