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Fillable Form Personal Recommendation Letter

A Personal Recommendation Letter is a written letter of recommendation that indicates candidate's personality and character that is given to the employer.


What is a Personal Recommendation Letter?

A Personal Recommendation Letter is a document that serves as a character reference written by a recommender to endorse an applicant’s skills and abilities. A recommender may be a colleague, client, friend, business acquaintance, or any individual who can vouch for the capabilities, character traits, work ethics, achievements, skills, and expertise of a person. It may be used for a variety of purposes; in general, it is used for employment and educational purposes. Other situations that require a personal recommendation letter include child adoption, pet adoption, merit-based program, and real estate transaction.

Also referred to as a reference letter, recommendation letter of reference, or just reference, a personal recommendation letter should accurately capture and emphasize important personal and professional aspects of an individual. In terms of it being used as a supplemental document alongside a resume for employment application, it should elaborate on and highlight qualities that qualify a person and affirm how he or she is a good fit for the position that he or she is applying for in an organization. As an academic letter of recommendation, it is used by students applying for admission to a school. Review committees use the letter to gain insights on a student’s capabilities and personality that cannot be assessed during the application. Another use of a personal recommendation letter is as a character recommendation letter, which is used when an individual is in the process of providing specific information on another person’s character. It is commonly used when adopting a child, adopting a pet, and applying for a property rental.

If you are the person requesting for a recommendation letter, sending a sample to the writer might help guide him or her. Providing clear instructions on the information that should be included, such as your skills and experiences is beneficial. Also, requesting from a reputable person strengthens your credibility.

How to Write a Personal Recommendation Letter?

Only write a personal recommendation letter if you can vouch for a person without reservation. Therefore, it is appropriate to decline a request politely if you are not at ease giving one. Otherwise, if you decide to write one, following a business format is important.

A personal recommendation letter should provide high-level, specific, and accurate information on an individual, highlighting particular skills, attributes, and qualifications. It is not necessary for the letter to be lengthy, but it should properly highlight points that give an advantage to an individual. Nevertheless, the length will vary, depending on its content.

Start the letter with a heading. Write the name of the recipient, his or her job title, the organization that he or she is affiliated with, and the organization’s address.

Begin the letter with a brief and straight to the point introduction. Introduce yourself, your relationship with the candidate, the length of your relationship. Briefly talk about the purpose of the letter in an engaging and informative tone, with the goal of catching the attention of the recipient.

You may write as many paragraphs in this section as needed. The purpose of the body is to state your belief in the candidate’s qualifications by highlighting capabilities, character traits, ethics, skills, achievements, and other necessary information relevant to what he or she is applying for. The key is to not enumerate points merely; therefore, providing sufficient details that support your claims is crucial and would assure the reader that you are a credible source who can testify to the candidate’s eligibility.

Do not sound overly enthusiastic when writing the body. Reinforce the idea that the candidate is qualified and competent without sounding too excited, as you might appear as insincere. Remember, do not mention anything that you cannot back up with facts.

End your letter with a summary of why you are recommending the candidate. Also, provide your contact information should the recipient require further information from you.

Write a closing remark, sign the letter, and provide your full name.

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