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Fillable Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification

The Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 is a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services form. It is used by an employer to verify an employee's identity and to establish that the worker is eligible to accept employment in the United States.

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What is USCIS Form I-9?

USCIS Form I-9, or officially the Employment Eligibility Verification, is a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) form that both U.S. employees and employers, or authorized representatives of the employer, must accomplish.

All U.S. employers use Form I-9 to verify the identity of individuals and prove their legal clearance for employment. Completion of the form is mandatory for employers and should be within three days of hire for each individual.

Employees must attest to their employment authorization, providing necessary information and presenting legal documents confirming identity and employment authorization.

If you are an employer, you do not have to file Form I-9 with your local, state, or federal government. Despite this, you need to retain and store the form for three years after the date of hire or for one year after employment is terminated, whichever is later, and make the form available for inspection if requested by authorized U.S. government officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Labor (DOL), or Department of Justice (DOJ).

How to Fill Out USCIS Form I-9?

Form I-9 has three sections, requiring both an employee and an employer to complete. An employee must complete and sign Section 1, or Employer Information and Attestation, no later than the first day of his or her employment, but not before accepting a job offer. Section 2, or Employer or Authorized Representative Review and Verification, is for the employer or authorized representative to complete and sign within three business days of an employee’s first day of employment. Section 3, or Reverification and Rehires, is for an employer to complete when an employee’s employment authorization or documentation of employment authorization has expired, an employee is rehired within three years if the date that Form I-9 was originally completed, or has a legal name change.

Section 1. Employee Information and Attestation
Full Legal Name asks for employee’s last name, given name, middle initial, and if applicable, other last names used.
Address asks for the employee’s current complete address.
Date of Birth asks for the employee’s date of birth in MM/DD/YYYY format.
U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) asks for the employee’s SSN.
Employee’s Email Address asks for the employee’s email address where he or she can use to receive email notifications.
Employee’s Telephone Number asks for the employee’s telephone number.

There are four checkboxes in this section: a citizen of the United States, a noncitizen national of the United States, a lawful permanent resident, and an alien authorized to work; the employee should mark one to specify his or her citizenship or immigrant status. If he or she is a lawful permanent resident, providing an Alien Registration Number or USCIS Number is required. If he or she is an alien authorized to work, he or she must provide the end date of his or her work permit and Alien Registration Number or USCIS Number, or Form I-94 Admission Number, or Foreign Passport Number and the country of issuance.

Signature of Employee requires the signature of the employee for validation.
Today’s date asks for the date the section was completed by the employee.

The employee should specify if he or she used a preparer or translator or not in the Preparer and/or Translator Certification part of Section 1 by marking the appropriate checkbox. If a preparer or translator assisted the employee in completing Section 1, the former should provide his or her signature, the date the employee completes Section 1, full legal name, and address.

Section 2. Employer or Authorized Representative Review and Verification
Employee Info from Section 1 asks for the employee’s full legal name and citizenship or immigration status.

The employee must present unexpired, original documentations that show his or her identity and employment authorization. He or she must present a single document from List A or a combination of two documents from List B and List C. You may refer to the Lists of Acceptable Documents on the third page of Form I-9 for a full list of acceptable documents. Regardless of the documents that the employee provides, detail the identification information by entering the document title, issuing authority, document number, and expiration date in their respective boxes.

The employer needs to specify the date the employee began working in MM/DD/YYYY format.

Below the employee’s first day of employment, the employer or authorized representative needs to provide his or her signature, the date Section 2 was completed, his or her title, full legal name, business or organization name, and address.

Section 3. Reverification and Rehires
The employer should complete Section 3 when the employee needs to undergo re-verification due to expired employment documentation or authorization, or if re-hiring has occurred. If the employee’s previous grant of employment authorization has expired, provide the document title, document number, and expiration date. If re-hiring, provide the full legal name of the employee and date of rehire.

The employer or authorized signature needs to provide his or her signature, the date Section 3 was completed, and his or her full legal name.


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