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Fillable Form Eviction Notice

An eviction notice is a letter to either comply with your rental or lease agreement or vacate the property. Providing it to a tenant is the first step of the eviction process.


What is an Eviction Notice?

An Eviction Notice is a document that a landlord, owner, or property manager gives to a tenant to terminate a rental agreement due to a violation. By definition, eviction is the process of lawful removal of a tenant from a residential property due to his or her failure to abide by the agreed-upon terms listed in a rental contract, including failure to pay rent or rent on time, overstaying, and conducting illegal activities within the property.

A court order is needed before a landlord can evict a tenant. Keep in mind that every state has laws and procedures that landlords should follow for the lawful removal of a tenant. Other instances even require a judge to issue an official court order stating that police or law enforcement officer may forcibly remove a tenant and belongings from a property.

The purpose of an Eviction Notice is to ask a tenant to fix a problem or violation of a term or condition in a rental agreement, giving him or her a chance to solve it before it escalates — known as “curable” notice, or to move out of the property by a specific date — known as “incurable” notice. Upon receiving the formal letter, the tenant only can only either comply or vacate the property.

Before taking matters into your own hand by committing unlawful actions, such as changing locks or forcefully removing a tenant from the property, which may result in legal repercussions, you must first review the laws that your state enforces.

Writing an Eviction Notice is the first step of the eviction process. Therefore, when writing the letter, you must clearly indicate the reason for eviction; the reason should be lawful and non-discriminatory. While an Eviction Notice can accomplish an end goal, it pays to avoid using it and resolve problems outside the court. Talking to the tenant and asking his side can enlighten and solve problems. Nevertheless, for cases and disagreement that cannot be solved, an Eviction Notice can be beneficial.

How to Write an Eviction Notice?

An Eviction Notice lets a tenant know that he has the option to fix a problem or vacate the rented property. For clarity, it should be easy to understand and contains key information as to why a landlord has issued one.

To help you create an Eviction Notice, we have a template that you can fill out. Use the guide below to complete the Eviction Notice template easily and correctly.

Step 1:
Provide the name of the tenant.

Step 2:
For the first section, you must provide the name of the company that manages the property that the tenant is renting and the complete address of the property.

Step 3:
Indicate the reasons why you are evicting the tenant. By providing additional explanations, the tenant will better understand the purpose of the letter.

Step 4:
Provide the necessary dates to determine the number of days a tenant can protest or solve the stated issue.

Step 5:
Both the landlord or property manager and the tenant need to sign and date the document to make it valid.

Step 6:
At the end of the notice, provide contact information.

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