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Fillable Form G-1145 (2014-2016)

Form G-1145, e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance, is an optional form that is used to request an electronic notification (e-Notification) when USCIS accepts your immigration application.

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What is Form G-1145?
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Form G-1145, e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance, is an important immigration document submitted to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to request that they send an applicant an electronic notification (e-notification) when they accept the applicant’s immigration application.

From a practical standpoint, the inclusion of Form G-1145 in an application packet is relatively straightforward. Applicants simply complete the form with their contact information, including email addresses and/or phone numbers where they wish to receive notifications. Once submitted along with the main application package, the USCIS processes the information provided on Form G-1145 and begins sending electronic notifications as the application progresses through various stages.

Receiving an e-notification is important not just for convenience, but also for transparency and accountability, as well as making it easier for the applicant or petitioner to keep track of their application and contact the USCIS to address any particular issues or concerns they may have.

How do I fill out Form G-1145?

Get a copy of G-1145 (2014-2016) template in PDF format.

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You can find an easily fillable copy of Form G-1145 here. The form itself is very short, but remember that it must be attached to and submitted alongside your immigration form(s).

Applicant/Petitioner Full Name

Enter the Applicant/Petitioner’s full legal name.

Email Address

Enter the Applicant/Petitioner’s email address.

Mobile Phone Number

Enter the Applicant/Petitioner’s primary mobile phone number.

Start filling out a G-1145 (2014-2016) sample and export in PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Form G-1145 mandatory to file?

No, it's optional. Applicants can choose whether they want electronic notifications.

Do I need to fill out Form G-1145 separately for each application?

Yes, you need to include one Form G-1145 for each application or petition.

Can I include Form G-1145 with any USCIS application or petition?

Yes, you can include it with most applications and petitions processed by USCIS.

Is there a fee to submit Form G-1145?

No, Form G-1145 itself does not have a fee, though other forms that you do submit it with may have one, so it is best to make sure that all such fees are covered beforehand.

Can I change my notification preferences after submitting Form G-1145?

Yes, you can update your preferences by contacting USCIS or through your online USCIS account.

How soon after submitting my application will I receive notifications?

Typically, you will receive notifications within 24-48 hours of USCIS accepting your application.

What if I don't receive any notifications after submitting Form G-1145?

Contact the USCIS to ensure that they have the correct contact information recorded, or follow up on your application’s status.

How can I check the status of my immigration application?

You can check the status of your application online through the USCIS website or by contacting USCIS directly.

Will USCIS send notifications for every stage of my application process?

No, notifications are typically only sent for the initial acceptance of your application or petition.

Can I request notifications in a language other than English?

Notifications are typically sent in English, but USCIS provides language assistance services upon request.

How long will USCIS continue to send notifications after my application is accepted?

Notifications are typically sent for the initial acceptance of your application, but further updates may be available through USCIS online services.

Can I request notifications for applications filed with other government agencies?

No, Form G-1145 is specific to applications and petitions processed by USCIS.

How long does the US immigration process typically take?

The processing time varies depending on the type of visa or immigration benefit sought, current immigration policies, and individual circumstances.

What is the difference between adjustment of status and consular processing?

Adjustment of status is for individuals already in the US seeking to become permanent residents without leaving the country, while consular processing involves obtaining an immigrant visa at a US consulate abroad.

Can I work in the US while waiting for my immigration application to be processed?

It depends on the type of visa or immigration status you hold. Some visas allow for employment authorization, while others do not.

Can I appeal a denied immigration application?

Yes, in many cases, applicants have the right to appeal a denied application or petition through administrative or judicial processes.

Can I travel outside the US while my immigration application is pending?

It depends on your immigration status and the type of application you've submitted. Some applications allow for travel with proper authorization, while others require you to remain in the US.

What are the different types of visas available for immigrating to the US?

There are various visa categories, including immigrant visas (for permanent residency) and non-immigrant visas (for temporary stays), each with its own eligibility criteria and application process. Form G-1145 can be submitted alongside applications for each of these.

How do I sponsor a family member for immigration to the US?

You can sponsor eligible relatives for immigration through family-based sponsorship programs, provided you meet specific requirements as a US citizen or lawful permanent resident.

What are the financial requirements for sponsoring a family member for immigration?

Sponsors typically need to demonstrate sufficient financial means to support the sponsored immigrant and ensure they will not become a public charge.

What is the Public Charge rule, and how does it affect immigration applications?

The Public Charge rule assesses whether an applicant is likely to become primarily dependent on government assistance. It can affect certain immigration applications if the applicant is deemed likely to become a public charge - oftentimes, the applications will be denied.

Create a G-1145 (2014-2016) document, e-sign, and download as PDF.


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