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Fillable Form Montana Change of Address (34-0300)

To change your address on your MT MVD records, mail a completed Change of Driver License Address (Electronic Record) (Form 34-0300) to the address on the form.


What is a Change of Driver License Address Form Form 34-0300?

It is inevitable to move places. At some point in your life, your address would change. That means the address in your identification cards would have to be changed as well. One of the most common identification cards in the United States is a driver’s license. If you live in Montana here are the instructions on how you can update your address in your license.

In the state of Montana, to change your address on your Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MT MVD) records, mail a completed Change of Driver License Address (Electronic Record) or also known as Form 34-0300. You must notify the Motor Vehicle Division’s Driver Services Bureau within 10 (ten) days of any change of address.

This is required by law because the licensing authority may wish to contact you regarding your driver license at any time. If they are unable to contact you, you could lose your driving privilege because you were not aware of orders or requirements that affect your privilege to drive.

Note: This differs for every state you might want to check out your local Department of Motor Vehicles to get the proper instructions for the service you need.

To update the address on file with the MVD, complete and mail in Change of Driver License Address (Electronic Record) (Form 34-0300). There is no fee for updating your electronic record. Again, the fillable Form 34-0300 provided will only update your electronic record. This form is available from most county treasurers, a Montana Highway Patrol trooper, or any driver license station.

If you want your new mailing address on your photo driver license, the instructions are different. To get you started you must do the following:

  1. Go to a Montana driver exam station for a replacement driver license.
  2. Pay the $10 replacement driver license fee at the exam station,

For a list of exam station locations and hours, go online to

Driver Exam Stations

The days and hours of operation, and the services available at Montana’s driver license stations vary by location:

  • You must pass thewritten test before you make an appointment to take theroad test.
  • Motorcycleroad tests are not given on wet roads.
  • Commercial Driver License (CDL) Testing:
    • CDLwritten test:Can be taken at any driver license station. Schedule the test throughappointment scheduling. See the schedule above for current information.
    • CDLroad test:While Class C testing is available at all driver license stations, Class A and B testing is available only at the offices indicated.
      • For a Class A CDLroad test, call the Customer Care Center at1-866-450-8034to make an appointment.
      • For a Class B and C CDL driving test, call thedriver license station indicated to make an appointment.
  • State Holidays: All driver license stationsare closed on state holidays.
  • Allow Sufficient Time:Written and road examinations take time, so come early in the day to make sure there is sufficient time for a test. Driver licenseexam stations tend to get busier during the afternoon. People who come into an office in the late afternoon may find that the staff does not have sufficient time to administer the required test. If you do not have an appointment, please try to arrive at least two hours before closing time to allow adequate time for testing. Many driver licenseexam stationscannot service walk-ins.

Rural Locations with Driver Exam Services – In rural locations, if you need to obtain or renew a driver license, first pay for the license at your county treasurer’s office. The county treasurer will give you a receipt. You must present the receipt to the driver examiner.

Rural Counties without Driver Exam Services – There are some rural counties in which driver exam services are not available: Carter, Garfield, Golden Valley, Jefferson, Judith Basin, Madison, Petroleum, Prairie, Treasure, and Wibaux.

To get or renew a license, residents of these counties may pay for and take their driver exams at one of the driver license exam stations where a prepaid receipt is not required. See the Schedule of Office Hours and Locations at the top of this page.

Mobile Phone Restriction – As a courtesy to people taking their knowledge tests, mobile phone use is not allowed in driver license exam stations. Please turn off your mobile phone when you enter a driver license exam station.

Questions or Comments – Call your local office on the days it is open if you have questions or concerns.

You may be able to make an appointment for this service; click Appointment Scheduling for availability in your area.

How to fill out a Change of Driver License Address Form Form 34-0300?

Before filling out the Form 34-0300, make sure that the information given is correct. Write as legible as possible to avoid errors.

  1. Provide your full legal name.
    • It must be the same name on the current license.
  2. Enter your driver’s license number.
    • It must be the same as the one in the current license.
  3. Put your daytime phone number.
  4. Write your new Montana mailing address.
    • This is where you update your address and change it to your new one.
  5. If it is different from your mailing address also provide your new Montana residential address.

Note: If you are a registered voter, notify your county Clerk and Recorder of your address change

Where to file a Change of Driver License Address Form Form 34-0300?

Montana law mandates that the Motor Vehicle Division be notified within 10 days of any address change. This is to ensure the validity of your license. After completely filling out this form, you can mail it to the Montana Motor Vehicle Division at:

Motor Vehicle Division

Records Section

P.O. Box 201430

Helena, MT 59620-1430

Do not include cash or checks with this form. There is no fee for updating your electronic record. It is absolutely free of charge.

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