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Fillable Form DL-143 Pennsylvania Driver License Renewal

A DL-143 form is used for driver's license renewal who reside particularly in Pennsylvania.

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What is Form DL-143?

A driver’s license is mandatory for all citizens who wish to drive cars for personal or commercial use. It serves as proof that you are a responsible driver who values safety, as you have passed the qualifications for driving. Even though you have a car to drive, without a license, you will be restricted from driving. A driver's license also serves as a valid proof of identification, and you can use it to access basic social services and to make business transactions.

A Pennsylvania non-commercial driver’s license has a validity of only 4 years. When it expires, it can no longer serve as a valid proof of identification. Therefore, it is important that you have your driver's license updated every four years.

To have your driver’s license updated, you need to fill out Form DL-143 or the Pennsylvania Non-Commercial Driver’s License Application for Renewal.

When exactly should I renew my driver’s license?

You can apply for a driver’s license renewal once your current driver’s license expires. You can also apply for renewal within 6 months of the expiration date.

If you would like to renew your driver’s license and change certain information in your record at the same time, you can also use this form.

Only use this form if you would like to renew your non-commercial driver’s license. You would not need this form if you have a commercial driver’s license, or if your license is not currently valid (it may be under suspension and you may have surrendered it).

A driver’s license renewal comes with a fee.

  • 4-year non-commercial driver’s license: $30.50
    • License endorsed with Class M: $50.50
  • 2-year non-commercial driver’s license: $20.00
    • This could only be availed by drivers aged 65 and older.
  • Change of information only, driver license still valid: Free

If you applied for a driver’s license renewal, you will be issued a temporary driver’s license called a camera card, which is valid for 60 days. After submitting your application form, go to a photo driver's license center to have your license photo taken and to complete your driver’s license renewal application.

How to fill out Form DL-143?

Get a copy of DL-143 Pennsylvania Driver License Renewal template in PDF format.

The form is two pages long. You are to provide your personal information and your driver’s license details on the first page. The second page contains specific instructions and other information you should know about renewing your driver’s license. Please read through the form carefully first before filling out to avoid making mistakes during the process.

A. Personal Information
In this section, you are required to provide the following information:

  • Driver’s License Number
  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

B. Change or Correction Only
In this section, you are to provide the information listed below. This section is only optional, and you do not need to fill this out if you do not have any changes or corrections in your driver’s license information.

  • Residence Address
  • Name Change
  • Other changes
    • Eye color
    • Date of birth
    • Height
    • Social Security Number
    • Drop Class M Privilege

C. Driver’s License Information
This section is important to be filled out. You are required to provide information about your existing driver’s license. All of the questions in this section must be answered.

D. Authorization and Certification
To finish your application, sign the form in the space provided in this section and write the date of signing. You should also indicate the amount you have sent with the form and your mode of payment.

  • If you are a Veteran who wishes to add a Veterans Designation to your DL or ID card, please check the first box in this section.
  • If you wish to donate to the Organ Donation Awareness Trust Fund, please check the second box on the list.
  • If you wish to donate to the Veterans’ Trust Fund, please check the third box in the list.

If you choose to make a donation, please include in your payment the donation amount.

Where do I send my accomplished Form DL-143?

You can submit this form in person in the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Office. You may also choose to send the form through mail to this address:

Bureau of Driver Licensing
PO Box 68272
Harrisburg, PA

The fees for this form can only be paid through debit or credit card, checks, or money orders. DO NOT mail in cash.

If I just moved to Pennsylvania, do I have to use this form?

Your driver license card should reflect your updated information--that includes your address. If you have just recently moved to Pennsylvania and you want to update your address, do not use this form. You would have to go to the Pennsylvania DOT office to apply for a new driver license.


Specific instructions on information changes/corrections

Name Changes
If you want to change your name in your driver license, simply submit together with your accomplished Form DL-143 any supporting document that would prove that the name you would like to use is approved under state and federal law.

If you would like to use your...

  • Birth name: submit your state-issued birth certificate with a raised seal.
  • Spouse’s surname: submit your marriage certificate.
  • Changed name approved by the court: submit a Certified Copy of the Court Order as proof of name change.
  • Other name: present your Social Security Card and two other documents issued to your desired name. These documents could be, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Tax Records
    • Selective Service Card
    • Voter Registration Card
    • Passport
    • Any photo ID issued by a government agency
    • Banking records
    • Baptismal certificate

Name Correction
If there are any mistakes in your name presented in your driver license, submit with Form DL-143 any of the following as proof of your name:

  • State-issued birth certificate with a raised seal
  • Marriage certificate
  • Certified Copy of Court Order

Date of Birth Correction
If there are any mistakes in your date of birth in your current driver license, submit with Form DL-143 your state-issued birth certificate with a raised seal as proof of your date of birth.

Gender Change
If you would like to change the gender indicated in your driver’s license, also fill out a Form DL-32 or a Request for Gender Designation Change and submit it together with this form. If filing for gender change, you have to submit your forms in person.

Start filling out a DL-143 Pennsylvania Driver License Renewal sample and export in PDF.


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