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Fillable Form Delaware Vehicle Registration (MV212)

This form is used for the registration of vehicles in the state of Delaware.

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What is the Delaware Vehicle Registration Form?

State of Delaware Form No. 212, Application for title or The Delaware Vehicle Registration form, is a document issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to allow citizens of the State of Delaware to register their vehicles with the DMV. The registration will only last for one or two years, depending on your choice.

The DE Vehicle Registration Form is required for all Delaware citizens to file within 60 days of moving to Delaware or acquiring a vehicle. This registration must be done in person at your local DMV office. In addition, you must have the complete requirements in order to be ready for the application process. Below are the Delaware Vehicle registration requirements:

  • Proof of Delaware Auto Insurance
    • Your coverage must meet the following minimums:
  • Bodily injury for one person: $25,000.
  • Bodily injury for one or more persons: $25,000.
  • Damage or destruction to property: $10,000.
  • Proof of passing a vehicle inspection
    • A technician should provide you Form MV-212, Certificate of Title Application.
  • If the car was previously registered out-of-state, bring the out-of-state car title
  • A Delaware Driver’s License
  • All the necessary payments.

Usually, if the car was bought from a dealer, the dealership would be the one to file this registration. If you did buy from a dealer, make sure you check with them if they have submitted this form.

If you have bought from a private party, then the vehicle must be registered in 30 days and must have passed a DMV mandated vehicle inspection. Furthermore, in addition to all the aforementioned requirements, the signed-over title of the vehicle must also be presented.

Delaware Vehicle Registration Fees

Below are the necessary fees to pay in accordance with what the application is for:

  • Vehicle Registration Fee per year: $40
  • Duplicate license plates with sticker: $10
  • Duplicate plates without sticker: $5
  • Duplicate Delaware car registration card: $10
  • Vehicle inspection: Free

How to fill out the Delaware Vehicle Registration Form?

Delaware citizens that are interested in registering their vehicles can find and download the PDF version of the DE Vehicle Registration Form at the official DMV website. They can also electronically fill out the form in PDFRun.


Input your complete and legal name.


Input your address, including your Street Address, your City, your State, and ZIP code.


Input your current professional email address.


Odometer Brand

Indicate what brand your odometer is.

Odometer Reading

Indicate the current reading on your vehicle’s odometer.

Title Brand

If your vehicle is used, has sustained damage, or has the potential to be unsafe for driving. Indicate the nature of the complication. Below is a list of Title Brands you can enter.

  • Salvage Title (the car was deemed to have a cost-inefficient repair and thus was not repaired).
  • Lemon Title (The car has many reported malfunctions).
  • Rebuilt or Reconstructed Title (Rebuilt from a Salvage Title).
  • Odometer Rollback Title (If the odometer has been rolled back).
  • Water Damage Title (the vehicle suffered from a water-based natural disaster such as a flood).
  • Hail Damage Title (If the vehicle has been damaged by hail).
  • Junk Title (Vehicle is significantly damaged; was deemed a “Total Loss”

Number of Passengers

If the vehicle is a bus, input the number of passengers that it can accommodate. Otherwise, leave this part blank.

Type of Fuel

Indicate the type of fuel that is used by the vehicle.


Indicate the make of the vehicle. This is the vehicle’s brand such as Toyota, Mercedes Benz, and Ferrari.


Indicate the year that the vehicle was manufactured.


Indicate the model of the vehicle (e.g. Camry, W123, F8 Spider).

Body Style

Indicate the general shape and classification of the car (e.g. Sedans, SUV, Minivans, Convertibles).

Yearly Fee

Indicate the yearly fee of the vehicle’s registration. In Delaware, this fee is a flat rate and is valued at $40.

Registration Weight

Indicate the weight of the vehicle upon registration.

MGVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)

Indicate the maximum weight your vehicle can safely handle, in accordance with its make and model.

Vehicle Identification No.

Indicate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle you are registering.

New or Used

If the car is brand new, indicate so by checking the “New” box. If the car is used, check the “Used” box.

Date of Purchase

Indicate the exact date of purchase of the vehicle.


Indicate the current color of the vehicle. If there is more than one color, indicate all colors and identify the pattern briefly.

No. of Axles

Input the number of axles that the vehicle you are registering currently has.

Examined by

Input the professional name of the technician that handled your vehicle inspection. Beside his name, affix the date of the inspection.

Tag No.

Input the tag number of the vehicles’ license plate.

Special Plate No.

If your vehicle has a special plate, indicate the number of said plates here.

Sticker No.

Input the sticker number of your vehicle.

No. of Months

Input the number of months that the vehicle will be registered.

Expiration Date

Indicate the registration’s expiration date


Input your NAIC Code. This can be found on your Insurance Card. It is a 5-digit code, that is often not labeled.


If your vehicle has undergone a change of weight, indicate it here.

  • Old

Indicate the old weight of your vehicle.

  • New

Indicate the new and current weight of your vehicle.

  • No. of mos.

Indicate the number of months when the change of weight had undergone.



LIst down the name and address of your Lienholders. If you have two lien holders or more, indicate their names and addresses as well.

If you have no lien holders, state this as a fact.


Read the clause before signing. Signing confirms that all the information you have entered is accurate and true.

Signature of Applicant

Affix your signature here.

Signature of Co-Applicant

If you are applying with a Co-Applicant, they must affix their signature here. Otherwise, you may leave it blank.

Parent or Guardian’s Consent

If you are below 18 years of age, have your guardian enter a written statement of consent. Have them affix their signature to the statement as well.

Official Title

If you have an official title, indicate YOUR official title here.

Driver’s License No.

Indicate your Driver’s License number here.


Indicate your Date of Birth

Driver’s License No. (2nd)

If you are applying with a Co-Applicant, input their Driver’s License number here. Otherwise, you may leave it blank.

DOB (2nd)

If applying with a Co-Applicant, input their date of birth here. Otherwise, you may leave it blank.


Total Price Of

Indicate the Total price of the Vehicle.

Less Trade-in Value

If your vehicle is De-registered, indicate the value of the trade-in.

Net Cost

Indicate the final price of the vehicle after all taxes and discounts have been taken into calculation.

Document Fee

Indicate the fee that is required for filing the document. This is usually free, however, it may vary from office to office.

Registration Fee

This is the fee required for registering your vehicle. As mentioned above, this is $40.

Vanity Fee

This is the fee for other special features. Only fill out if applicable; otherwise, you may leave it blank.

Retention Fee

This is the fee that is required to retain the license plate of the vehicle. This is $55.

Title Fee

This is the fee required to apply for a title. This is usually free, however, if your application is late, then this becomes $35 as a late application fee.

Misc. Fee

Indicate here the price of other expenses involved in your vehicle that are mentioned above.

Total Due

Input the total value of your expenses above.


If you are registering a vehicle that was purchased through the help of a trade-in, this section must be filled out with the information of the trade-in.

Describe Vehicle Trade-In

Indicate the Year, Make, Title, Tag Number, and Registration number of the vehicle. In addition, indicate the state wherein the vehicle was originally purchased.

Selling Dealer’s Name

Enter the complete and legal name of the Dealer that sold you the Trade-in.

Dealer Number

Indicate the Dealer number of the dealer you entered above.


Indicate the address of the dealership where the trade-in was bought.


Indicate who is performing the transaction with the Trade-in. Affix their signature and Official Title here.


The second page of the form is a checklist of all the possible required documents in registering a vehicle. Mark the box beside an item if you have that document already.

  • Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin
    • This must be properly transferred to you.

Note: If you already have a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, you do not need the other documents listed below. If you do not have a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, you can use all the documents listed below as an alternative.

  • A copy of the Out of State Title of the Vehicle
    • This copy should NOT be the original copy and must be in your name or has been properly transferred to you. It must be notarized.
  • Proof of valid liability insurance on the vehicle being titled.
    • This can be any of the original copies of the following:
      • Insurance Policy
      • Delaware Insurance Card Verifying Liability
      • Assignment notice
      • Binder
      • Any document that can identify your vehicles to be properly insured.
  • The Vehicle must be presented for a safety inspection in a Motor Vehicle Division inspection station. (Inspection will only be valid for 90 days)
  • ALL owners must sign this application or if it is impossible to do so, original notarized power of attorney must be attached to this application.
  • If the application is under a corporation’s name, the application must be signed by a corporate officer and the application must be accompanied by an original notarized power of attorney.
  • Dealer’s Bill of Sale.
  • Delaware Driver’s License or any legal and proper form of identification.
  • Applying companies must provide their Delaware Business License.

Title Specialist Name

If you have filled out this form through the assistance of a specialist in the field, indicate their name and official title here.


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