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Fillable Form REG 156 - California DMV

This form with the appropriate fees may be submitted to request replacement of the license plates/sticker, CVRA weight decal,registration card that were lost, stolen, destroyed, or mutilated.

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What is Form REG 156?

Vehicle plates, vehicle stickers, and ID cards are among the most important requirements when driving, whether you’re traveling or just simply going places within the state. Vehicle plates are mandatory; it gives your vehicle a “unique identity”--think of an ID, but for cars. Rarely do you see vehicles roaming around without a plate, and that’s because plates are not just for aesthetics--they are required by law.

Vehicle plates are used to trace vehicles so that when any violation is committed, they can easily identify who the violator is. Plates are required to be displayed on your registered vehicle, and they must be clearly visible from a distance of 20 meters. The vehicle or vessel stickers ensure that your registration is updated and that the DMV permits the use of your vehicle or vessel.

For disabled persons, having a disabled person placard lets other people know that a disabled person is aboard a vehicle so that they could make considerations. It also entitles disabled persons to park in spaces reserved for them. Disabled person ID cards will also be handy for you; by presenting this, you may avail of the benefits the government offers for disabled persons, such as discounts, access to services and programs, and more.

In the event that you commit a traffic violation, or even if you just simply drive around, and an officer pulls you over and sees that your plate or sticker is damaged, you might get in trouble. It is mandatory that plates, stickers, and other documents are in good condition all the time. Driving around with no plate or sticker, or with a destroyed plate or sticker might subject you to penalties, and may get you fined, jailed, or both.

If you are a disabled person and you have no disabled person ID card, you may not be able to avail of the benefits the government offers for disabled persons. If your vehicle does not have a disabled person placard, you may not be allowed to park in spaces designated for you.

In case your plates, stickers, or other necessary documents get lost, stolen, or mutilated, you can ask for a replacement from the DMV.

For California residents who wish to apply for replacement plates, stickers, and documents, you need to fill out Form REG 156 or the Application for Replacement Plates, Stickers, Documents Form.

How to fill out Form REG 156?

Before filling out the form, make sure to read through the instructions first to avoid making mistakes while filling out.

On the top part of the form, provide information about your vehicle. You can getinformation from the vehicle registration documents given to you.

  • Vehicle License Plate/CF Number
  • Make
  • Vehicle ID Number/ Hull ID Number
  • Disabled Person Placard Number
  • Birth date, if DP Placard
  • Engine number (For motorcycles only)

Section 1 -- Registered Owner of Record
In this section, provide your personal information.

  • True full name
    • Driver License/ID card number
  • Co-owner true full name (if applicable)
    • Driver License/ID card number
  • Residence address
  • Mailing address

Section 2 -- Plates, Stickers, Documents Request
In this section, you are asked to indicate the type of document you are requesting. Check the box next to your answer from the list. You could request for multiple documents at once; check all choices that are applicable.
The DMV could provide you the following documents:

  • License Plates
  • Registration Card
  • Bessel Year Sticker
  • Vessel Certificate of Number
  • Vessel Mussel Sticker
  • Disabled PErson Placard
  • Disabled Person ID Card
  • Planned Non-Operation (PNO) Card
  • PFR Sticker
  • CVRA Weight Decal
  • CVRA Year Sticker
  • Trailer or OHV ID Card

Section 3 -- The Item Requested Was…
Indicate here the reason why you are requesting for a replacement for your documents. Check the box(es) that applies to your situation. If you check Other, please write in the space provided your reason.

Section 4 -- License Plate
If your license plate is missing or is stolen, and your residence address is different from the records in the DMV, you have to fill this section out. You must also appear in person at the DMV--meaning, you cannot submit this form through mail. Bring the following items with you to the DMV:

  • Proof of ownership (Certificate of Title, Registration Card, Registration Renewal Notice)
  • Driver License or ID Card
  • If your document/s are stolen: a copy of the police report of the incident
  • If you are issued a duplicate license within the last 90 days: a CHP verification of the vehicle identification number (VIN)

If, however, your address in the DMV records is still the same as your current address, you do not need to fill out this section.

Section 5 -- Certification
Provide your signature in this section of the form. By signing the form, you are finalizing your application, and you certify that all the information you have written in this form is correct and factual. Write your telephone number and the date of signing on the spaces provided. If you are signing for a company, please write your title.

How much would I pay when applying for replacement documents?

Requests for replacement of documents come with a fee. The current fee for the substitute title, license plates, registration card, and sticker is $22. Other documents may be charged differently. Visit the California DMV websitefor more information about the fees for each document. Remember to pay using checks or money orders. Do not mail in cash.

Where do I submit my accomplished Form REG 156?

Mail your accomplished Form REG 156 to the California DMV Office: DMV, PO Box 942869, Sacramento, CA 94269-0001.

I have now submitted my accomplished Form REG 156. What’s next?

It will take at least 14 days before the DMV issues you your replacement documents through mail. If you have not received your replacement documents after 4 weeks, please contact the California DMV immediately to inform them of your situation.

For more information about the application for replacement or other services offered by the California DMV, visit the California DMV website.


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