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Fillable Form Virginia Driver Record Request (CRD 93)

This form is used to request information from DMV records.

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What is Form CRD-93?

There will be instances where you’ll be asked to submit your driving records. You may be applying for a job, insurance, or other reasons. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles would be glad to provide you a copy of your driver record whenever you need it.

All you have to do is to fill out Form CRD-93 or the Virginia Driver Record Request Form.

What is a driver record and what does it contain?

Your driving record contains information about your driving history. This usually includes your personal information that could also be seen in your driver's license. The driver record also shows if you have committed traffic violations or if you or your vehicle has been involved in accidents or crashes. It also shows if your driver’s license has been suspended or canceled.

What do I need driver records for?

Driver records are usually requested when applying for insurance. This allows the company to know how much risk you have as a driver, and to determine the premium that you have to pay the company.

When you apply for a job that involves driving, your employer may also request for your driver records. This is usual for company drivers, commercial truck drivers, school bus drivers, and driving school teachers.

This could also be used as evidence in court when you are called in for a traffic violation. This would show how responsible you are as a driver.

If your driving record shows unsatisfactory results, this does not mean the end for you. The record will show where you lack as a driver. When applying for training for safe driving, your records will show the skills that your trainer must focus on when teaching you.

What types of driver records could I request from the Virginia DMV?

According to the Virginia DMV, the following are the types of records you may request from their office:

  • Driver/ Personal Use: this driver record is issued to you for personal uses only. The DMV can provide up to 11 years of your driving history.
  • Driver/Employment/School/Military: this driver record contains up to 7 years of driving history and is requested by your employers.
  • Driver/TNC: this driver record contains up to 7 years of driving history and is only issued to Transportation Network Companies only.
  • Driver/Insurance: this driving record contains up to 5 years of driving history and is used for insurance application.
  • Driver/Habitual Offender Restoration: this driver record contains up to 11 years of driving history and is used to petition the court to have your driver license restored
  • Vehicle/Personal Use

How to fill out Form CRD-93?

The Virginia Driver Record Request Form is two pages long and you are required to provide all the information needed from you. Your request may not be processed if you do not provide essential information. Please read through the form thoroughly first for specific instructions and to avoid mistakes when filling out the form.

You can choose to type your answers or you can handwrite in PRINT.

Requester Information
In this section, you, the requester, are required to input your personal information on the spaces provided.

  • Requester Full Name
  • Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number
  • Organizational Affiliation (if any)
  • Telephone Number
  • Use Agreement Number (if applicable)
  • Address
  • TNC Certificate Number (if applicable)
  • Reason for Request

Subject information
In this section, you are requested to provide the details of the owner of the record you are requesting. Kindly put his or her information on the spaces provided.

  • Subject full name
  • Address

If you are requesting your own records, please check the box provided to indicate that the requester and the subject is the same person.

Information Requested
In this section, you are asked about the type of records that you wish to request the DMV. Check the box or boxes that correspond to your answer.

  • Driving Record Information
  • Vehicle Information
  • Police Crash Report
  • Decedent Photo Request

Note: each subsection has a corresponding list, which lets you further define the record information you are requesting. Please read through these lists thoroughly and check the boxes that correspond to your answer.

Customer Records Fees
This section shows the fees you have to pay for the records. Refer to the box below to determine your payment.

  • Driving Record
    • $9.00
  • Vehicle Record
    • $9.00
  • Police Crash Report
    • $8.00
  • Decedent Photo
    • $9.00
  • Driver/Vehicle Application
    • $9.00
  • Supporting Documents (per page)
    • $3.00
  • Motor Carrier Overweight Citation Record
    • $8.00
  • Travel Emergency Photo Verification
    • $9.00
  • Record Certification Fee (additional)
    • $5.00

In this section, you are required to sign the form to complete your request form. By signing the form, you certify that the information you have written is correct and factual. Giving out wrong information may result in not having your request processed.

Other Information
You may be needing information from your driver record, but the type of information was not listed in the options above. If that is the case, you may write in this box the type of information you wish to obtain from your records. Remember to be specific about the type of information you’re requesting.

Payment Methods
As stated above, records come with a fee. Please indicate the mode of payment you have used in paying for the request fee as well as the amount.
The DMV only accepts checks and money orders for payment. They do not accept cash payments, so remember to not pay in cash.

Where do I submit my accomplished Form CRD-93?

When you finish filling out the form, you can submit it to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles office. You may also choose to mail your accomplished form in the following address:
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Post Office Box 27412
Richmond, Virginia 23269-0001

Some additional information
The fee for a driving record may be free or reduced in certain instances.


  • Any federal, state, or local government entities
  • Volunteer for the fire company or rescue squad
  • Court-appointed special advocate program


  • Volunteer or member of one of the organizations below:
  • Virginia affiliate of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America
  • Virginia affiliate of Compeer
  • Volunteer vehicle operator with a Virginia chapter of the American Red Cross
  • Volunteer vehicle operator with a Virginia chapter of the Civil Air Patrol
  • Volunteer vehicle operator with Faith in Action

For more information about driver records, including fees and driver record monitoring, please visit the Virginia DMV website.


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