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Fillable Form DMV Change of Address Form - California

Use this form to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of a change of residence or mailing address for your vehicle, vessel, driver license, or identification card records. You must report a change of address to DMV within 10 days of the change.


What is California DMV Change of Address Form?

If you relocated to California, the law requires that you notify the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 10 days to update all your vehicle-related records, such as your vehicle registration, driver’s license, and non-driver identification card.

The DMV is a state-level government agency that manages vehicle-related services, including the issuance of licenses, vehicle registration, and safety inspections.

To change your address on your vehicle and driver records, you must use the DMV 14 California Change of Address form. You may file your change of information online via the State of California official DMV website. However, you may not use the online service if you:

  • do not have a California Driver License or California Identification Card;
  • do not have a Social Security Number (SSN);
  • have a Commercial Driver License (CDL) issued by California and your residence address is in another state;
  • have an Army Post Office or Fleet Post Office address;
  • have an address outside of the United States;
  • have applied for but have not received your REAL ID driver license or identification card;
  • have a leased vehicle; or
  • have a Disabled Person (DP) placard or DP license plates.

If one of the above-mentioned conditions applies to you, you will need to update your address in person or by mail.

In general, changing your address on your California DMV records is free and it is not mandatory for you to apply for new documents. If you want to obtain a new driver’s license or vehicle registration that shows your new address, you can apply at an additional cost.

How to Fill Out California DMV Change of Address Form?

DMV 14 California Change of Address form has 10 sections. Answer each section accurately to avoid unnecessary problems with your application. Make sure to submit all pages as it will not be processed without if there is a missing page.

Page 1

  • Section 1 requires your full legal or business name. For a change of address on a driver’s license or ID, provide your driver’s license or ID card number, and birth date.
  • Section 2 requires your former residence or business address.
  • Section 3 requires your new or correct residence or business address. Do not use your postal address in this section.
  • Section 4 requires your new or correct mailing address, if different from your address in Section 3.
  • Section 4a has a checkbox that you can mark if you do not want your new address to be used for voter registration purposes.
  • Section 5 requires details about the vehicles, vessels, or placards you own.
  • Section 6 requires the leasing company’s name, if your vehicle is leased.
  • Section 7 requires the location of your trailer coach or vessel, if different from residence or business address.

Page 2

If you are enrolled in a confidential address program or are only updating your vehicle, vessel, or placard address, you may skip to Section 10.

  • Section 8 applies to U.S. citizens only. This section asks questions regarding voter registration.
  • Section 8a asks if you are a U.S. citizen and displays voter registration requirements. The state law requires eligible citizens to be automatically registered to vote unless they choose not to.
  • Section 8b asks if you meet all of the voter requirements in Section 8a. If you answered “No,” you cannot register to vote and may skip to Section 10. If you answered “Yes,” you will be registered to vote. You can choose not to register by checking the box in Section 8c.
  • Section 8c has a check that you can mark if you do not want to register to vote or update your voter registration information. Skip to Section 10 after checking the box. Otherwise, if you want to register to vote or update your voter registration information, continue to Section 9.
  • Section 9 asks for your voter preferences, including political party and election materials preferences. You will be asked to provide your contact information for voter registration in this Section.
  • Section 10 requires your signature and date to validate the application.


Online Application
To update your information online, you should first sign up for California DMV’s online services via its official site. Once registered, log in to begin the process. You will need to provide the following:

  • Your old address
  • Your new address
  • Your vehicle registration information
  • Your vehicle identification number (VIN)

The California DMV needs 72 hours to process the update and approve your request.

In-Person Application
For in-person application, it is ideal to bring a completed and signed California DMV Change of Address form to save time. After visiting a local DMV office, you will receive a DL 43 Change of Address Certificate card that you will carry with you in case you need to show proof of your address change.

By Mail Application
Submit the completed and signed DMV 14 Form to:

DMV Change of Address
PO Box 942859e
Sacramento, CA 94259-0001

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