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T2201 (2017)

Form T2201, Disability Tax Credit Certificate, has two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A has to be filled out by the person with the disability (or a legal representative), and Part B has to be filled out by the medical practitioner. Both parts of the form

IMM 5257E (2017)

Form IMM 5257 is for individuals who wish to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa from abroad to visit Canada.

Canadian Citizenship Application Form

In some cases, minors who are not applying for citizenship at the same time as a parent or who wish to qualify on their own may choose to apply under subsection 5(1). For more information, please see Minors applying for Canadian citizenship – subsection 5

TD1 (2019)

The TD1 tax form is used to calculate the amount of income tax that will be deducted from your employment or pension income.


Changes on how child support payments are being taxed to divorced parents in Canada


Use form to order written agreement specifies support payments for a common-law partner


You receive Federal Foreign Tax Credit if you had foreign income or paid business or non-business tax on income in another country.


The T1161 simply lists qualifying property, and does not report any gain or loss on the deemed disposition.


A salaried or commission employee utilizes T777 form to claim any employment expenses depending on which it is entitled.


Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) T2200 Form - Declaration of Conditions of Employment. A T2200 form is signed by an employer to enable an employee to deduct employment expenses from his or her employment income as reported on T4 forms.


People claiming a child care expense deduction is recommended to use the T778 form designed. This deducts your income and saves you tax at your minimal tax rate. Child care expenses serve a deduction and not a tax credit.


To calculate the specified individual's tax on split income, complete Form T1206, Tax on Split Income. The special tax is included in the calculation of their federal and provincial or territorial taxes.


As a non-resident of Canada, one can choose to file a separate income tax return for rental income earned in Canada. Choosing to send this return is called electing under section 216 of the income tax act.