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School forms are academic documents that school administrative staff, faculty members, students, and alumni use. Aside from containing important records, these documents keep an educational institution efficient and organized. Among the most used school documents are the application for admission forms, academic records, and financial statements.
Talking Points Memo
Talking Points Memo This is a template used to create and fill-out a Talking Points Memo Form which is a document between a borrower and a lender containing details of the loan for record and tracking of payment.
BSA Youth Application Form
BSA Youth Application Form The Boy Scouts of America maintains that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God and, therefore, recognizes the religious element in the training of the member,but it is absolutely nonsectarian in its atti
Student Apology Letter
Student Apology Letter Student Apology Letter is used by student to formally apologize to a teacher or principal for misbehavior or rule breaking. The tone of this letter is often regretful and remorseful.
Behavior Contract Template
Behavior Contract Template Behavior Contract Template is a sample document used for young people to lay out specific goals to achieve and actions to correct. This document outlines the expectations for the child with the child and teacher as the undersign.
Project Timeline
Project Timeline This is a template used to create and fill-out a Project Timeline Form which is a document between a borrower and a lender containing details of the loan for record and tracking of payment.
K-W-L Chart
K-W-L Chart K-W-L Chart, which tracks what a student knows (K), wants to know (W), and has learned (L) about a topic, can be used before, during, and after research projects.
Excuse Letter
Excuse Letter Excuse letter is a written letter that explains to an employer, school or other entity as to why a person is unable to attend. The excuse may have been due to sickness or medical emergency.
Affidavit Of Lost Document
Affidavit Of Lost Document An affidavit of loss is used as proof that a particular document is no longer with you or to indicate that a certain record is truly gone.
Food Waste Log
Food Waste Log This is a template used to create and fill-out a Food Waste Log Form which is a document between a borrower and a lender containing details of the loan for record and tracking of payment.)
Affidavit of Mailing
Affidavit of Mailing Affidavit of Mailing is a sworn statement that the Defendant actually mailed the Answer to the Plaintiff on the date indicated at the correct address with the correct postage. Its purpose is to prove that the claim is true, and is typically used in conjunction with witness statements.
Sign Up Sheet
Sign Up Sheet Sign Up Sheet is a list of persons who are willing to participate on a certain event.
Book Report Template
Book Report Template An essay discussing the contents of a book, used especially at the elementary school level.

School forms are academic documents that students, alumni, and educational institutions use for educational and academic purposes, including maintaining and obtaining student and school records, student admission or course registration, and other school-related purposes.

Teachers use school forms as materials to record, evaluate, and grade their students’ performance, while students use them to measure and track their progress and obtain academic records for employment purposes.

Educational institutions use school forms for various reasons, including student admission or registration, and documenting every student's personal information, academic history, and training plans for future classes or programs. The information provided by students assists educational institutions in deciding whether or not to admit a student and determine eligibility for scholarship programs.

School forms you may use

Transcript Request Form

Students use a Transcript Request Form to obtain their transcript of records from their former or current school. A transcript of record contains their academic information, including their courses or units taken, grades, and grade point average. Graduates or alumni may also need to obtain their transcript of records from their former school for work purposes.

Excuse Letter

Students may use an Excuse Letter template to provide a written apology for their absence. An Excuse Letter is a document used to explain an individual's absence in class or other important events due to a medical emergency, sickness, family emergency, and other valid reasons. A Medical Excuse Note is another form of excuse letter issued by a licensed physician or healthcare professional. Its specific use is to excuse an individual from work or school due to medical issues.

Report Card Template

A Report Card template is used to report a student's academic performance based on a grading scale that determines his or her quality of performance and progress in class. It serves a the standard communication between school and home as teachers use it to report and inform the parents or legal guardians of their students about their children's performance and behavior in class.

Book Report

A Book Report is a document teachers use to assign books to their students, requiring them to do a written report about a book based on specific guidelines. Students may use a Book Report template to summarize a book's main details, including its title and author, characters and descriptions, setting, plot, climax, resolution, and to write their reflections about it.

Education Verification

An Education Verification or Verification of Education Certificate is issued by an employer to an applicant's former school to confirm his or her educational background. It includes verifying an applicant's earned degree, grade point average, honors or commendations, date of graduation, and units taken.

Attendance Sheet

An Attendance Sheet is used to record the attendance of students present on a specific date. Teachers use it to keep track of the attendance, contributions, absences, and tardiness of each student. An Attendance Sheet can also be used to record attendance in any events or activities, such as meetings, conferences, gatherings, or shows.

Course Evaluation Form

A Course Evaluation Form is an instrument used to get a student's feedback regarding a subject or course. Teachers and educators use it to obtain a brief assessment about a class or course they conducted for further improvement. By getting feedback from their students, they can determine and evaluate the efficiency of their learning materials and teaching styles. A Course Evaluation helps them have an in-depth understanding of their students' needs and suggestions and generate appropriate learning strategies.

Parental Permission Slip

Use a Parental Permission Slip to obtain consent from a student or minor's parents to allow their minor to participate in a school field trip and other planned activities. By signing it, parents give their permission and agree to release the organization or school from any liability resulting from any accidents or injury. Other related documents are Trip Permission Template and Parental Permission Medical Consent and Liability Release. The specific purpose of a Trip Permission template is to obtain the permission of parents to allow their children to travel. A Parental Permission Medical Consent and Liability Release permits a child or student to participate in an organized event, such as sports and retreats. It also contains the medical treatment consent of parents in case of emergency.

Lesson Plan

Use a Lesson Plan template to record daily lessons and learning objectives. A Lesson Plan is a document used by teachers as their daily guide for what their students need to learn, how topics will be taught, and how learning will be measured. It allows teachers to record their lesson objectives, the summary of actions and take-home tasks their students need to do, and the materials and equipment to use.

Student Apology Letter

Students may use a Student Apology Letter to formally apologize to a teacher, principal, or school staff for misbehaving or breaking the school's rules and regulations. In this template, students may include details about the rules they violated and their promise to resolve them.

Class Registration Form

A Class Registration Form is used to apply for a course, subject, or program in a school or educational institution.

BSA Youth Application Form

A BSA Youth Member Application Form is a document used in the United States to apply for a scouting program. Male individuals are encouraged to join the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), a scouting organization that provides training and programs for leadership skills, character, and personal fitness development.

Affidavit of Lost Document

An Affidavit of Lost Document is used to declare the loss of an important document due to theft or destruction. It contains information about the loss, including the owner's name and any information about the security.

Behavior Contract Template

A Behavior Contract Template is an agreement between a child and a teacher. It is used to outline a teacher's expectations and goals for his or her student's behavior.

Standard Teacher Application

Form PDE 353A, Standard Application For Teaching Positions in Pennsylvania Public Schools, or a Standard Application Form is used to apply as a teacher in a public school in Pennsylvania. Applicants must have a valid Pennsylvania and or out-of-state teaching certificate to qualify.