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Human resource documents are vital, formal company documents. They serve as proof of policies, act as guides for company procedures, and contain employee records. From recruitment process documents and employment contracts to performance appraisal documents and employee clearance forms, human resource documents aid companies in managing employees.
56 Form 56 is used to notify the IRS of the creation or termination of a fiduciary relationship and provide the qualification for the fiduciary relationship.
709 A gift tax is a federal tax applied to an individual giving anything of value to another person. For something to be considered a gift, the receiving party cannot pay the giver full value for the gift, but may pay an amount less than its full value.
709 IRS form 709 is used to calculate gift taxes and report to the IRS about its amount. Some gifts, donations, or transfers are subject to taxes. The form is also used to calculate taxes on generation skipping transfers, or GSTs.
720 (2017)
720 (2017) Businesses that deal in goods and services that are subject to excise tax must prepare a Form 720 on a quarterly basis to report the tax to the IRS.
720 (2020)
720 (2020) Form 720 and attachments is used to report liability by IRS number and pay excise taxes listed on the form.
843 (2019)
843 (2019) Use this form to claim a refund or request an abatement of certain taxes, interest, penalties, fees, and additions to tax.
926 (2013)
926 (2013) Form 926 is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) document that is used on return by a U.S. Transferor of Property to a Foreign Corporation. This document is referring about transfer.
Actor Employment Agreement
Actor Employment Agreement This Actor Employment Agreement is between a producer and an actor who will appear in a motion picture. This agreement sets forth the names of the parties, the effective date of the agreement, title of the motion picture and the actor's role.
IRS 843
IRS 843 Use this form to claim a refund or request an abatement of certain taxes, interest, penalties, fees, and additions to tax.
Pay Stub
Pay Stub Calculate employee payroll and complete pay stubs with this form
Pay Stub (No DBA)
Pay Stub (No DBA) Calculate employee payroll and complete pay stubs with this form
Pay Stub (w/ Calculator)
Pay Stub (w/ Calculator) Calculate employee payroll and complete pay stubs with this form
Pay Stub Flat Rate
Pay Stub Flat Rate Pay stub flat rate is a document attached to the paycheck that an employee receives either as a notice that the direct deposit transaction has gone through.
Pay Stub w/ Calculator (No DBA)
Pay Stub w/ Calculator (No DBA) Calculate employee payroll and complete pay stubs with this form
Telecommuting Agreement
Telecommuting Agreement The Telecommuting Agreement is a legal document between the employer and employee "teleworker" identifying the responsibilities of both the teleworker and the employer. The agreement mirrors the policies of the company after confirming the agreement, employee signs the agreement.
Trademark Assignment
Trademark Assignment The Trademark Assignment Agreement is between the assignor, the owner of a trademark, and the assignee, the party to whom the trademark will be assigned. It agreement sets out the identities of the parties, the trademark being assigned, and the amount paid for the assignment.
Trademark Assignment Agreement
Trademark Assignment Agreement This is a template used to create and fill-out a Trademark Assignment Agreement Form which is a document between a borrower and a lender containing details of the loan for record and tracking of payment.
Trademark Assignment Form
Trademark Assignment Form A Trademark Assignment form is used to assign a registered trademark to another party. It contains the trademark to be assigned and the original owner's obligations which may continue under the agreement.
Trademark Infringement Cease and Desist Letter
Trademark Infringement Cease and Desist Letter A Trademark Infringement Cease and Desist Letter is sent by the owner of a trademark to an individual or business infringing the trademark. It sets out the trademark, its registration number, and how the trademark is being infringed.
Trademark License Agreement
Trademark License Agreement Trademark License Agreements give an individual or company the rights to use your registered trademark. This agreement is usually given for a specific amount of time and all rights revert back to the original trademark owner once the license term expires.
Trademark License Agreement
Trademark License Agreement A Trademark License Agreement will effectively license the use of a trademark. It sets forth the names of the licensor and the licensee, the trademark, and the territory in which it will be licensed.
Trademark Opposition
Trademark Opposition Trademark Opposition is an objection filed by third parties against the registration of a trademark. Objections will be made within 4 months of the advertisement of the trademark. This trademark opposition may include marks that might have been identified with an already registered trademark.
Video Release
Video Release These benefits may include use for media, online, physical products (e.g. DVDs), or any other type of publication.
Weekly Status Report
Weekly Status Report The weekly status report is to let managers and employers know what you have done over the week.
Weekly Status Report Template
Weekly Status Report Template This is a template used to create and fill-out a Weekly Status Report Template which is a document between a borrower and a lender containing details of the loan for record and tracking of payment.
Weekly Timesheet
Weekly Timesheet Weekly timesheet is a form to record and monitor the exact amount of hours employee worked on a weekly basis.
Workload Distribution
Workload Distribution Workload distribution is the process of efficiently distributing work across each partner. Workload management maximizes each partner's performance and helps melt away chaos, leaving the team satisfied at the end of each day.

Human resources forms are documents used by the Human Resource Department of a company. They are used to document employee records, company procedures, and policies and are essential for the documentation process of a company or organization, which the human resources use in their five core functions.

Understanding Human Resources

Human resources (HR) is a business division or a group of people in a company handling five core functions — staffing, development, compensation, safety and health, and employee and labor relations. They manage all employee-related concerns, including recruiting, interviewing, hiring, firing, scheduling, training, and acquiring salary and benefits. They also contribute to strategic planning and serve as a mediator in disagreements within the workplace.

The five core functions of Human Resources

The following are the core functions of human resources:

  • Staffing. Staffing involves recruiting and hiring new full-time and part-time employees, terminating employee contracts, and negotiating employee salaries and benefits.
  • Development. Preparing and training new employees for their roles are the HR department's tasks. It includes explaining their job description and providing training opportunities like conferences and other learning sources. HR also provides feedback or evaluation for both managers and employees for performance and company development.
  • Compensation. Managing the salary and benefits of the employees are core functions of the HR department. It involves identifying salary based on role, performance, and legal requirements, discussing compensation raises, and negotiating benefits such as health insurance rates and retirement plans.
  • Safety and Health. The HR department is also in charge of ensuring the company and its employees' safety and health. It includes ensuring compliance with legal requirements and implementing safety measures in the workplace.
  • Employee and Labor Relations. In events of disputes in the workplace, the HR department mediates between management and employees or employees to other employees. Employee and labor relations involve defending the rights and welfare of every workforce.

Human resources forms you may use

Employee Warning Notice

If an employee unknowingly or knowingly breaches a company protocol, the human resources may send an Employee Warning Notice to warn him or her of the misconduct and its consequences. It is a letter that sets out the unsatisfactory actions of an employee and the ways to improve or solve them.

Accrued Benefits Statement

An Accrued Benefits Statement or Accumulated Benefit Statement is a form that outlines an employee's accrued benefits. Accrued benefits are the compensations an employee accumulates at a later period, such as sick pay, personal time off, health insurance, and other incentives.

Employee Information Form

An Employee Information form contains records of the former and current employees of a company. It includes the duration of employment, job position, and contact information. It can be used to document or measure company growth and population and contact reference for emergency and other work-related purposes.

Employee Appreciation Letter

Use an Employee Appreciation Letter to show appreciation to an employee for doing his or her job well. It is a letter that helps companies express their appreciation for employees' contributions.

Employee Benefits Survey Form

An Employee Benefits Survey Form is used to survey the employees' satisfaction regarding a company's benefits. The feedback generated from the survey helps a company improve unsatisfactory benefits.

Promotion Confirmation Letter

A Promotion Confirmation Letter or Transfer Confirmation Letter is used to confirm an employee promotion, outlining key information, including the new job position, salary increase, and effective date.

Employee Cell Phone Policy Letter

Although a cellphone is an essential communication tool, it may cause distraction in the workplace. Most employers use an Employee Cell Phone Policy Letter to remind and notify employees regarding the regulations of using cellphones during work hours.

Employment Contract

An Employment Contract is a form used to set out the agreement between an employer and a newly-hired employee. It contains information about the nature of work, compensation, benefits, and other conditions of employment.

Employee Vacation Request Form

An Employee Vacation Request Form or Vacation Request Form is used to document employee time-offs, sick leaves, and other vacation requests. Employees may also use it to ask permission from their employees to take time off from work. They may also use Sick Leave, Maternity Leave Letter of Intent, Leave of Absence Letter, and Family and Medical Leave Form for this matter.

Employee Performance Evaluation Form

An Employee Performance Evaluation Form is used to record the evaluation of an employee's performance in a specific period. It is an essential tool to identify an employee's weakness and evaluate it for further improvement. Other evaluation forms you may use include Interview Evaluation Form, Job Applicant Evaluation Form, and Employee Self Evaluation Form.

Referral Incentive Program Form

Some companies offer a referral incentive to employees who refer potential candidates for a job position. If the candidate was hired, the employee who referred him or her will receive an incentive. A Referral Incentive Program Form or Referral Incentive Program for Hiring Employees Letter is designed for this purpose. It contains the bonus structure and the terms and agreements of the incentive program.

Employee Complaint Form

An Employee Complaint Form may serve as a written notice regarding a dispute in the workplace. It is a document that outlines grievances regarding inappropriate actions witnessed in the workplace.

Notice of Termination due to Work Rules Violation

A Notice of Termination due to Work Rules Violation is a document used to notify an employee that he or she is subject to employment termination. Termination is due to unresolved work rules violations after the first warning or the employee has committed a serious offense. A Notice of Termination due to Work Rules Violation includes information about the accrued benefits or final paycheck the employee will receive from the company.

Layoff Announcement Letter

A company may lay off or downsize its employee population due to a crisis or other business reasons. Employees may be temporarily suspended or permanently terminated. A Layoff Announcement Letter is a document used by employers to announce or inform employees about the layoff. It includes the employer's promise to help the employees find job opportunities while waiting for their company to operate again and the benefits they will receive.