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Finance forms, or often referred to as financial documents, are financial statements that report financial information. Businesses are the primary users of financial documents, but individuals may also use them to track their finances. Some of the most used financial documents are balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.
1040 Income Tax Return (2019)
1040 Income Tax Return (2019) Use Form 1040 to file an annual income tax return.
1040A or 1040 (Schedule M)
1040A or 1040 (Schedule M) Use Schedule M to figure the making work pay credit. This credit may give you a refund Making Work even if you do not owe tax.
1095-A (2016)
1095-A (2016) Form 1095-A is an IRS form for individuals who enroll in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) through the Health Insurance Marketplace.
1095-A (2017)
1095-A (2017) Form 1095-A is an IRS form for individuals who enroll in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) through the Health Insurance Marketplace.
1095-A (2018)
1095-A (2018) Health Insurance Marketplaces furnish Form 1095-A to IRS to report certain information about individuals who enroll in a qualified health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace.
8889 (2017)
8889 (2017) The given form must be completed by a healthcare professional who is conducting a PPD skin test. A PPD skin test, also known as Mantoux test, is recommended to determine whether the patient has developed an antibody response to the bacteria causing tuberc
Bank Statement
Bank Statement An Bank Statement is used to summarize transactions during a specified period.
Pay Stub
Pay Stub Calculate employee payroll and complete pay stubs with this form
Pay Stub (No DBA)
Pay Stub (No DBA) Calculate employee payroll and complete pay stubs with this form
Pay Stub (w/ Calculator)
Pay Stub (w/ Calculator) Calculate employee payroll and complete pay stubs with this form
Pay Stub Flat Rate
Pay Stub Flat Rate Pay stub flat rate is a document attached to the paycheck that an employee receives either as a notice that the direct deposit transaction has gone through.
Pay Stub w/ Calculator (No DBA)
Pay Stub w/ Calculator (No DBA) Calculate employee payroll and complete pay stubs with this form
Profit and Loss (Extended w/ Calculator)
Profit and Loss (Extended w/ Calculator) Profit and Loss Statement (Income Statement) is a form to show the profit or loss of a Business for a certain period.
Profit and Loss Statement
Profit and Loss Statement Profit and Loss report for a business on a certain period.

Finance forms play a vital role in decision-making involving finances. They allow individuals, businesses, and government entities to assess and understand their financial status and help them identify and resolve disputes.

Finance forms or financial forms are documents used to record and manage various types of finances, such as personal, corporate, and public. They are used to track business loans, sales, daily finances, and purchases.

Most finance forms used in loans are loan agreements, demand for payment letters, and other promissory notes.

Balance sheets, sales agreements, purchase agreements, and gift affidavits are finance forms designed to record sales and purchases. A Pay Stub, Pay Slip, and Bank Statement are forms used to report income, revenue, and other finances. Tax forms issued by the Internal Revenue Service are also considered finance forms.

Understand finance and its types

While finance is broadly associated with banking, credit, capital, debt, investment, and money, it also represents financial systems like money management and obtaining funds.

Finance is categorized into three types — personal, corporate, and public.

  • Personal Finance. Personal finance refers to the individual's financial situation and activity. It is also the process of planning and managing personal financial activities, such as making an income or profit, saving, spending, protection, and investing. Analyzing personal finance helps an individual generate strategies to achieve financial goals or manage expenses.
  • Corporate Finance. Corporate finance refers to a business or corporation's financial situation and activity. It includes investment decisions, funding sources, and capital structuring. Corporate finance needs to be determined for businesses to make competent decisions for short-term and long-term benefits. It involves financial planning and implementing ground rules or strategies to gain business goals.
  • Public Finance. Public finance covers the financial situation of a country. It refers to the undertaking of the government to manage a country's revenue, expenditures, including its debt. The progress of a country depends on how its government handles the basic needs of the public, including food, shelter, health, infrastructure, and education. Determining public finance plays a vital role in a country's growth and development.

Finance forms that might help you


An IOU is the abbreviation of the phrase "I Owe You." It is an informal document, considered non-binding, that simply records a transaction between two or more parties without complicated paperwork. These individuals may be close partners, family members, business partners, or friends. Although it is an informal document, it may serve as debt evidence in court in events of disputes.

Expense Reimbursement Request

When an employee incurs business-related expenses on behalf of a company, he or she may request expense reimbursement. He or she may file an Expense Reimbursement Request form, a document used to refund the money an employee paid during a business transaction for company benefits. It includes the mileage rate, transportation fees, telework expenses and equipment costs for remote working, and accommodation fees during a business meeting or travel. Employers are obligated to return all necessary and valid employee-incurred business expenses. If they refuse to do so, they may be charged with court claims, attorney fees, and court costs.

Family Loan Agreement

Families, close friends, or loved ones who lend money to each other may use a Family Loan Agreement to set forth their terms and agreements. It is a promissory note that contains the borrower's promise to pay the lender on demand or at a specified date. By filing a Family Loan agreement, the borrower assures the lender that the debt will be paid and their relationship as family members or friends will not be taken for granted. It helps the two parties to maintain a healthy borrower-lender relationship by showing respect and a sense of obligation.

Income Statement

An Income Statement form is a document used by businesses to report revenues and expenses for a particular accounting period. It helps them monitor their financial status and performance, giving them a chance to evaluate their losses and derive better solutions for further growth and development.

Balance Sheet

A Balance Sheet is an essential form to record a business's financial statement, including its assets, liabilities, and equities. It shows how a company is fairing in terms of its finances. A Balance Sheet helps companies determine if their finances are balanced. If the sum of the total amount of liability and equity is equal to the total amount of the company asset, there is a balance. If not, they may have to recheck the data on the Balance Sheet for mistakes. If there is none, it means there is a problem with how they manage their finances. A Balance Sheet is similar to a General Ledger. They are both used for tracking business finances. However, a General Ledger covers the entire financial transactions of a company.

Personal Financial Statement

An individual may use a Personal Financial Statement form to determine his or her net worth. It is a document that summarizes personal finances in a specific period, including an individual's assets, liabilities, and net worth. Assets refer to the things or properties an individual owns, while liabilities are the things or properties owed. It includes debt, credit, and other financial obligations. The total amount of liabilities must be subtracted from the total amount of assets to determine an individual's net worth or total wealth.

Form W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

Form W-4 by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a tax form employees use to report their tax selections for federal tax withholding. By filing it, employers can withhold the correct federal income tax from their employees' pay. The IRS recommends that employees should furnish Form W-4 each year or when they undergo financial changes.

Form VA 22-1990, Application for VA Education Benefits

Form VA 22-1990 is a document by the Department of Veterans Affairs issued to applicants for educational assistance under specific benefit programs in the United States. Benefit programs include Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB), Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR), and Veterans' Educational Assistance Program (VEAP). Form VA 22-1990 is a finance form under public finance, where the government sustains the educational needs of qualified U.S. citizens. The VA education benefits help sustain college and training program fees.