PDFRun is an online PDF editor platform that enables its users to find, edit, electronically sign, download, and share forms and documents anytime and anywhere, using any device.

With a cloud-based archive of thousands of forms and documents, it fast-tracks the document management processes of many professionals and businesses of different sizes, across many industries.

Through its user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface, users may also upload their own files to fill out, edit, convert, e-sign, and share to multiple recipients to request for signatures. 

PDFRun streamlines document management processes, improves documentation workflows, and enhances its users’ efficiency, resulting in better productivity and an increase in work output.

Some of PDFRun’s top-notch solutions:

Electronic Signature Software Lets users sign documents and manage signature workflows effortlessly. Through this feature, you may share digitally signed legal forms and documents to several recipients and request for signatures.

Online PDF Editor Enables users to start working on their PDF files in minutes. Some features of the online PDF Editor includes adding annotations, adding electronic signatures, censoring confidential information, inserting images and pictures, and merging multiple files.

PDF Converter Allows the conversion of .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .doc, and .docx files to a PDF file. You may convert single or multiple files using this feature without installing additional software.

Cloud-based Storage All its legal forms and documents and the files uploaded by its users are stored in the cloud for accessibility, security, and efficiency. Through this feature, you can manage your documents anytime and anywhere, using any device.

Fillable Forms Library — A collection of fillable documents that can be edited, signed, printed, and downloaded in PDF format. You may access more than 7,000 templates and forms anywhere. Browse from commonly used categories such as: 


Who uses PDFRun?

PDFRun is used by individual professionals, startup to medium-sized businesses, prominent national and global enterprises, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and many other professionals and companies across almost all transaction-based industries.

PDFRun contributes to the reduction of their operational costs while speeding up their document management processes to achieve results faster than ever and serve clients better.


Who can use PDFRun?

PDFRun is for professionals and businesses from startups to world-renowned enterprises. Students who are required to fill out legal forms and documents for certain purposes may also use PDFRun’s services.

PDFRun is at the forefront and core of eliminating inefficient paper trails, contributing to operational cost savings, driving document management efficiency, and improving customer experiences. Thus, it is suitable for individuals and companies that value seamless collaboration with colleagues, clients, and people in authority; personal or company-wide productivity; an order in workflows; and better output.


Is PDFRun available worldwide?

PDFRun is available worldwide. For as long as users have an applicable device connected to a reliable internet connection, they can access PDFRun and manage their documents no matter where they are in the world.


What services does PDFRun offer?

PDFRun is an all-in-one online PDF editor that enables its users to upload and edit PDF files using its easy-to-use features. Aside from e-signature solutions, cloud-based storage, conversion of files to PDF, and its capability to merge multiple files into a single PDF document, PDFRun serves its users by simplifying their document management workflows.


What industries does PDFRun support?

PDFRun supports all industries where paperwork plays a vital role. It works best for transaction-based businesses that rely on and require the use of legal forms and documents to secure deals. From real estate and sales to human resource and non-profit organizations, PDFRun improves the way companies operate and manage their day-to-day transactions, no matter the industry they are a part of.


Is PDFRun affiliated with any U.S. legal department or agency?

PDFRun is a privately owned entity and not affiliated with the U.S. government or any legal agencies, giving it the freedom and flexibility to serve its customers fairly.


How to access PDFRun?

PDFRun is fully online and does not require its users to install additional software before use. You only need to have a stable internet connection to use its features without problems.


What file types can be uploaded to PDFRun?

PDFRun supports .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .doc, and .docx formats. The maximum file size allowed per file is 200 MB.


Can I upload files from cloud storage providers?

PDFRun allows its users to upload documents directly from their cloud storage providers, including Dropbox and Google Drive, for security and convenience.


Are there available legal forms on PDFRun?

PDFRun has thousands of documents in its cloud-based storage, including legal forms, such as passport, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security, and DMV-related forms. All these forms can be filled out using its online editor.

At PDFRun’s homepage, you can search for legal forms and documents.


Can I convert files to PDF using PDFRun?

PDFRun enables its users to convert single or multiple files to a high-quality PDF document quickly and easily. Aside from converting files to PDF, PDFRun also lets uploaders fill out, edit, annotate, sign, share, and download them.


What device can I use to access PDFRun?

PDFRun is accessible using a computer, smartphone, tablet, or any capable and appropriate device connected to the internet.


What internet browsers do PDFRun support?

PDFRun works best and provides a fluid user experience in updated and fast browsers. You may use Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and other popular web browsers to enjoy an uninterrupted and better service.


How does PDFRun protect my information while I use its services?

PDFRun is aware of the importance of protecting the privacy of its users at all costs; thus, it commits to safeguarding your information by abiding by international data privacy standards.  

To learn how PDFRun protects your privacy, you may read its privacy policy.


Is it more beneficial to use PDFRun than purchase a PDF editor software?

PDFRun enables its users to create, edit, and send files in minutes, without installing any application, due to it being fully online.

Installing software typically takes a lot of time, as it requires downloading and setting up. In addition, other software applications are jampacked with excessive and complex features, making them difficult to learn and use.

PDFRun is comprehensive yet straightforward. Conclusively, its features, if not more advanced, are on a par with competitors that offer their services at more expensive rates.


Does PDFRun offer subscription plans?

PDFRun has three plans Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. You may choose a plan that matches your requirements and subscribe to it on a monthly or yearly basis. Each plan offers premium benefits, enabling you to handle your digital paperwork and clients better and more successfully.

You may visit PDFRun’s pricing plan page to learn more about its plans.


How much does a subscription plan on PDFRun cost?

PDFRun offers monthly and annual subscriptions. Here are its rates:

Plans Rates (Monthly & Yearly)
Basic $10.00 $78.00
Pro $20.00 $120.00
Enterprise Starts at $39.97 per month

You may visit PDFRun’s pricing page to learn more about its plans, their individual rates, and their respective advantages, or talk to one of its sales agents by calling its toll-free number, 1-888-245-8984, for a faster transaction.


Does PDFRun offer a trial period?

PDFRun lets new users try and benefit from its product by offering a trial period. Its standard trial period is 7 days.


Can I use PDFRun for free?

PDFRun may be used for free, as it offers a trial period; however, while the trial period is not limiting and still enables its users to enjoy all the capacities of the platform, it is impossible to maximize all of PDFRun’s features during the trial period. You may contact support to ask how to get a free trial.

To use PDFRun’s features to the fullest, you may subscribe to a plan suitable for your needs. Visit its pricing page to learn more.


How do I contact PDFRun?

PDFRun’s services come with the assistance of its cordial, detail-oriented, and expert representatives. You may reach one of its specialists to learn more about its services and to get support through the following channels:

Email: [email protected]

Toll-free phone:1-888-245-8984


Contact PDFRun from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time. Inquiries received after 4:00 pm Pacific Time will be attended to the next business day.