Best Practices to Become a Better Remote Worker

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The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized remote work. Most jobs transitioned from office work to working from home; however, the transition gave workers new and challenging experiences, such as focusing on their work instead of house chores and working in a non-conducive working environment.

Working from home sounds more manageable than working in the office, but in reality, it is not, as it also has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are productive working at home while some are not. Some have trouble with work-life balance. Professionals may find it more stressful than the routine they had before. However, working from home does not limit us in doing our job. It somehow gives us room to improve the way we work and progress in our careers.

Listed below are some practices to become better remote workers: 

Communication is essential

When working remotely, sometimes we feel isolated. That is why we should always communicate, as communication results in better understanding when designating tasks and collaborating with others. Having someone to talk with somehow relieves our stress and makes us feel better. Take time to talk with your co-workers via any communication apps such as Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet. You may want to talk about work, catch up, or just share any life experiences. In doing so, you may be working away from your colleagues, but you will still develop your relationships with them, leading to good working experiences. 

Find your happy, comfortable place

Having a comfortable work area at home is beneficial and ideal when working remotely. It helps us perform well in our work. Make sure to work in a place where you can work relaxed and won’t feel distracted. It can be a quiet, neat, and private area in your home. We may have different preferences in terms of our preferred work area, but the most important thing is to work in a place at home where we find ourselves at peace and productive. 

Be excellent in every task

Always exert your maximum effort when doing your job. Your working area and routine may have changed, but the work stays the same. Do your best at all times, but do not overwork yourself. Work hard so you will be satisfied with what you bring to the table. 

If there are instances when you are going through difficult times, look back at all the fantastic jobs you have accomplished before. It will help you grow and become a better professional.

Take a break 

Sometimes we may feel worn out when we work continuously and too much and that affects our performance. Maximize your breaks; your company provided them for your benefit. Take a nap, relax, or have a snack to re-energize your mind and body. You can also take breaks to compose yourself in case you are struggling at work. Working at home gives you the advantage of working comfortably. Keep in mind that breaks are essential. It makes you healthy and have a more productive and better day at work. 

Maximize online resources

Since the start of the pandemic, online applications are more utilized, which are beneficial to everyone, as they help us become more productive.

You may want to use applications such as Zoom, Slack, Discord, or Google Meet for communication purposes. You can reach your co-workers with those applications. They are useful especially during meetings. 

You may also want to use applications such as Asana, Todoist, and Trello for task management purposes. Those applications can help you be organized and stay on top of your tasks.

If you need to work on a document, such as when applying for a driver’s license or filing for tax returns, you can fill out your forms on PDFRun. PDFRun has an online PDF editor where you can electronically complete documents. It also has an e-signature tool for conveniently signing documents.

Know when to disconnect from work

Put a barrier between your personal time and working hours, as there should be a healthy balance between self-care and being a professional. When your workday is over, reward yourself for doing an excellent job.

Setting standards at work is a good thing, but it is not right to set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Your life does not revolve around work. Also, take necessary time offs to help you get through the stress. Give yourself time to recover from work to have the right energy for the next working day. 

Struggles are normal 

There will be times at work when we will do well and struggle. When you experience ups and downs at work, do not pressure yourself negatively. Forcing yourself to the point of being constantly stressed only leads to burnout. You may lag behind your co-workers, but what matters is you are accomplishing and progressing at your own pace. Accept that there are times when we may be ahead or behind others. Any experience at work can help us develop as professionals.  

Maintain a healthy working environment

If you have the time, offer a helping hand to a co-worker who needs help, a co-worker who is going through something unpleasant, particularly during this pandemic. Offer yourself to understand and listen. Since we all go through sufferings and adversities, we should not invalidate the feelings of others.

At work, we work with a group of people to achieve a shared goal in an effective way. Aside from doing your individual part, you have the ability to make your teammates become better at doing their jobs. You can be a carrier of positive energy rather than a source of toxicity, causing stress at work. 

Those are some effective practices to become a better remote worker. Those practices are helpful especially during adjustment periods. The transition from office work to working from home may be complex but go through several adjustments until you get used to a work-from-home setup. Any kind of transition takes time, so try to be gentle with yourself.