Top Electronic Signature Applications to Improve Workflow Efficiency

Businesses across the globe are implementing digital solutions to sustain and grow their operations now more than ever. With the constant introduction of new technologies that satisfy the demands of consumers for convenience and efficiency, companies that do not utilize digital solutions lag far behind their innovative competitors.

While some traditional business workflows and strategies are irreplaceable, such as face-to-face meetings with colleagues and presentations to potential clients or partners, companies that embed digital solutions into their daily operations prove to be more agile and strategic. Nevertheless, the adoption of digital solutions does not signify eliminating indispensable traditional solutions.

The use of technology enables small businesses and high-growth startups to leverage their limited budget in smarter, more effective ways. For established enterprises and successful businesses that aspire global expansion, digital solutions further improve efficiency and productivity, automating peripheral business processes to focus on building strong foundations to prepare them to be globally competent.

Electronic Signatures

As the use of papers in business workflows is gradually becoming defunct, as it is cost-ineffective and inefficient, businesses are replacing paper-based processes with digital solutions. Today, companies that offer electronic signature solutions are one of the most approved providers of digital solutions for businesses around the globe. Electronic signature applications are favorable for businesses that deal with hundreds, if not thousands, of documents daily. Particularly, those that handle forms, contracts, and other legal documents.

An electronic signature, or commonly referred to as e-signature, is a legally binding, digital mark certifying agreement to a legal document or contract.

Manually signing documents may not seem too difficult and tedious; however, signing countless papers every day plus the time-consuming processes of printing, scanning, and sending files via postal mail can be a laborious — and annoying — task when done repeatedly.

If you are looking for a trusted e-signature application to use, here are the best options in the digital market today:

  • PDFRun

The web-based e-signature solutions software is popular for its straightforward user interface. Requiring no installation to use, it enables individuals and businesses to access thousands of fillable documents and legal forms, sign contracts, and collect signatures using their device when they need to.

Its e-signature solutions are only part of its comprehensive document management tool. PDFRun is a secure cloud-based PDF editor application that lets users fill out and share files, convert documents to useful formats, maintain a library of forms and documents, and protect their information.

PDFRun offers subscription plans, allowing users to save up on operational costs, particularly on manpower and paperwork, in the long run.

  • Docusign

Available on iOS and Android, Docusign is one of the earliest e-signature solutions providers. Its commitment to security for its online storage and processes has earned it high-level security certifications in Europe and the US. Today, it boasts of thousands of users worldwide. Offering a suite of Application Programmers Interfaces (APIs), it allows custom integrations with the current systems of its users. 

To use its features, you may subscribe to a monthly plan. Aside from its standard e-signature tools, a subscription enables its users to use additional features, such as payment collection and bulk handling of documents.

  • HelloSign

With its simple and clean interface, HelloSign eliminates the complexity of using e-signature software. It is available on iOS and Android and the web as a browser extension, letting users sign documents on Gmail. Moreover, it focuses on customization to enable users to embed and brand signatures on all their documents.

HelloSign is free to use, allowing up to three documents in a month per user. If you have a need to sign more, you may subscribe to its monthly plan.

  • SignEasy

As its name suggests, SignEasy offers a minimal user interface for ease of use. Compatible with iOS and Android, the application lets users sign documents using their device. You may create documents within the platform or integrate its drag-drop functionality with several third-party tools. Its features include self-signing, remote signing, and in-person signing.

You may sign up for the standard, plus, or premium plan. All plans provide different features and have different rates.

  • Adobe Sign

Adobe has always been one of the companies at the forefront of digital solutions. With its Adobe Sign platform, it lets users utilize a feature-rich e-signature tool, giving them the power to manage and track signing workflows from any location, using any device. In addition, it is capable of integration with high-caliber, third-party platforms.

Streamline your signature workflows by subscribing to a plan. Adobe Sign offers individual and business plans.

  • PandaDoc

PandaDoc is an award-winning e-signature software available for iOS and Android. It makes the signing of documents simple with its extensive document management tool. The online software has Customer Relationship Management (CRM), payment, and file storage application integrations. Moreover, it is capable of setting up automated workflows and able to show full audit histories.

You may subscribe to a professional or business plan. Each plan offers different features for different needs.

Aside from efficiency resulting in increased productivity, the use of electronic signature solutions fast-track transactions to increase profit, enables businesses to operate anywhere in the globe, leaves less room for human errors, lessens operational costs while promoting the preservation of environmental resources, and reduces the risk of data security-related threats.

By identifying your requirements, you will be able to determine the e-signature solutions provider to utilize. Hence, you will be signing documents faster, more efficient, and more organized.

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